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mommie2b - January 13

Hey ladies. I thought I would start a new thread since I can not find the other one. So how are you all doing and your little ones? Ethan is sayin buh bye bye, will sit up by himself for 45 secs and then falls to the side, no teeth, and is doing the inch worm but he rolls everywhere and quick. But I am dating someone now the best thing ever but I did not notice this but he is jealous if I hug my bf or kiss him or just like give him attention ethan will start cryin till I give the attention to him, I do not know what to do about it any suggestions? I was always told boys are like that and they get worse as they get older is that true? I started giving him organic bananas and pears i started on the stage 2 foods how are your babies eating?


angelbebe - January 14

Hey ladies! Not sure what happened to Jenn, but she may have moved on. : ) Okay, so Paia has been SUPER fussy and whiney off and on for the last 2 weeks. Ditto Lindsay on the nighttime pattern. Last night was the WORST!! Normally if she gets up to nurse, she'll go right back to sleep, but this time she would not. Drew was great in helping me, but it took yet another nursing to get her to sleep. I know she is teething, so she is just down right grumpy. Poor thing. Also it doesn't help that we just sold her porta crib that she has been sleeping in since we head back to Roatan next weekend...we also sold her vibrating chair... I am sad cuz she loved that, but we have another one waiting for us back in Roatan and we don't have room to take this with us. Anyways, we made a bed for her on the floor. NOT happening, so she will sleep with me in the bed at least till we get back to the island. Solids are going well. I am going to work on getting more meat in...she's only tried chicken. All vegis are doing good...made her some peas, leek, and potato. She loved that. She LOVES apricots, but dried apricots are a no no cuz they have sulfur dioxide and it made her break out in a rash. Linsday-I think wheat is fine after 6 months, though we haven't done any wheat with her yet. I am going to start her on some yogurt and cheese once she hits 8 months...which is only a couple weeks away! I can't believe it!!! She is sitting up great and SOOOOOOO close to MIsty said, she is like an inchworm across the floor. Well, it's good to hear from you both...more later!


angelbebe - January 14

Oh, and the comment about your milk, Lindsay, I wouldn't worry too much about the consistency...they say our milk changes with their needs...she is still getting good vitamins and immunities from you...keep it up if you are still comfortable with it. Paia as well has been taking full feedings at night, but I am more convinced that she is just comfort feeding or needing the nurturing right now more than the calories...which is fine with me...except I'd prefer no more than one night feeding!! : ) I just bought a sleep book from Dr. Sears...I like his philosophy a lot. I am only a little way through, but I think the book will really help us make sure we are doing everything on our end to get her to sleep well. It's just a fact that b___stfed babies have more frequent feeds and wake ups.


Lindsey - January 14

Well George is sitting up for a bit but still seems way off from being completely unsupported. He falls to the sides. I recently posted a question about his development but I was obviously worrying about nothing as i got loads of positive responses. George will still only eat porridge. when do you feed your meat/veggie solids. He has his porridge in the morning but I'm not sure about what time to do his dinner. I think about 5pm would be a good time but is it too heavy for him before he goes to bed at 6pm. Jenn, replied to my development worried post so she is around, she probably does what most of us do and come on here and scan through, hopefully she'll see this new post and update us on Hailey. I know this is mega early but as George and I share the same birthday I am planning a bit of a bash, i want to organise something special more for george being 1 rather than me being 28 but I want all our family and friends there (shame you lot live in the US & NZ) Hey misty, ethans is also on the 15th June isn't it? How is his arm? Anyway speak to you all soon, Harmony, when are you and drew heading back?


Lindsey - January 17




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