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JenS - February 13

Just got back from T.O.... man, it's getting bad out there! I think we're in for a big storm! That's nice that you get be a sahm for your girls... I'd love to say home but I can't! :( Many people are moving to Calgary! It's the HOT spot in Canada these days! Do you have family in Calgary?


Rhiannon - February 13

It's starting to go crazy here. And it's so cold. We don't have family in Calgary, just really good friends. They are going to put up Patrick and I am going to stay here for a couple of months while he gets all set up. Good luck with the snow.....


JenS - February 15

just a little bump... ;)


JenS - February 15

opps... sorry... I've been away from my computer for a bit.... DS is having a CRAZY day! oh man, he gets the 1st place award for crying!! Can't wait 'till my husband gets home so I can get a break! I hear the housing prices are great in Calgary!


Rhiannon - February 15

I understand crying days from hell. I'm lucky today, dh is home. Don't worry about being away from the computer for a while, I sometimes go a couple of days depending on how busy I am. I hear the housing prices in Calgary are really expensive. We are going to wait until the next bust to buy a house again. But who knows.....


JenS - February 15

Really, I guess the housing prices have gone up! Ds is finally down for the count, I hope he sleeps good tonight. The last 2 nights have been pretty good. (And I've been sleeping better-finally!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tonight, I hope this is the start of a new sleeping pattern! The last few days I've noticed that my milk supply has gone down. Not sure what's going on? I've been eating healthier then ever before and I'm starting to think it's because I'm eating lower fat dairy and cheese.


Rhiannon - February 16

I hope your supply increases again. Is he nursing as much? I don't know too much about bf because it didn't work out. If I have another ONE I think I would love to try. Good luck with sleep. Carys woke up last night at aroung 4:30 for the first time in about a month. She was just so sad. I think her teeth are bothering her. So I sang her favorite song and she laughed a lot and went to sleep. She loves the ABC song and can't get enough of it.


JenS - February 19

It's been pretty busy around here the past few days.... Well, I wasn't to sure of my milk supply so I started taking fenugrek capsules to see if it would do anything. It seems to be working. I realized my milk supply had started to dwindle when I got my period on Friday night.! This is my first cycle after having Ethan. It's so weird, b/c I haven't had af in such a loooooong time. I DO NOT miss it. :( Ethan is back to his old sleeping patterns, he got up about 3-4 times last night. Oh how I wish I could sleep! Hubby and I were in Oshawa yesterday (Grandview and Taunton) it's a nice area! We went for a get together with all the parents and babies from our Pre-natal cla__ses that we took in the summer. It was fun to see all those babies in one room. This was the 2nd time meeting after the babies were all born. That's great that you can sing a song to put Carys back to sleep! That's a good baby you've got! I'm hoping Ethan will soon be able to do that soon!


Rhiannon - February 20

Hi. I'm glad the fenugreek is working. They suggested to me to take it in the beginning but I wasn't fond of the idea. We have been busy here too. The girls had thier 6 month appt yesterday and they are doing great. Elora is in the 75th percentile for weight and 95th for height!!!! Carys is 25th all around. That is the same as their 4 month appt so I am happy to know they are growing as they should. You're right Taunton and Harmony is a great area. That's the strange thing about Oshawa. You have wonderful areas surrounded by hell areas. What area of Whitby do you live in? My family grew up near Trafalgar Castle.


JenS - February 21

I have to take fenugrek 3 times a day!! (hard to remember) I'm thinking I should stop and see what happens. Ethan is 6 months (this friday) and is starting to take a bottle every night well see. We live in the Whitby Shores Area, (Victoria and Bayly). We moved to this area about 2 years ago and love it! We have a dog and he loves to be walked around the water and trails in the surrounding area! We used to live in the Rossland-Garden area behind what used to be the Loblaws. I think now it's a Shoppers Drug Mart! Trafalgar Castle is beautiful... I see people taking pictures there all the time! Wow 95% that's awesome! My doc never says what Ethan is in. I should ask at his next appointment. Hey, do you have a pediatrician for your lo's or just a family doc? They (the hospital) told us to take him to a family doc b/c they only have about 15 peds in all of Durham (and that they will only see you on a special case) wondering if that's really true??


