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jodie - December 1

Hello ladies! We got a bit of snow here today and there is more to come!! I am soo excited to take Nick out in it. Last year he HATED it!! Kallie has her first cold! It is aweful! She can't breath and she coughs sooo much. I took her to the doc yesterday and basically there is nothing they can do. Just tylenol. She was awake from 10-2 lastnight crying and whining! And she was up bright and early at 6am...along with Nick. As a matter of fact she is crying now...I gotta go! Happy December everyone!


MNMOM - December 2

hi jodie - can you believe it is December?? We are just getting our decorating done today, ugh I am behind! All 3 of my boys have had the flu now for 4 days, it has not been a happy household here. Hope you are all healhy there!


gurinsa - December 2

Hi girls..the germs must be abundant! Katilyn had her first cold a couple of weeks back and now she has CROUP!!! horrible!! Happy Holidays to all of you and your little ones


jodie - December 2

Hooooray for snow!! We got about 4 inches yesterday. They say the rain is coming today so it will be leaving us. Which is fine. I love snow when it comes in small doses! So me and dh were getting ready for bed lastnight around 10ish and we totally witnessed a hit and run out of our bedroom window. THe dummy hit a parked car then drove about 5 houses down and parked and went inside. We called the police and the guy got in trouble...hahaha. THe officer said the guy was driving on a suspended license and he smelled like alcohol. What a dork! Kallies cough is still sooo yucky. I had her sleeping in the swing the past couple of nights so she is up at an angle because she chokes on her phlem...ewe!!


jodie - December 6

Helloooo......*echoing*.....hello hello hello....


squished - December 6

LOL jodie!!! Things have been so crazy here that I never get a chance to do anything! I decided that I don't have enough on my plate, so I should get back to work and start Strollerfit cla__ses, which are a blast by the way! I still need to lose 15 pounds and it's totally bugging the c___p out of me. My RN program starts on Jan. 15th, so just more to do. JODIE.....I can't believe the hit and run. I totally would've called the cops too. And I am missing the snow big time this year as we just moved from CO to FL. Zach is getting huge at over 17 pounds and over 26 inches long, I think maybe 27. Didn't take him long to catch up from being a preemie :) Although he still won't nap ahhhhh!!!! Anyone feed anything other than cereal yet? We've only done sweet potatoes twice and he was really ga__sy so we stopped and we'll try again soon. Maybe a different orange veggie though :)


gurinsa - December 7

Hi guys. I have been giving Kaitlyn cereal and oatmeal for a couple of weeks now. Last week I started giving her squash and she has totally loved it and been eating it all week. Today, I started her with green beans and it didn't seem to go over as well. Maybe I need to stick with orange/yellow veggies?


MNMOM - December 7

gurinsa: don't give up altogether on the beans, just keep trying every couple of days. it can take babies 5 or more times to accept a new taste.


jeni23 - December 10

Hey ladys how is everyone?I was in the hospital pa__sing kidney stones last week so needless to say I wasnt on the comp much,then Natalie had strep throat from tuesday on,with a high fever,it was very fun,how is everyones lo doing?Everyone done shopping?Hope all is well.


jeni23 - December 12

hey is anyones elses little ones teething and very irratable latly?I forgot how stressful teething can be lol


jodie - December 13

Hello there!! Kallie is deffinately teething!! She doesn't stop eating her hands and all of her toys! Nick was an awesome teether and never cried or fussed. Kallie is a bit fussy but nothing major! I am getting sooo excited for christmas! It's going to be a fun year for Nick! Is everyone all ready for christmas????


L1NDZ - December 14

Hello Ladies...Sorry I've been MIA lately...busy, busy, busy!!! Jodie ~ Ashton's been teething since 12 wks!!! So every second night is a challenge! He just rams his fist into his mouth! Nothing really works either.... I'm almost ready for Christmas....Just have to find time to wrap gifts!! How about you all? I love Christmas!!! I can't wait to start our own family traditions with Ashton!! My husband & I did things so differently as children at Christmas...so it will be a nice mix of traditions! We have already totally spoiled Ashton too!! I don't know why, b/c he really won't know the difference...but I couldn't help but buy everything I saw...LOL! I also can't wait for after Christmas...we're going to start solids! Ashton's pooping problem is now every 6 days or so...so we figured we'd wait until 6 months to feed him solids! Ashton still doesn't sleep!! He was up every hour last night until 3 am and that's when I had enough and put him in the swing...we got a solid 4 hours after that! I swear...he'll sleep ALL night if we put him in there! But we don't! Trust me I get tempted!! I am at my wits end with getting up so much!! He doesn't even feed each time either...he just wakes up! Anyhoo.....hope all of you are well!! Chat soon!


gurinsa - December 17

Hello girls. Kaitlyn got her first tooth last week. Its really sharp and she totally bites down on the spoon when we're feeding her. She has been doing so good with food though - pears, peaches, squash, sweet potatoes..I am sure the teething is why she has been soooo cranky lately and sleeping more during the day. Xmas is all ready to go. My husband and I are each getting her two gifts and then we'll all be suprised come xmas moring. Hope everyone is doing well!!


jeni23 - December 17

Hey ladys I think im preggo,im nausiated to smells,still no period yet,my bbt is running high,im sooo moody,it hurts now when Tristin latches on and for a bit after,Im gonna take a test this weekend,my husband will be poed cus he said were done.He has an appointment to get snipped this friday.Oh boy.


jodie - December 17

OMG jeni!! How scary yet totally exciting!!! You have to let us know what happens!! I keep telling Vince to go get snipped before I change my mind and want more kiddo's!! I love having two but I loooove kids so much I could have a billion!! Gurinsa..,..congrats on the tooth! Kallie is a teething machine but no teeth yet. Nick was 5months when his first one popped in so maybe she will be the same. She is deffinately crabby and not sleeping well!! She was up like 4 times lastnight...I thought I had a newborn allll over again!!


MNMOM - December 18

Hi girls:I've been MIA lately, this is a busy time in the industry I work in (i.e. it's pure hell) so I have been cranky. Myles turned 6 months old yesterday!!! WOW. Still no teeth just a ton of drool. He's still not interested in cereal or any baby food either. Strange kid! We take him for his appt tomorrow, I will be curious how big he is now. Nearly time to get rid of the infant carrier, I bet he is at the weight limit now. Jeni - funny you mention being preggo, I have been thinking alot about that in terms of how I would feel if I were also preggo so soon....would be a miracle for one since the other babes required fertility treatments, but man I would be scared to death too! I'm expecting my period today but I am not regular anyway so that makes it hard to always guess "might I be" etc. Let us know what you find out!!!


TinaSos - December 22

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas with there little ones =:)



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