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Rhiannon - May 14

Hey, thanks for joining Patrick's group. It would be so cool to win!!! That's great about Ethan crawling. Elora can do it but she likes to take her time and she has to be really motivated. Carys gets around, but we aren't exactly sure how. 1:30 on Friday sounds good. Maybe we could meet at the first parking lot, near the lighthouse. Do you know that one? I will send you a message on facebook later with my phone number. (Holy C___p, the girls are playing on the floor now and Elora just raced across the floor to get to her gates go up today!!)


JenS - May 14

I to just brought the gates out so Mike can put them up hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Are you talking about the waterfront lighthouse at Rotary park? (I think it's called Rotary anyway?)


Rhiannon - May 14

Yeah. I think so. There is a parking lot. I hope we are talking about the same spot.


JenS - May 15

I'm sure it's the same... the parking lot is south of Victoria on Brock St. And as far as I know there is only one lighthouse in Whitby. LOL! I hope you guys win the $7000!!! gotta run... Ethan is having a bad day... crying every 2 minutes... It's going to be one of THOSE days... (sigh)


Rhiannon - May 15

Well enjoy your c___ppy day!!!! It's the same lighthouse. So 1:30 on Friday. I'm excited to finally meet you. Good luck today.


JenS - May 19

Hey Rhiannon, It was so nice to finally meet you yesterday! Your girls are adorable!! We should meet up again soon! Ethan is having a better day today, he's sleeping now, so I'm catching up on some laundry and cleaning! Oh what fun! Have a wonderful long weekend!


Rhiannon - May 19

Hey. I had a lot of fun yesterday. We definitely have to do it again. We had a busy day today, so much running around and the girls got super cranky. We went to A&P and picked up our groceries and we each had a baby in a cart. At the end of the trip Patrick had all of the food in his cart and I was left with my wonderful box of wine and that's it. I felt like such a lush. Here's me and my baby, I'm gonna get drunk. Well, I hope you have a great weekend. Take care.


JenS - May 23

Hi Rhiannon! How's it going? Just got back from Toys R Us and Wal-Mart, bought Ethan little splash pool. I don't think he'll be able to use it though until it's really hot as it's always cooler by the water. LOL about the box of wine! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend! Ethan is starting to stand up in his crib all the time now and oh I'm so mad that he did this but he started biting the sides of his crib!!! wt? I don't know how to stop him??


Rhiannon - May 23

Hello. What a nice day. The girls are playing on the floor and giving me a short break. My dad went to Toys R Us and bought them a pool yesterday and some pool toys. I have it sitting in the living room now and they are playing with it. Sorry about Ethan biting the crib. It sounds like he is breaking it in for your next one. Well Carys is whining so I'd better go. Have a good week.


JenS - May 24

hi Rhiannon, How'd it go with the keg? Not much new on this end. Mike is working from home tomorrow, it will be a nice change as he's been getting home late this past week! I think my sister is coming to visit with Ethan so it will be nice to get a bit of a break. talk to you later. PS: your facebook profile pict is hlarious, I love southpark...


Rhiannon - May 25

Hello. Thanks, I got to make it myself. We're trucking a long here, nothing else is new either. The Keg went Ok. They told me that I am a good candidate but they are not hiring now and they will call me. I'm going to give them 2 weeks and then I'll start looking again. I have made up my mind to go back to school in Sept 08. I have researched it and the governemtn will pay for me to go to school and give me unemployment while i am in school and I can probably get free daycare at Durham College. I am so happy, but I just need to get in now. I want to take a program called Communicative Disorders a__sistant. When I am done I will be able to work with people who need help and that is perfect for me. It will be rewarding!!! Yay!!! Well have a great weekend.



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