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Rhiannon - February 5

Wow. We live so close to each other. I grew up in Whitby (so I'm not purebred Shwa). We've probably crossed paths before. Crazy!!!


JenS - February 6

hey Rhiannon... I moved to Whitby when I got married! (originally from T.O.) My husband (bf at the time)relocated from Markham for a job in Pickering and now we live in Durham! How old is your lo? Mine ds is 5 months!


Rhiannon - February 6

I have 6 month old twin girls. Did you have yours in Oshawa or Ajax?


JenS - February 6

Wow! Twins! That's awesome! I had my ds (Ethan) at Ajax in August!


Rhiannon - February 6

This is scary. I had my dds at Ajax on August 14. I was there for a week. Wouldn't it be weird if we were there at the same time?


JenS - February 6

OMG!! I had my ds Ethan on August 23rd! I think you would have been gone by then? How did you find the care in Ajax? For me it was okay until the 2nd night! They didn't have any more private rooms left so I was stuck with a lady and her hubby who snored the entire nite! I wish dh stayed that night, it would have made it easier somehow. :) LOL!


Rhiannon - February 7

I was gone by the 19th. The day nurses were good (for the most part) but I wasn't too fond of some of the night nurses. We had one nurse who kept reffering to my babies as "it". "Bring it to the nursery" "Get it dressed." She was crazy. She also told me I wasn't going to have enough milk for twins so I was really upset and discouraged and ended up formula feeding. But most of them were OK. Also, one of my twins was the smallest baby they ever had which stayed at Ajax and wasn't shipped to Toronto. (3.15 pounds). We were also lucky and were given a double room for just us for the whole week. And we certainly needed the space. So Ajax was OK. Who was your OB?


JenS - February 7

Hi Rhiannon, Dr Eltayeb was my OB! She was okay, although I always felt like a number b/c her practice was SOOOO busy! Were your twins born earlier then your due date? My ds was born a week early and was one of the biggest born that day. He was 9.6! Crazy. The doctor on call the night (Dr Gordillo (sp?) was surprised at how big he was! The nurses kind of made me feel like I had a freak baby, b/c every time they came in to check on him/me they were "Oh wow, that 's a biiiiig baby!" And I agree the nurses at night were not the greatest!


JenS - February 8

It's freezing cold today! Wow that is amazing for twins! At 34 weeks I thought I was going into pre-term labor so they kept me for little while to check if everything was okay. Everything was fine. Do the twins eat? sleep? play? at relatively the same time or are they very different? I've tried very hard to get my ds on a schedule, it's tough. He doesn't sleep well at night so it makes the days hard when I'm so tired and just want to sleep! :P


Rhiannon - February 9

Good Morning. The girls are down for thier first nap of the day. They are pretty amazing sleepers at night. They go down at about 7:00pm and sleep until 7:00-7:30 am. We are so lucky. The day is different though. They seem to have 3 twenty minute naps. They can get quite cranky during the day, but I figure they will slide into a longer sleep routine twice a day soon. I have wokred hard to get them on the same schedule, but it's funny, when dh is home the schedule goes out the window. They refuse to nap when he's home. It's cute. How about your son?


JenS - February 9

Good evening...It's great that they sleep at night! I wish my ds would sleep... he normally does 4 hours and then it's every hour or 2 hours after that. So I don't really get proper sleep. Today ds is off his schedule, I went with my sister to Yorkdale and now he won't nap... Are your lo's on solids?


Rhiannon - February 10

Hi. Everytime we take our los out it throws off their schedules. It makes me want to hide inside all winter. We started them on rice cereal about a month ago, even though they say wait for 6 months. We knew they were ready. I just tried them on carrots a couple of days ago and at first they made the funniest, disgusted faces, but then they started to like them. But Carys has developed diarrhea, so I have to wait a couple of days and try the carrots again to make sure she is not allergic. How about yours? Solids yet?


JenS - February 10

Hi ya, Yes, we started rice cereal at about 4.5 months and now he's into veggies. We switched to wheat cereal b/c he was getting very consitpated on the rice. He gets a little bit of fruit in the morning. He HATES peaches, LOVES squash, green beans, and carrots. I'm only feeding ds in the morning and night for now. I can't believe he will be 6 months on the 23rd! WOW time flies... 1/2 a year just went by and I didn't even notice the time.... (**sniff**)


Rhiannon - February 10

I know how you feel. I just realized that in about 6 months they might be walking. It's crazy. So do you have a job that you are going back to in 6 months? What does your husband do?


JenS - February 10

That is crazy! I will be going back to work in September, (sniff) I'm a graphic designer and work for a publishing company in Don Mills. My husband is in IT, (information Systems manager). I think I need to start looking into Daycare very soon.... I've been avoiding it! How about you?


Rhiannon - February 12

Hello Again. Sorry it's been a couple of busy days. Dh was off so the girls' schedule was off also. My father used to work for a graphic design company near Don MIlls. As for me, I was an ESL teacher (English as a Second Language). I will not be going back because 2 babies in daycare are wayyyy to expensive. My husband drives a truck for CAA, but he hates it. We are actually planning to move to Calgary in a couple of months. It will be a stressful move, but it is so worth it.


JenS - February 13

Just got back from T.O.... man, it's getting bad out there! I think we're in for a big storm! That's nice that you get be a sahm for your girls... I'd love to say home but I can't! :( Many people are moving to Calgary! It's the HOT spot in Canada these days! Do you have family in Calgary?



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