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jeni23 - June 10

hey ladys how is everyone and their little ones?well if ya read my post I had surgery 4 weeks ago today,but I wasnt feeling better!! si I thought what the heck and took a test,posative!so I went to the docs,they did a blood test,said today im 6 weeks along,wish me luck!!My d/h was supposed to get fixed but our insurance was cut off till june 1st,so were paing out the butt from my surgery,but other than that everything is ok,hope everyone else is doing well.


MNMOM - June 11

Jeni - BFP!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!! Are you in shock still? Excited? What kind of surgery did you have? I hope you are feeling better now! I can't imagine being right now, I am just not ready. Come October I might feel differently, but now, NO WAY :) Are you going to find out what you are having? So many questions I know!!!! Little Myles will be a year old next Tuesday, I just really really can't believe the first year has gone so fast. He is not walking yet but it won't be long I am sure, he can stand for a really long time now and play at this activity table. Keep us posted on how you are doing!! I don't get on here much anymore, where are all the other moms from our group??


jeni23 - June 11

Hi MNMOM,thankyou!!Yes Im in huge shock still,I have an appointment on june 18th with my ob.Im excited nervous just total aww cus this sooo wasnt expected.Yes as soo as i can im finding out what the s_x of the little bean is,i agree this year has flown by,Trisitn isnt walking yet either,hes walking along stuff and letting go taking a step and falling lol,I dont get a whole lot of time on here either but i hop on as much as I can,I was wondering where all our mommies have went to,Im glad to see your still on here.I had my appendix out and a 6mm bleeding cyst at the same time,its got me worried but the baby but I thik once i can see the heart beat next week ill feel better.Well ttyl hope you have a great night.


TinaSos - June 12

Jeni CONGRATS. I have been thinking about having another little one, but not sure i'm ready. Jessica is walking everywhere. Which means shes into everything! I just can't believe my husband and I are planning her 1st birthday party already! It seems like yesturday. We have started to put some of her baby stuff away and it makes me so sad to thank she will be a toddler and not my little baby anymore.


jeni23 - June 15



MNMOM - June 16

Hey Girls-Tina, nice to see you are still around too! Myles' birthday is tomorrow, I just can't believe it. I broke into tears last night over it and everything, he just seems so big already! I'm still torn about having another.....having 3 means 2 will have to share a room and it means another car seat and a bigger car - seems like an awfully lot of work! :) Hope you guys are enjoying the summer!


jodie - June 17

Hello Mama's!!! Happy June! The weather is CRAP up here in washington so it doesn't even feel like summer yet. Kallie is almost 11 months and is a crazy walker also. The kid scares me half to death because she climbs up the slide we have and she just stands at the top. It's only like a foot off the ground but still...to scary! Nick loves playing with her now because she is actually fun! COngrats on your BFP Jeni!! I will deffinately have to re-live my pregancy through you...lol. I am still torn like MNMOM....just when I think I am done with my 2 I feel like I want one more...blah! Happy Birthday Myles!! I can't believe our babies are soo old! Soo sad! We had a garage sale a few weeks ago and I pretty much sold EVERYthing for baby! So I guess if we do decide to have another it will be ahwile so I can save up and buy all the c___p again...lol.


gurinsa - June 18

Hi girls. I was on with you for a while, Kaitlyn ended up being a june baby so I switched over. But I do remember you guys too! Congrats jeni..I am definitely on the ttc bandwagon again and this is our 2nd month of trying. I get sooo excited when i see a pregnant woman - something has definitely come over me..Its like I forgot how miserable I was when i was pregnant. Anyway, glad to see you are all doing okay!


MNMOM - June 18

Hi Gurinsa-Happy to see you around here! I was a July due date but had a June baby, and just never felt like I fit in with that other group but I see they still have an active thread. I can't believe you are ttc already! WOW, I just don't know if I am ready for that now, or ever?? I'm still torn! :) Myles has a raging ear infection, poor babe, we spent yesterday just hanging out together, he didn't want to play or anything and we only got 3 hours of sleep last night...these are the days that I say NO MORE kids! :)


jodie - June 18

Hi Gurinsa...of course we remember you!! OOooh MNMOM ear infections suck! Kallie has been struggling the past few days because her 2 front teeth are coming in and she is not a good teether! She has her 2 bottoms and her 2 top side ones (she looks like a vampire)but she is a horrrrrible teether.


