JULY 2008 MOMMIES Part 2

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stefkay - August 25

Hey girls! I know we are all super busy, but just hoping we can all still pop in from time to time and keep each other posted!


cors1wfe - August 26

hello girls - where are you? I miss you all and hope you and your little ones are all well! xoxox Tina


stefkay - August 26

Hi Tina!!! I miss you guys too! I'm having a slower week work wise which is nice. I've found now that I can put Ava on a pillow or on the boppy pillow and nurse her while having both hands free to type and work. It's so nice! I think I tried it when she was smaller and it didn't work so well. Now she stays latched on and just falls asleep. How is everyone else?


Charlibabe - August 26

Hey Tina and Stef. I miss u guys. Brooklynn is doing good. I just went to my six week check up...and she weighs 9lbs 12 oz. How much does Ava and Megan weigh now? oh yea Stef you were asking about birth control..well I am trying out the minipill. I hope it works better then the regular ones...they mess with my system. My doctor doesn't think they will cuz they are a different mix of stuff. I hope it does IUD has some fairly bad side effects...so says my doctor. That is my next choice though if this doesn't work well with my body. Well Im glad you found a way to nurse and have both hands free...I will check in later....I hope everyone else is doing good!!


stefkay - August 27

CHARLI, I went with the minipill too. It is only progesterone and I guess the other bc pills have estrogen in them too and you can't take that while bf'ing. It also causes more side effects I think. My other option is a diaphram b/c jessie hates condoms and I dont like any of the other hormonal stuff. No IUD here either, my mom got one and it punctured her uterus!!! No way do I want to risk that.


Charlibabe - August 28

yea my bf hates condoms tooo so that putsit all on me lol, hope you all are doingood just poped in to say hello!


stefkay - September 2

Wow, it's a ghost town here lately! Hope everyone's babies are doing well. TINA, KENDRA, CHARLI, MANDI, HEATHER, JULIA, ELENA and anyone else I missed, I hope you all are hanging in there :) Ava is sleeping on my lap as I work now. The boppy has so many uses. She used to cry when I held her if I wasn't feeding her but now that has changed and she wants me to hold her all the time. She actually looks for me when other people are holding her. I hope I don't get her too dependent on being in my arms but she's now not liking her boppy chair much at all. She used to love it and would sit happily in it while I worked. Not anymore...she cries almost as soon as I put her in it and same with her swing. Sigh...I know she may decide later that she is cool with it. Well back to work....hugs, Stef


mjvdec01 - September 2

Hey stef! Things around here have been hectic. Nate will be 7 weeks on thursday, and his big sister is completely enamored with him. Our problem is her whinning... for everything. I waaannt this, I waaannt that. It is enough to make me jump out in front of the Fed Ex truck!! She also has a cold right now which I think is making things worse. She is constantly putting her snotty slobbery fingers all over him, and if I put him in his bouncy seat on the dining table she freaks out because she can't see him. I am seriously losing my mind. I think what she really needs is more mommy time and some activities outside of the home. I am so glad that dance cla__s and swimming start next week. We have a great YMCA family gym where we live, I would be lost without it. I have also been checking out mom's groups for some variety. Someone on the forum suggested moms dot meetup dot com, and I found several close to me. Sounds like Ava is turning into a mommy's girl... nothing wrong with that. Cherish it, they are only this little for a short time. Our daughter is 2 and a half and her favorite thing to say is, " I do it myyyyself " Talk to you later.


Charlibabe - September 3

Hey girls. Brooklynn is going to be 8 weeks really soon Im so excited! Two Months old its going by so fast i think. I have just been busy with house work and taking care of Brooklynn...Oh and now I have to take care of TWO doberman puppies as well. They are 2 days older then Brooklynn and my boyfriend desided he wanted a puppy.well we ended up with Two of them They are cuties and dont bother Brooky so Im not worried. We named them Chaos *girl and blue doberman* and Zeus *boy and black doberman* Well Thats all thats new with me.....same old stuff...Hope you all are doing well! Brooklynn is the same way with me Stef I am worried too that she is becoming too dependent on just me. Im enjoying it anyways though. Well better go...Talk to you guys later.


luckymenm23 - September 3

HEY MOMMIES!!! Im back to work so i can get on more often. Alyssa will be 7 weeks this Saturday i cant believe it. She started a child care and she is doing good. At first she was giving a hard time to taking a bottle but is doing good now. I pump and give her enfamil. I give her b___st at night too. She sleeps with us and in her bed. Last night she slept in her bed until 2am it was nice. i miss you all and hope u all are doing good.


