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jillianT - January 25

we will either be getting a smaller SUV or a minivan. any suggestions or models to definately stay away from? i'm really bad at this stuff and would just prefer to let dh take care of it, but he'd probably come home w/ a sportscar if i left it up to so yeah, any input would be great.


Steph - January 25

I just bought a 2003 Saturn VUE and love it! It's their SUV and it's not gigantic, but yet it has enough room for the kids and groceries....It also gets GREAT gas milage! I'm excited about it too cause it's got a sunroof!! Now all I need is for summer to get here so I can use it! :o)


cae - January 25

I was going to post a thread about this also. We also are planning to buy a new vehicle soon, and would like some input. My DH and I are not into minivans right now, but who knows, we might own one in the future. I want to get a midsize SUV, maybe a Envoy or trailblazer. What I really want is a Mercedes SUV or a Yukon Denali, but I dont want to spend that much$$$$$$$. Any good recommendations would be great.


Erynn21 - January 25

I want a Honda CRV they get awesome ratings and are AWD which where I live is really a nice thing to have because of snow. They are rated really highly in Consumer Reports. I also liked the Kia Sorento, I have read good things about them also. The CRV gets 25mph highway, and the Sorento gets about 20. I've been looking at both. My friend has a Chrysler minivan of some kind and loves it, but I just can't go w/ the minivan, I need something that can go on a dirt road because of where I live.


jillianT - January 25

i always swore i'd NEVER get a minivan...LOL.


LisaB - January 25

I LOVE our Honda Pilot. It handles great in the snow and is really roomy and comfy. It also seats 8 or the back row folds down for strolers and baby gear then seats 5. I love that my big stroller fits in back and it is easy to get in and out of.


CaliTrish - January 25

Between DH and I, we had three 2-door vehicles (two of them 2-seaters) before baby was born. We got rid of my 2-door '95 GMC Jimmy, and bought hubby's 6-speed 4-door Acura TL. I've actually been driving it. Nice car, but it's a bit pricey, only gets 20 mpg, and is a killer on my back with the carseat. I'm seriously considering getting the Ford Escape Hybrid - 36 mpg city/31 mpg hwy. It's about the same size as the Jimmy - not too big, plenty of room to haul stuff, and the backseat is at waist level. We're also gonna check out the Mazda5 because of the sliding back doors - like a minivan, but NOT a minivan.


Rabbits07 - January 25

I have a 2005 Ford Free Star. I love it. It only seats 7 though...which is probably fine for most, but I wish I had what LisaB 8 seater would be great! Anyways, it also has the fold down seating, and side curtain airbags all the way through. The gas mileage is really good for a mini too at around 23 mpg. Personally, I had BAD experience in the past with Plymouth/Chrysler minis...2 different minivans and the transmissions went out on both before they even hit 100,000 miles. I've got a friend who has a Plymouth though and it has over 200,000 and no transmission probs. I like the look of the Free Star better though as far as looks are concerned.


Brittany - January 25

We don't have a minivan but if we had to get a larger car, we'd get a Honda (CRV or Odessy). Honda is a great company and is great on gas. So is toyota. I'd probably consider getting a Saturn as well. It depends on what your looking for, gas mileage, how much room you need, etc. Our economy is getting crazy with all this fuel and natural gas shortages...any car that gets good gas mileage is great in my book. Saftey is another feature to look into.


SonyaM - January 25

I have the 2007 Honda minivan and I LOVE IT!!!! My dh has the new 2007 CRV and he really likes it too. Much much smaller than the van so it depends on how much space you need. My neighbor has the CHrysler van and they HATE it with a pa__sion. It is ALWAYS breaking down and leaving them in a bind.. The great thing about Honda is their durability and they have great resale value.


flower.momma - January 25

I really like my ford taurus wagon. It seats 8 and isn't a minivan


jessne - January 25

We just bought a 2004 Trailblazer and I love it. Fits my sons carseat, rear facing and my DH and I still have room to sit comfortably. I'm 27 and from about 12 on I said I would never own a minivan:) if we have more than 2 kids, I guess we will have to upgrade to a Tahoe!!!


eclipse - January 25

Stay away from Chrysler minivans. My mom had a grand caravan and that thing was evil. I agree with the honda/toyota theory-my husband and I have one of each carwise and they are so reliable and worth something later. Consumer Reports and those reliability car buy magazines are really worth it. Go read up at Borders or Barnes and Noble! :)


Paula S - January 25

I also highly recommend Honda....I have a 2004 Odyssey and my husband has the CRV. I have owned a number of Honda"s since College and never have a problem. Our Odyssey also has the Dvd, which the kids love.


jb - January 25

Cae, we have a black Yukon XL is awesome. It is worth every penny you will spend.


BreaunasMommy - January 25

When my dd was born I had a '05 dodge neon (not very big) I wanted a SUV but when we went shopping I found a 06 pontiac G6 GTP with leather seats, very very roomy, sunroof, seat heaters,roomy trunk ya know the whole package :) plus looks very sharp!! btw Men love it I have had several men ask about it lol. It is awesome lol anyways hubby got it for me for mothers day last year and I love love love it!


BreaunasMommy - January 25

oh yea they have a cheaper version it just the G6. The GTP is the top of the line though



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