Johnny Jump Up

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Heidi - December 23

When can Emma start using this? I got a new one from a friend, the kind that hangs in a doorway. She's 10 wks old and has okay head control. The doc said a little better than expected. She's got strong little legs. She's always trying to stand up in my lap.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 23

I would say give it a shot. We just put up my son's jumperoo, but it could have gone up a long time age, our house is just not that big. We had to take down his swing first. My cousin's daughter loved hers, it was the only way she would eat was if she could bounce between jumping. She practically lived in it! Once they figure it out, its a lot of fun for them!


Heidi - December 23

I think I'll take it down there today and give it a whirl! All my neices and nephews had them and they were fun to watch bounce around!


Jbear - December 23

I'm a chicken...the johnny jump up scares me!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 23

Lucas likes the music and toys so far, I can't wait for him to figure out what it actually does. My wild man will be jumping like crazy!


Kristina - December 23

I've been putting Tasia in her jolly jumper since she was 6 weeks. I asked the ped first though and he said it is fine cause she is quite advanced. On the box they reccommend 3 months, but if she has good neck support than it should be ok. I only put Tasia in hers when I am sitting with her and watching her though. Just incase =)


Eryn - December 23

Which one is better? The doorway one or the one thats like a walker and they bounce in it? The doorway one scares me too.


TC - December 23

I don't know which one is better but I prefer the walker looking one. I just feel like the one on the doorway is going to make the baby bounce into everything and then catapult themselves in the air.


Kristina - December 23

we have both the doorway one and the walker one...Tasia definitly likes the doorway one better. It it more bouncy and fun for her.


HELLO - December 24



C - December 24

I didn't have one of these but at 6 months my new babysitter had one. He loved it so much I ran out and bought one. I have the one by Graco that goes in the doorway. The stationary ones are nice too but when he's done with this, I can just store it in the closet on a daily basis. The stationary one is too bulky for my little house. If you have the room, the stationary one seem nicer.



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