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bekysu - January 28

Hey girls! I just had my IUD inserted. So far, I have bleeding, well, more like spotting. Anyone else have one of these babies?


maren - January 28

I have the merina(sp) IUD


^lucy^ - January 29

i had one right after my 6 week appt pp but it got misplaced due to contractions from b/feeding.. im planning to get one soon when i get my insurance as they are much more convenient than the mini pills.. they're driving me nuts!!


pinkbo0tlace - January 29

did it hurt getting put it?


Steph - January 29

I've got an IUD and love it! You'll probaby have spotting for a week or so, and then it should clear up. pinkbo0tlace, it doesn't hurt to get put in if you've just had a baby...i.e., probably less than 6-8 months. My first IUD I had put in when my daughter was 4.5 years old and it hurt like hell!! :o) I had this one put in when Trev was only 2.5 months and I didn't really even feel it.


spamanda - January 29

I had mine inserted about 10 weeks pp. I love it. Just so you know, I actually had spotting for almost two months, and both my doctor and her resident told me that was completely normal. In fact, they told me not to worry unless it kept up for 6 mos. It wasn't enough to scare me, just enough to be annoying and require a pantiliner every day, lol. And it wasn't enough to bother my husband, wink wink. I really REALLY like it. A bunch of my friends are on the mini pill and hate it, I'm so glad I went with this. Oh, it didn't hurt at all to have it put in. Good luck!


USMC_wife - January 29

I have the Mirena as well, and so far I love it! I had it put in about 2 weeks ago, and I have been bleeding/spoting since then. It's just enough to be annoying though....like it will stop for a day and then return, so it's still not safe to break out the cute panties! LOL!


spamanda - January 29

usmc wife, that's exactly how mine was! lol great description! oh btw, i have the mirena 5 year too.


Shana B - January 29

LOVE the mirena...I'm so glad I got it. Although, I spotted off and on for the first couple of months, everything is normal now. I've had it since May (I think)


Meredith - January 29

Yeah, I got one of those...Love it. Spotted for about a month, and now I get a very, very light period every once in a while. All I use are the real thin,teeny pads now. I thought it felt like a weird little pinch when they were inserting it...I think it can hurt for some. The nurses told me AFTER the fact that some people have like freaked out or something. I am much happier than taking the pill, which gave me a period every two weeks...


ash2 - January 29

PLease someone explain to me what this is.....


Steph - January 29

The intrauterine device (IUD) is a piece of plastic, about the size of a quarter, that is placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy. There are two types of available IUDs. One is T-shaped and covered with copper wire. The other kind is a plastic coil that is coated and releases the hormone progesterone. How Does It Work? The copper-coated IUD primarily prevents pregnancy by not allowing the sperm to fertilize the egg. When an IUD is coated with progesterone, the hormone works to prevent ovulation (the release of an egg during the monthly cycle) and thicken the cervical mucus, which prevents sperm from entering the uterus.


ash2 - January 29




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