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ryanslilmama - May 17

This more applies to post-partum- but there isn't enough traffic there... Has anyone else's IUD ever fallen out? Mine came out tonight- its been in place since mid- March. After s_x I felt something weird- and felt my IUD! So since it was already completely out of my uterus I just pulled it out. I'm calling my Dr first thing in the morning. But, has anyone else experienced this?


Lillie E - May 17

i've never had it happen, but complications with iud's usually happen within the first 6 months of getting it. that sounds kind of weird to me, almost like your cervix hasn't got totally back to normal... i say get that checked out. did you have the merina or the paragard?


ryanslilmama - May 17

I had the merina. I was so happy with it too! I'm calling my Dr as soon as they open this morning. The way things happen for us, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up pregnant again- already.


sara b - May 17

LOL. I have the mirena and although mine did not fall out I do think I am pg. My ob/gyn practically hung up on me so I went to see my liver doctor (I have some liver problems). She palpated my abdomen for me (she's absolutely amazing) and must have felt something because she's sending me in for an u/s next week. I wish you the best.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - May 18

You shuld take the morning after pill if you don't want to be pregnant again. You can fall pregnant almost straight away once the IUD is took out. I've never had it happen to me (thank god), but I choose a doctor who I knew had fitted thousands.


Heather F - May 18

omg, that is so scary - i just had mine put in two days ago for the first time - I am 8 weeks post part.......didnt think about it ever coming out!


Lillie E - May 19

i'm not sure if you will get pregnant if it just fell out because the merina has the hormones... keep us updated on how your appt goes.


Rabbits07 - May 19

Also, the IUD works by keeping a fertilized egg from implanting. It generally takes 7-12 days for the fertilized egg to make it to the uterus.



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