Rhiannon - February 21

You live in a really nice part of Whitby. And you are so close to the Ajax Hospital. They told us to take the girls to a family dr also. Sometimes I wish I had a ped because I don't really know if a family dr would notice if there was a problem. Carys developed a flat head and our dr hasn't said anything about it. We are lucky though because a developmental nurse comes over every 2 months to check thier development due to them being a bit early. So if we have any concerns, she is an expert. I agree with you stopping the fenugreek. I barely remember to take my pill once a day. I couldn't imagine having to take something 3 times a day. (And I'm scared of herbal supplements)


JenS - February 22

Hi Rhiannon, Yes Ajax Hospital is very close.... took us about 7 mins to get there when my water broke! Where abouts do you live is Oshawa? My poor ds has a cold and a bit of a cough today. :( He's sleeping now, but took awhile for him to go down today, I guess b/c he's not feeling the greatest. I'm rethinking if we should take him to his swimming lessons on Sunday if his cold gets worst.


Rhiannon - February 22

Hello again. Sorry about your little guy, I hope he feels better soon. My girls have had 2 tiny colds and they were champs. Yay!! Today Elora's 2 bottom teeth started poking through. I put my hand in her mouth and was shocked to feel these sharp things. It was such a weird feeling. We live in North Oshawa (in the ghetto). We bought a cheap townhouse that we knew we could afford with only one income. Hopefully dh can get a new, better paying job soon and we can move up in the world. I want to go to teacher's college in a couple of years when the girls are a bit older. But we will need a lot of money behind us. Happy 6 month birthday tommorow!!


JenS - February 24

Morning Rhiannon...It's so nice and sunny this morning... still freezing, but I love this sun! I can't believe it's been 6 months since ds was born!! time is flying by!! Teachers college sounds great.... I've always thought about doing that one day. I like graphic design and being creative but sometimes I think I could do something else y'know? Wow... Elora has 2 teeth poking through already... well I guess this is the time...around 6 months. Ethan is drooling like crazy I think something is going on in there, but I don't feel anything yet. So, do your girls reach milestones around the same time? I've always wondered with twins? One of our neighbours on our street had 2 twins girls about 4 weeks ago... I think it's so cute... they have 2 of everything... carseats....swings....highchairs.... 2 cribs...Do your lo's share one crib or so you have 2? I would think they would sleep better in the one but then what happens when they get older and get to big for one crib?


Rhiannon - February 24

Good evening. Carys started geting her bottom 2 teeth today. She is fusssssssy. Wow. Two crying babies and a sick husband. But we got a break last night. We left them with my mother and father in law for the night. It was our first night away from them and we did ok. We only called 3 times. They usually reach thier milestones at around the same time. Carys is a bit behind because she had a flat head and neck problem to deal with, but that is getting better so her mobility is also getting better. We have 2 of most things. High chairs, bouncy chairs, cribs, bath seats. They have been sleeping apart since about 4.5 months. They just got too big for one crib. Wish your neighbour good luck. The first 3-4 months are the hardest. And I hope Ethan gets his teeth soon too.


JenS - February 26

Well now we all have colds! :( this weekend was so busy for all of us and so we didn't get the rest we needed. When my dh and I went out for the first time we called many times to check up on Ethan. I was actually thinking this weekend that dh and I need to spend nights out together more often... it's so nice to get out for a few hours just the 2 of us! (But then we always miss ds!) Is Carys still fussy from her teething? No teeth yet for Ethan. Just drool'in like CRAZY! I have to change his top about 3 times a day or he has to wear a perma-bib! :)



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