It S Going Too Fast

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Heidi - February 2

Any mommies out there feel like their little ones are just growing up too quickly? It feels like it was years ago when I first found the 1st trimester forum and like I was pg forever and now here I am, three forums later talking about my soon to be 4 month old little girl and I'm back to work. Time just flys by doesn't it? I look at her little newborn onsies and wish she was still that little peanut who slept in my arms all day long and I when I was home with her all the time. She seems so grown up these days. She's just babbling all the time and every day I get home from work she seems to have changed so much from the previous day. I wish I could freeze time. I got really lucky. She's such an easy going baby. Never cries unless she has a good reason and then stops when we tend to her. She does great at daycare, nurses great, bottle feeds great, WON'T sleep all night! Ha ha! That's my only gripe. But if I put her in her crib she just might. Ha ha!


Lillie E - February 2

i feel like that too! its crazy a year ago today i conceived my baby boy... he's gettin so big! he's 3 months old but he's wearing 9 month clothes.... i wish i could just make it all stop and keep him little forever!


Crissy - February 2

LillieE, I was just thinking about that same thing! It was about a year ago I found out I was pregnant... seems like forever! Ours was unplanned, so it was certainly a BIG surprise. My daughter also is only 4 months and is wearing 9 month old clothes! lol She was a big one - 10 lbs 7 oz when born and she just keeps growing! But I love how I'm able to interact with her more as she grows, but at the same time, it's all going by so fast. :-( Almost makes me want another one... lol.


Heidi - February 2

Emma was our BIG surprise too. But I wouldn't take that back for the world. I'd love to have more kids but DH got fixed. I'm trying to talk him into a reversal but he won't budge....yet....


Lillie E - February 2

Leon was 8lbs 7.8 oz, as of last week he was 17 lbs 4 oz... its sooo crazy


melissa mama to taylor - February 2

I feel the same way--I'd keep her like this forever if I could. I almost cried when she outgrew her first outfits! It's so sad to me that I have to put away a few outfits every week! She is starting to be more interactive now, which is fun--can't she stay 2 months old forever??


Heidi - February 2

Awww...I just bought Emma size 2 diapers. Ahhh!!!!


Eryn @ MN - February 2

I know what you mean. I get so sad when I have to put another outfit away that she has outgrown. It is fun to watch all the changes as they grow but it's bitter sweet.


Meredith - February 2

Careful - that kind of thinking is what made me want another one! :-)



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