ITSABOY Happy Birthday To Us

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torbman - January 30

Hi, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I saw that your birthday was posted on another thread. I'm 33 today. Gee it really sucks when you get older, theres no hoopla anymore, its just another year. LOL. Thats ok. I want a party when I am 35 though, and I'll probably need one at 40. So, heres to us, happy babies,& happy health. take care and have a happy day. :)Tamara


sahmof3 - January 30

Happy b-day Tamara and ITSABOY! Have a great day and find a way to splurge today :-)


Lisastar9 - January 30

Happy Birthday hope your lo's are special nice to you today.


vonzo - January 30

Happy birthday both of you! Remember and spoil yourselves!


ITSABOY - January 30

Thankyou so much!I needed that when you get older its like people just forget your birthday sometimes.although this year my husband remembered first thing this morning last year it was at the end of the day.You guys are so great here!!


ashtynsmom - January 30

Happy Birthday Ladies!!


BreaunasMommy - January 30

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to the both of you


Nerdy Girl - January 30

LOL Torb, when I saw your name with the t_tle "It's a Boy" I momentarily thought you were announcing a pregnancy........


lexa - January 30



ash2 - January 30

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cae - January 30

Happy B-Day!


krnj - January 30

Have a great birthday ladies!! Mine's coming up in a few weeks & dh's tomorrow!


shelly - January 30

happy birthday,hope you had a great day im sure i remember reading that it was ry birthday today as well,happy birthday ry


torbman - January 31

Thanks Ladies. I had a pretty easy day, which was nice. No fuss with any of the kids either. Hubby took me out to Kelseys for dinner, then we went to the movies. Saw Night at the Museum. Oh I almost peed myself laughing. It was a good movie. Came home put kids to bed and relaxed. So I guess the birthday is over so back to another day today. Enjoy my coffee, then get up and get movin, with lunchs made, kids to school, house clean, etc. It was fun while it lasted. LOL. ITSABOY, Hope you had a great day! :)


ITSABOY - January 31

I did have a good day just being with my sweet baby.I love him so much everyday i love him more.Thankyou all for the birthday wishes it really was a good day!



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