Its Time To Let It Go

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HannahBaby - February 3

As most you know, i have stopped posting on the Assuming thread. I said all that i have to say, and there's nothing constructive going on there anymore. Its all just people bashing other people and so on. There are a few post's today that really got under my skin and as i was posting a reply, i decided to be the MATURE one (for once) and just let it roll off my back. The thread is over, everyone got to say what they wanted to say, so let it go, let it find its way off the page, and lets get back to being civilized women. Thanks.


Lisastar9 - February 3

Hannahbaby you are right for not going back to post,to add fuel to the fire. I believe sometimes people stating thier opinion just adds fuel to the fire. If more people take the same stance the thread will DIE,and eventually go to the bottom of the page.


bekysu - February 3

I wasn't sure what the thread was about so I hopped on to read. Saw how long it was and decided to print it. It was 17 pages long! LOL A good thread is one that can stir many opinions. Good for you for starting it and good for you for ending it. P.S. I'm neutral in this debate :)


mandee25 - February 3

I agree. Well put. Why can't we all just get along? lol Love you guys! :-)


BriannasMummy - February 3

Erin, I just wanted to say.. I think you had a legitimate concern. I dont think you said anything wrong at all.. I just think people have a way of twisting and tweaking things to mean other things. I say GOOD JOB at starting the post.. and then another GOOD JOB for ending the post when things started to get crazy! ~Kristin~


ash2 - February 3

I think we all should agree to disagree....and leave it at that. I gave my opionions and im done. I dont care who agreed or disagreed, and it is not a popularity contest to see how many people i can get to agree with me. I just like to state what i believe in. I respect that you are trying to put an end to the thread though. It is getting a little out of hand. I know you and i dont agree with alot of things, but one thing that we can agree on is that we are mothers and that is one thing we share in common...despite your choice of words. I hope you ladies have a great night !


hello - February 3

I stopped in and had a look, i think its quite funny really people are still going and u are nowhere to be found... Talking about stuff way off topic now to the point it has turned into a joke if anything....


hello - February 3

I thought about one thing u said and i do agree that in fact there r those that will leave the house with make up on and having to feel special and others that dont see it as a neccessity and people jumped the gun on that but i think thats true and is fact...... Not tryin to start more war and maybe i need a bubble bath but it seems u couldnt say a thing right over there without people breaking into a sweat and having to respond before they break their neck....... I wanted to say i agreed on that at least.... hopefully people will let it go


HannahBaby - February 3

Thanks hello, thats why i stopped posting because i could have said "OMG you guys are 100% right" and they STILL would have attacked me. Im so over that thread and wish i never said anything in the first place, Live and learn i guess :O)



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