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Felisha - January 17

i have a cat that before ava got here was my baby he cuddeled under the covers with me and followed me around and sits at the computer with me. since ava has been here is is jealous that she gets all of my attention and has been bad to get attention the other day he knocked her can of formula off the counter. lucky the lid stayed on but i still am afarid the he is going to start being mean to the baby. i also find him sleeping in her crib and bassinet i punish him but it doesnt seem to help and now he has this new thing of cuddeling at her feet when she is snoozing


Rhiannon - January 17

Maybe his cuddling at her feet is his way of saying "fine. She's here to stay." My cats were weird for a while, but now they love the babies.


aurorabunny - January 17

Babies R Us (and I know tons of other places) have a crib tent type of netting for pretty much that specific'll keep kitty out of the crib, I dunno if they have anything for ba__sinets though.


ashtynsmom - January 18

My dog was like this at first, too- now my dd jsut pushes her around and she is like a rag doll when it comes to the baby. She is a 90 lb Akita!! She was never mean to Ashtyn, she would try to get between us, though and would nuzzle in with me if I was holding Ashtyn. Now, Ashtyn is the jealous one. If I am petting or loving on Keesha, Ashtyn will come over and push Keesha away and give me a hug.... It is nice to be so loved!! ha


Emily - January 18

Ha ashtonsmom, We have a 80lbs chocolate lab. She was our baby beofre Mary came home. The first day she was home, I was holding her on my lap and Lucy (the dog) niffed her feet and got her cold nose a little too close., Mary reared back and kicked a couple of times, and of course got Lucy in the nose. She showed her who was boss. Now she uses Lucy as a pillow and seat, she climbs on her. We have to remind Mary to be gentle. If Lucy gets tired of it, she never growls or nips are her, she just gets up and moves to her "spot", where Mary knows not to bother her….I think Lucy loves Marcy, she takes some of Mary's attention away from Lucy and she gets more rest! I don’t know what to tell you about the cats. My mom has two cats and she watched the girls for me while I qwork, but they are and were very anit-social. They got a little jelous at first with Mary and tried to scratch her but only a couple of times, as they got punished. Noe Mary knows to stay away form one and the other she has befriended by giving little treats too. Once Marcy came along the cats didn't seem to notice...


lilaggie2002 - January 18

Felisha, if you want to stop the cat from getting in the crib and ba__sinet...line them with aluminum foil when the baby is not in them. Let the cat jump in them and the sound of their feet hitting the tin foil scares them and teaches them not to get back in. I had to do this twice before my 2 cats learned that the baby's bed was not a new space for them to sleep.



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