John And Kate 8

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jenna32 - August 20

Does anybody else like to watch this show? i know some people argue she treats her husband bad and everything but i like the show. i was also curious as to why they got fertility treatments,if anybody knew. i have never read anything about kate being infertile or anything, i wonder if she wanted multiples on purpose ( probably not as many as she got though!).


amanda17 - August 20

I looooove that show! I watch it all the time. Kate did have problems getting pregnant so she resorted to fertility treatments and got pregnant with twins... She decided she wanted just one more, got a fertility treatment again and ended up with six (technically seven, she lost one early on)


wv_red - August 20

I love that show too!! It is hilarious how those two can argue but do it in a nice way! It is amazing how big she got too! Wow no wonder she was on bed rest. I will never complain about how big I get when prego ever again!


sarah21 - August 20

That show is so addictive. Considering the stress level, I think Kate is pretty nice. Obsessive but nice.


evae777 - August 20

she is nice compared to me. i only have one child and i am really moody sometimes toward my dh. to where i feel bad. i cant imagine having 8.


jenna32 - August 22

aw, i had no idea she lost one of them. i know what you mean, i go crazy with just one but probaly because i b___stfeed and co sleep and not w/ the father,it seems like twice the work to me. i love the show for some reason, i want the earlier seasons,imagine having 6 little babies at once?ahh!!


ChattyKathy - August 23

She had PCOS. I used to watch the show when I was pregnant and tell myself "well! If she can raise 8 kids then surely I can survive raising just one!" haha But now it gets just plain depressing because I have such a hard time with my just-one that she seems like super-mom to me! lol I b___stfeed and cosleep too. Such demanding little buggers especially when they want to eat every hour!



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