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hr - October 25

Ok, so I am 8weeks post preg, and I am having 2 huge problems....1 why does it still hurt to go to the bathroom? I eat TONs of fiber and even still take stool softners, and I feel like im giving birth again... and 2 s_x hurts!!! It feels like he is so HUGE and like the worst rug burn ever! oh, yes there is plunty of lube so how can I enjoy s_x again. I really want to, and I really want to have that connection with my hubby but now I avoid it thinking "oh, its gonna hurt". Help me out!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 25

I am 10 weeks pp and have not tried to have s_x yet-too scared and have not gotten period yet, waiting to go back on pill, but it hurts to go to the bathroom for me too, no matter what I do. I had problems all pregnancy with constipation and even had to have a thrombosed hemhoroid removed surgically in June, but thought it should even back out after birth. Also I am sore and ache down there from time to time and occasionally it burns still to pee. I can feel where my st_tches were, I only had two. My one friend who had a baby 9 months ago says she aches down there still a lot of times. Also, sorry if too much info, I leak pee a little, which I know happens and I need to strenghten the muscles. It is gettting better, but not sure for how long it will feel this way. Anyone else?


Lisa*9 - October 25

Onething you can do is go tothe drugstore and buy some witch hazeland put a couple of drops on a pad before waering it . Whenever you go to the bathroom use the witch hazel and chenge pad evetytime this should help with soreness,once you are healed the s_x thing should be better I think too. Hope this helps. If there are new moms out there you can try this method after giving birthor now too.


Rachael momy2lucas - October 25

I use Tucks pads with witch hazel a few times a day, I have since before birth for hemhoroids, am I probably more sore due to having st_tches, even though only a few?


ally - October 26

i had my baby 5 mths ago and s_x still hurts, hope its not forever but its one of the things my partner left me for anyhow as he was not understanding to any of it...... use lots of lubricant and i hope it stops hurting for u, regarding the other it will stop hurting soon enuff, the toileting stuff i mean


Lesley - October 26

When I had my 1st baby it took over 4 month to be able to have s_x again. I was traumatised by the thought of it, I had to get counciling. That helped alot. I can't really remember much about going for number 2's. Except I was scared, but when it happened there was nothing to be scared of.


. - November 1



kate - November 3

same with me, hr. i had to hold myself, usually by pressing with a tucks pad, where my episiotomy was everytime i had a number 2. the counterpressure worked wonders!!! that way, i could poo but didn't feel like i was irritating my sore spots. after that healed, and the pain went away, hubby and i went back to you know what.


Lovely - November 3

The more you psychologically fear/worry about s_x, the more you will have a hard time physically. If your DH is a poke & rip kind of guy, it won't get better. HAve a gla__s of wine (or 3) to lossen you up. Have him foreplay you to death, and watch the fire works come back! It worked for me! The first time PP that I had s_x I thought I was being ripped open! It hurt for 2 days after! I tried my above method 3 weeks later and HOLY HELL! I remembered what s_x was for!!! LOL! Much to my DH delight, I might add!



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