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TinaSos - December 22

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas with there little ones =:)


L1NDZ - December 25

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you had as much fun this Christmas with your lo as I did!! However...I am sooo tired!! LOL!!!


pregnant76 - December 26

Happy Holidays!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day! We definitely did. It was so special to celebrate Sienna's first Christmas. She is growing so fast. She is now rolling over (tummy to back), scooting backwards, can kinda sit up on her own, and already has her two lower bottom teeth! Everytime I think she is at a "fun" stage...it keeps getting better. I hope everyone and their lo's are doing well!


squished - January 1

Happy New Year everybody! I hope that everyone has had a great holiday season! How are all of the little ones? I miss the snow and cold as we are now living in FL and not CO. At least a cold front is coming tonight....woohoo! How big are all the lo's? Zach is almost 18 pounds and we are venturing into more veggies as soon as he gets over this horrible cold that he has had. He is on a nebulizer twice a day to help break up the congestion. I heard that you should do all of the veggies before fruits. Is that true? I'd love to buy the cereal with fruit in it as Zach seems to not like the rice cereal anymore. He does love oatmeal and carrots, but sweet potatoes are not his friend :). Can your lo's sit up on their own? He can't totally yet, he normally falls over sideways, but he's getting better. Zach loves to stand up and gets the biggest smile on his face, he's so proud of himself. I think that I have to do more tummy time with him. He's really wanted to be held a lot lately b/c he hasn't felt his best, but I've got to get into a better routine these next two weeks before my school starts. How do you get it all done? I still don't get everything done each day that I want. But he's getting to be so much fun! I look forward to hearing from everybody!


L1NDZ - January 2

Hello Everyone!! Hope you all had a wonderful New Years and Christmas!! It was super busy for us...but fun! Ashton enjoyed all the presents....mainly the wrapping paper! We started him on cereal on the 27th and he's doing well so far. I also gave him some prunes too to help with his poops (he goes every 6-7 days). And that sure helped!! I can't wait to start veggies!! How long did you feed just cereal for before starting the solids?? I am probably going to try solids in a week or so! Ashton is now rollingover one way and tummytime is nil!! As soon as you put him on his belly he turns over right away! LOL! He also is sitting up well a__sisted! I can't wait until he is crawling!! But I am enjoying every stage so far!! Except for the fact that he is STILL waking up every 2-3 hours at night!!! Not necessarily to feed, but something is waking him up! I've tried everything!! Any suggestions??? Anyways, what is new with all of your lo???



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