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mosley12 - March 14

those of you with IUD's, what is it like getting it put in? im going today to have mine put in. ive been on the pill, than the patch. now the dr. doesnt want me on either, cause they dont know whats going on with my bp, so he suggested the iud, and it sounded like the best bet..so whats it like? i know i'll cramp some, so dh was able to get off work to help me with ds tonight! does it hurt? i know they said it ws better to be on your period, which i am (tmi sorry! lol) but im still scared! lol


luviduvi - March 14

I had mine inserted while on my period too. I didn't feel a thing. The reason why it's easier while on your period is b/c the cervix is soft and open during that time. They told me I might feel a little pinch and I felt NOTHING. It was great. They say it's painful for those who don't have children. I only had cramping for a couple hours afterward. I has light spotting for 2-3 months. No biggy


Mellissa - March 14

I got the mirena in october. I wasn't on my period, because it hadn't returned yet, but i still didn't feel anything. I think i cramped a little that night, not bad cramps though. I got what seemed like a period a couple days after getting the iud insterted and have been spotting on and off since, only when i wipe though, no need for a pantyliner and anything. I thought by 5 months later I would have stopped spotting.. but nope. My dr said she can give me estrogen to take, but it will dry up my milk supply... so I want to wait until I'm done b___stfeeding. It's not that bad though. Good luck with it! :)


snugglybugglys - March 14

I have had one 2 times...the first time didn't hurt bad at all. Just a little bit of cramping. I had irregular irratic bleeding though, so that sucked. But this time, it hurt sooo bad! Not even any spotting! :) I've had all c-sections though, so I guess it's supposed to hurt more. Oh and the first time, I only had cramping that day...and the second time, I had cramping for about a month. Good luck. :)


Smilefull - March 14

It felt like a pap smear on steroids, but the idea of what was going on was much worst than the actual pain--it's more a tug and pinch feeling. Afterwards I felt a bit lightheaded. I had the worst period I ever had for a whole month afterwards, but now only occasionally spot as snuggly said--not bad at all. I like the idea of 5 years of virtually worry free birthcontrol. Mosley, it's my understanding that in very few cases stimulation of the cervix (as which occurs when an uid gets inserted) causes a very quick drop in blood pressure. I thought that might be prevalent because you mentioned bp is the reason you're choosing an iud. I'm sure your doctor will discuss this with you though. Good luck! Let us know how it worked out!


mosley12 - March 15

well i had it done..and you were right smilefull, the anticipationw was worse..lol..im cramping really bad though. ive been taking the motrin 800 and took some tylenol 3 before bed, and ive been bleeding pretty heavily..as far as the bp goes, it actually went up after it was done..lol


Heather F - March 15

I am a rare case, BUT....I had my IUD inserted and my ob said that 1 in 100,000 women have the reaction I had but he told me I would have very little cramping and that tylonal would take care of it. I left the office and went to dinner with my parents, by the end of dinner I was in so much pain I couldnt walk to the car - and I had dd naturally, I am telling you this was worse! The ob said that my uterus is sensitive to foriegn objects and was trying to expel the IUD and he called in presciption pain meds for me (stronger then what I got in the hospital after having dd!!) - I was having contractions 30 seconds apart for hours and it was so painful all I did was cry! My mom took care of dd for the night and dh took care of me as I was loopy from the pain meds - the next morning all was fine and I went for an ultrasound the following week to make sure the IUD was in the correct place, which it was. With that said I have had the IUD for 10 months and I love it, I did have one pregnancy scare but it was because I got a stomach virus between ovulating and my period (what are the chances). Basically I would reccomend making sure you have somone to watch your kids just in case you have an experience like mine!


mosley12 - March 15

well ive been cramping really bad, but been popping the motrin 800, and last night had to get up up twice to take pain killers..i have the motrin, but only have about 3 more, and have a ton of tylenol 3, which have codiene in them, because i was given them for my headaches when i was pregnant. but i dont want to take those until dh is home cause they make me kinda out there too..lol..and im bleeding tons..is that normal?


jilly01 - March 15

i wish i could help but i never had a cramp and have not had real period since either. it's the greatest things ever!!!!


mosley12 - March 15

anyone else?


Deirdra - March 15

i have and IUD and have had it for 3 months now! I lvoe it...i had no cramping after it was put in, i had very little bleeding just spotting for a 2 months and now im normal...just had my first IUD period and it was very clotty but ok....my first few periods after DS were horibbly crampy to the point i couldnt move...but now no cramps i barely even know i have my period..othe rthen pad changes...lol...but hope you feel better hun...(i guess they day having an IUD is lhealing after a baby? i bled for a week PP and i felt fine...no pauin the only thing that hurt was my back form my epi...) so i hope you feel btter..


mosley12 - March 15

wow since none of you had the cramping or bleeding im kinda worried. its been about 24 hours since i got it in, and its still heavy bleeding and cramping..and im sore just from the metal thing they used..lol..deirdra, how are things going for you? better?



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