Juice Or No Juice

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sophiasmom - January 19

my dd is 9 mos and she has a good routine as far as feedings goes, but from 6 to 8 pm, she does not take any liquids... I am wondering if I could give her some baby -juice diluted with water during that time.Do you guys give diluted juice to your babies? I


ash2 - January 19

I give my 7 month old juice after each feeding to help wash it down. Only about 1 oz. Besides, the vitamin c is good for them. But i dilute it with water.


Felisha - January 19

my dd is only 6wks and the pedatrition told me yesterday that it is ok to give her an oz of juice 2 times a day (to help with her bowel movements) so i do not see why it would be a problem to give your dd juice at 9mnths


Felisha - January 19

oh yeah she told me i didnt have to dilute it either


LisaB - January 19

I don't give my ds juice because of the sugar and it gets his bowels going so we only use it when hes plugged. On a side note though I will give my 14 months old a cookie and the sugar in that is much worse than juice. I guess my illogical logic is I rather my ds not drink alot of calories.


shelly - January 19

i do the same as ash. after feeding and diluting.


piratesmermaid - January 19

When our 6month old seems a bit consitpated, I'll give her diluted prune juice in a sippy cup (I dunno if she is able to get anything out of the sippy cup, or if it's only a little) since we're practicing with the cup now anyway...


Steph - January 19

I give Trevor (6.5 months) diluted juice on occasion. Usually after he has dinner, I give him some water or juice to wash it down with....I gave my daughter juice as well when she was little.


sophiasmom - January 19

LisaB, I am with you on that one, I will give my 3yr a cookie but I am extremelly hesistant to give a diluted juice to my 9mos...Ash2, you are right about the vitamin C...I just feel like she must need some water/juice since she eating more a more like us and not as much formula as she used to... I think I am going to try to give her 2oz of mostly water and a little bit of juice...let's see if she even likes it!



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