Charlibabe - September 5

Hey everyone. Just bumping us up...its so dead in here lately...I will check back later. But Brooklynn and I are doin good hope all you are too!


mjvdec01 - September 6

Hey ladies. Nathan turned 7 weeks on thursday. He is getting so big. We have to take him to see a pediatric surgeon on tuesday. His belly b___ton is still oozing. The pediatrician thinks he may have a condition called urachus, it is an abnormal connection betwee the bladder and the belly b___ton. If that is the problem, it would need to be corrected surgically. I hate the thought of my helpless baby boy having surgery and the anesthesia scares me to no end. Other than that, he is doing wonderfully and even sleeping 5-8 hour stretches at night. I have made it back to the gym, and am steadily losing weight. So far I am down 28 pounds. How is everyone else doing with the weight loss?


stefkay - September 7

Hey girls! Mandi, funny you mentioned it because I have stayed about the same weight since I weighed myself a week or two after Ava was born (I lost about 20 lbs right off the bat)so I've been eating pretty bad. I keep meaning to get to the gym and never do it. I'm feeling addicted to food suddenly and I hate it. I'm making myself start today. Both Jessie and I got into a horrible habit of eating out a lot and having dessert every night together. Pregnancy was fun in being able to eat whatever but we both gained a lot of weight. Sigh.....we are doing well though and Ava has her 2 month checkup this coming Thursday (along with shots, booooo). She will be 9 weeks on Tuesday! She is now officially in 0-3 month size clothes. It is cooler out here lately too so I realized she doesn't have much in the way of warmer clothes. It is all summery stuff. Good excuse to go shopping :)


stefkay - September 12

About to fall of the page here....well, Ava had her 2month checkup yesterday (but she is going to be 10 weeks this coming Tuesday) and she got her shots (I cried!) She's doing well and weighed in at 10lbs 13 oz and 22 1/4" long . I hope you all are doing well and your babies doing awesomely :)


mjvdec01 - September 14

Update: Nate's belly b___ton is okay, just taking a long time to heal. The surgeon use the silver nitrate again and so far so good. He did say that it could ooze for a bit longer though. I can now bathe him and I am so happy for that. I love how babies smell after a bath. They weighed him at the appointment and he was 13 pounds 2 ounces, 23 inches long. My little man is getting big. Nathan's 2 month appointment is on the 24th, so we will see what he weighs then. I am sure he will be past 14 pounds by then, judging by how much he eats. He will take 5-7 ounces of formula every 2-3 hours!! He is also sleeping through the night consistently. I put him down between 10 and 11pm and he wakes between 7 and 8am. HE IS SUCH A GREAT BABY! Anyway, I am glad to hear Ava is doing well and getting big. Is anyone else around?


Charlibabe - September 14

Hey I am glad you guys are doing good. And so glad that Nates belly b___ton is okay!! Brooky was 9 lbs 12 oz last appointment but that was almos a month ago. Her next appointment is the 25th and she has to get her shots....I am not looking forward to that. Like Nate she eats 5-7 oz every 3 hrs too...well about sometimes more sometimes less!! Its crazy how much that lil girl can eat...She does not however sleep all through the night...almost though only wakes up once. But we have gotten ina bad habbitof sleeping in the same bed together...UH OH i dunno how to break of it and in way s i dont want to because i love having her next to me....but im working her out of it anyways! Brooky is 10 weeks old...gosh its going by so fast really doesn't seem like its been that long!! Well we are doing good...hope you guys are the same!!!


Charlibabe - September 18

Wow no one has been on....just bumpin us up. can't talk long really but didn't want us to fall onto another page. We are good over here. Brooky is growing so much!



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