IUD Anyone Else Out There Had One What S Your Experience

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Smilefull - February 21

Anyone out there had one? I mean 50% of women in china get them, I just kind of feel alone about it. I got it at the beginning of the month and the bleeding hasn't stopped--is this normal? I'm pretty sure I'm getting anemic ..


Smilefull - February 21

--so alone.


vonzo - February 21

if i could help i would, but i decided against getting one, sorry! Hopefully this will bump it up a bit for you though xx


Heather F - February 21

I have one, and I bled for awhile. Is it constant heavy bleeding or spotting? I only spotted, if its heavier I would call the doc just to make sure. I have had one for 8 months now and still no pregnancy - thank god! I love not having to worry about b/c ever, its in and it does its job. feel less alone?


jas - February 21

I got one and love it, love it, love it!! Yes, I bled for a while too - bled for like two weeks and then it lightened up for another 2, spotted for another 2... It was a pain in the b___t, but once it stopped, it stopped and I became regular again. It will be a year this May and I love it! Don't feel it, don't think about it, don't have to go "OMG did I take the pill today? What about yesterday???" Forget it!!!


Smilefull - February 21

thanks you people are sweet hearts--sorry I sound so pathetic now that I read back...thank you Heather---it is similar to what jas said hers was like. I'm spotting right now----I just wanted a day where I wasn't freaken bleeding, you know? But what you say makes it sound more bare=able just have to hang in there! THANK YOU AGAIN


luviduvi - February 21

I just got one about a month and a half ago. I love it too! I am still bleeding but its like nothing......some days I don't bleed at all. the bleeding is good b/c its thinning out the uterus. I think the IUD is wonderful so far, however, some haven't had such good luck :- (


LollyM - February 22

I was too scared to get one! After feeling my cervix stretch to 10cm in diameter, I wanted nothing to be near it whatsoever! lol. It is typical for bc to cause bleeding though. I was on the depo shot and bled HEVILY for almost two months! I stopped taking it, but dr said I didn't really have too. I don't know how I didn't become anemic after that...


LollyM - February 22

Take an iron pill if you are worried, or try to eat some spinach. Have you talked to the Dr?


Heather F - February 22

you know smilefull, you may even find that with the IUD you might not even have a period. After the inicial bleeding stopped my monthly period is just a bit of spotting for two or three days. THATS IT!! My doctor said its completly normal and that some women don't have anything at all!!


Erynn21 - February 22

I don't want to discourage you, but have you read the side effects and other information about the Mirena IUD(I a__sume that's what you have)that even the manufacturers don't know exactly how it prevents pregnancy. It say that it may thin the uterus, it may block implantation of a fertilized egg. I mean there were a few more and I personally am uncomfortable w/ something even the manufacturer aren't sure what it does.JMO. Good luck.


USMC_wife - February 22

I have an IUD and I still managed to get pregnant, which then resulted in a "spontaneous abortion." It was a horrible experience. I found out on Valentine's day. The doctors don't tell you that M/C is the backup method for the IUD. Just make sure you know ALL of the facts about it, then decide from there.


Erynn21 - February 22

Exactly as USMC_wife said, it causes a m/c many times as a back-up method of birth control, and if you do get pregnant and the pregnancy is viable it can be very dangerous to the pregnancy. I had a very fleeting thought of one, then I read the information provided by the manufacturer, and it plainly states they don't know exactly how they work, that just freaks me out.


snugglybugglys - February 22

I also got prego with the IUD. I also had very early miscarraige (chemical pregnancy). My dr said it was a fluke and advised me to get another one, and I might be prego again! Good luck with you decision.


luviduvi - February 22

I really think you have to find something that works for you. The pill was not good for me, I got preggers on the pill Seasonal. With the Nuva Ring, I liked but had HORRIBLE cramping. I think however, if you end up preg. on ANY birthcontrol, a m/c is a "backup method." Not sure but that is what I always thought.


Smilefull - February 25

thanx luviduvi-just knowing there's other people going through the same thing helps. I have to agree with you that any form of BC is a personal decision. I couldn't handle the pills effects (depression, no drive etc.) and another baby would have caused havoc. Lolly- I started on a multivit with iron--was worried about anemia. thanx for the advice! Heather--I really hope this happens for me, that would be heaven! Is this what happened to you? USMCwife-I read your post and I felt terrible about what happened to you. How scary. I'm sorry the IUD didn't work for you. Snugglibug- A chemical pregnancy is very common. Estimated that up to 60% of first pregnancies are chemical--alot of them happen without the women even knowing it. Women have become more aware of them because of the sensitivity of the pregnancy tests.


Heather F - February 25

smilefull - yes thats what happened to me, I basically have no period every month, just spotting for 2 days and no cramps. Its nice! in fact I havent even bought tampons or pads, just panty liners!



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