jeni23 - June 20

Hey ladys,lol your all more than welcome to go thru this with me lol,got to see babys heart beat all is well and my offical dd is January 27th,ill be posting in beautiful january babys,your more than welcome to pop in and say hi,but im still gonna post here to lol,im still queezy and tired a lot,8weeks 3days now and hoping it eases up soon I remmeber that I hate the baginning lol!!So icky feeling,but almost over.Have a great day ladys


jeni23 - June 20

I meant to say the beginning lol


L1NDZ - June 23

OMG...Jeni ~ Congrats!!!! Hope you have recovered from your surgery well! I don't know if you remember, but I had my appendix out last year when I was 20 weeks preggo. And Ashton came out fine!! Funny though that they didn't take a preggo test before your surgery? Anyhooo...Happy Birthday to little Myles (tomorrow right?) Amazing how time flies!! All our little ones are growing up so much!!! I am about to jump on the TTC bandwagon again. I go on Thursday to get my IUD out ($345 - out the door - LOL!) But we might be careful until September, cause I am on this exercise kick and really want to lose 20lbs or so before I let my body go again!! LOL! I know...it doesn't make sense, but I feel so great right now...I can't wait to get preggo again though!! I wish I could get on here more often...but busy boy!! He's not quite walking yet but he took a few steps the other day...so it's around the corner!! He has 5 teeth and is getting his 6th...but I am happy to report he is FINALLY sleeping through the night!!!! Hope to chat with you all soon!!! Congrats again Jeni!!!!


MNMOM - June 23

Hi L1ndz-nice to see you around! What are you doing to lose weight?If you don't mind me asking....I really need a kick in the pants and some inspiration! :) Losing the baby weight this time has not been easy. Guess I'm getting old!! Myles turned 1 last Tuesday the 17th. I cried. I just can't believe how fast it went this time! He is getting so big already! He has 6 teeth and I think is cutting his one-yr molars. He's not walking yet but that is ok with me, I already have a tough time keeping up with him. My older son, Aidan is turning 5 on Friday! We are having a big family birthday party-picnic in our backyard on Saturday and have been working like mad doing some yard work and other projects (a__sembling a swing set!) trying to get ready for it. The weather is finally beautiful here! :) Hope you girls are all well and it'snice to see this thread still alive once in a while!


jodie - June 24

Hello ladies! So what is every or has everyone bought for a first bday gift for their little ones? I just have no idea what to get for Kallie. She plays with all Nick's cars and trains....and I already bought her a baby doll.....but I just have no idea what to buy a little girl. I was thinking clothes...lol...but I don't know how exciting that is for her : ) All this talk about ttc is making me want another. I have always wanted 2 kids but lately I just don't feel done. Awhile ago my hubby said if I wanted another we could....but I seriously have been getting rid of alll my baby stuff....I would have to start over (minus the crib) oh well...I guess I will wait for awhile and see how a feel a few months down the road. I took Kallie to the doc yesterday for a diaper rash and she has a little bit of excema(sp) on her booty and girly part. The poor little thing scratches the heck out of it if I take her diaper off...thank god the doc gave her a perscription to help! Anyways, we are off to the childrens museum today...fun fun fun!


gurinsa - June 24

MNOM..I know what you mean about not fitting into that June thread but I was very persistant cause I knew they chatted every day!! (and still do). But its crazy cause I totally remember all of you guys as your each popping in now. JODIE..we got Kaitlyn a kitchen set with all the play food. She can't fully understand it yet but she LOVES opening the oven and the fridge so it keeps her busy. Plus we'll have it for years for her! Also got her a bubble machine that makes like a million bubbles at a time and a baby pool. She is also just getting over a double ear infection and is sick again with another virus. I put her in daycare 2x per week at 6 months and she has seriously been sick ever since - it sucks!


L1NDZ - June 24

MNMOM ~ right now I am going to the gym daily (hopefully) and just going to the 1 hr cla__ses that are available. I get really bored with running on the treadmill etc, so I find that going to different cla__ses helps. Plus they have a daycare for Ashton and he LOVES it!! Then lately I have been running? Crazy...cause I hate running...but I have a jogging stroller and it's finally nice here...so we've been doing that each morning after ds am nap. I haven't seen much on the scale...but I have noticed that my body looks different and my clothes sort of fit differently. I can see that my muffintop is getting smaller!! Anyhoo...it's been hard to get motivated and find a "PERFECT" time to go to the gym...but my friend told me that if you plan it the day before...then you are more likely to fit it in to your day! Which has worked out perfectly so far....so much that I want to put off TTC until I have reached my goal...and if you only knew how much I want to be preggo again....CRAZY!!!! Good luck...I hope I helped in a bit of motivation!! As for 1st B-day gifts...not too sure yet. I really want a picnic table, slide, sandtable and pool for him...so can't decide. We bought him a water table when the weather got nice...and he loves it!!!! We got it from Walmart for like $30 canadian. They get wet but LOADS of fun!!!!! I know think that Ashton has another ear infection. the poor kid has been getting virus after virus since he had roseola/pneumonia a month 1/2 ago. Crazy...Poor baby!! We are trying to transition him to whole milk...pretty good so far. I am still sad about no more bf!!! But I am happy that we aren't having trouble with formula to milk as I have heard that can happen. I have to update my piczo more but it's julybeandotpiczodotcom. Gurinsa ~ any more babies for you??? Or are Jeni and I the only crazies??? LOL!!



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