It S Getting Chilly And My Baby WON T Wear A Hat

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Lissi - October 31

Every time I try to put a hat on Nadya, she screams like I'm chopping off her arms and legs or something! Even if I ignore the screams, she'll just wriggle and wriggle until the hat either comes off or covers her whole face, and I end up removing it through fear of suffocation. It's starting to get cold here and I don't know what to do with her. Looks like we'll be spending winter indoors! Anyone else having hat trouble?


monica - October 31

maybe the hat is too tight. My son does the same thing then I put on a hat thats a little looser and he is OK. try that or try a different style hat maybe a hood that goes with the jacket. I think it might be just getting use it...


Lissi - October 31

Tight ones, loose ones, with or without a strap, I've tried em all! She just won't cooperate. She'll just about tolerate a hood, but I worry that it's not warm enough for her. Hmmm......what to do?


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 31

Lucas hates hats! He throws fits too! We always joke, because Drs and nurses can poke, prod him, take temp rectally, take blood, give shots and the kid will just lay there, but God forbid you put a hat on his head, its like you are murdering him! It's getting cold in Ohio too, so I guess I will jut make him wear them and he will have to get over it.


monica - October 31

maybe keep practicing even if you are at home. sorry wish i had better advise.


BBK ® © - October 31

I thought only east coast people from the states used the term "chilly". LOL. Lissi maybe you can try those hooded jackets first. They're a tad looser


chelsey - October 31

Gabriel hates hats, and anything with a hood! He cries and cries! I wish he would wear them, beacause winter it rearing its ugly head, and I want him to still have ears by the time spring time comes around! Seeing as how the little guy cant fight me too much, I just make him wear the hat. It doesn't matter though which hat I put on him, he still gets right p__sed at me.


Lissi - October 31

No, BBK. "Chilly" is a very English thing to say. Lol! I guess I'll just have to do as Racheal says, and make her wear a hat and put up with the screams. They come off so easily though, because she has a lot of hair and it's very silky, and Chelsey, Nadya can fight me already. Lol! She's amazingly strong for a 6 week old, and I'm a total wimp. She'll definitely be ruling the roost in our house! :)


Jadyns Mommy - October 31

I think they just have to get used to something on their head. Jadyn is ok with hats now but I used to put little headbands on her when she was only a few weeks and she would scream bloody murder. She is only now starting to keep things on so if you can get a hood on her, keep that up and I would try a hat again in a week or so after she is used to having something on her head.


Lisa*9 - October 31

What about a hat with a tie string on,the bow would need to be doulbe tied.


CEM - October 31

Tough one Lissi. My kids are like that with mittens and not hats, but hats are definitely more necessary. Right now, the best thing is to just put one on her and let her cry it out. I think eventually she'll just get used to it. Unless she's a real stubborn little monkey like some of them can be! :)


KFish - November 1

my child is 2 years old and he still refused to wear a hat.



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