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MNMOM - November 1

Hi Girls! Can you believe it is already November? Halloween was a blast last night! The weather turned out pretty decent and we all had fun!!! We are going to start cereal soon, I think I am going to start on oatmeal instead of rice. I can't wait!


jeni23 - November 3

YEA!!Goo November!!Im loving being a mom of 3!!!!


jodie - November 4

Hello! I can't wait to start cereal with Kallie. She has her 4 month apt on the 16th and I am going to ask the pedi if I can start. We did our family pics today and it went better than I thought it would. We even got an individual of Nick...it's been 6 months since he has let us do that!!! We ordered Holiday cards too so we are all set to go!!


MNMOM - November 4

We had family picts taken 3 weeks ago now, and still no proofs and the d__n photographer won't return my emails....I am p__sed! Grrr!!!!


jeni23 - November 5

I posted new pics on piczo,how is everyones lo doing?My house is loud now that Tristin has really found his voice


L1NDZ - November 5

Hello Everyone!! I too have FINALLY posted new pics on Piczo!! Yay!! How is everyone's Lo??? Ashton is teething and has two swollen buds on the bottom gums! He is not sleeping either...we're up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the night!! He has his fussy moments but is still pretty smiley considering! We are quite busy in the week as we are going to 2 playgroups, Baby & Mom yoga and swimming! But it's FUN!!! I can't wait for Christmas!! It's our first in the new house and Ashton's first!! We are definately going to spoil him!!!


jodie - November 6

Hellllo! Kallie slept 13 hours lastnight and the night before....sweeeet jesus! I had to check on her this morning to make sure she was still breathing..hahaha. Hey MNMOM I can't believe it's taking soooo long for your pics...thats crazy! I will have to check out everyones new pics. I put our family pic up on my myspace page.


jodie - November 6

OMG L1NDZ! Ashton is such a cutie!!! He has a great smile!!! And Tristin does too jeni!! It's funny because Kallie has found her voice too now and the girl doesn't shut up!! Hahaha. I recorded her yesterday because she was just talking away! I am going to try to post it on my myspace..it was wayyyy to cute!


pregnant76 - November 6

Hi, ladies! Mnmom, I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations. Have you already paid your photographer? Lindsey, teeth already! Holy cow. How is Ashton dealing with it? Sienna had her 4 month appt yesterday. The pedi gave the okay to start solids so I made up her first bowl of rice ceral and BM. She ate about 4-5 spoonfuls! It was so sloppy and so cute! I can't wait to try other foods soon. Now I gotta go check Ashton's pics! I haven't looked at our piczo site in a while. I update Sienna's blog quite often...you can get to it from my piczo page! :)


MNMOM - November 7

Hi Everyone: Well, yes, I had paid the photographer already for the sitting fee ($65) she emailed me yesterday finally and said that my online gallery will be ready for viewing on Thurs. They bettter be d__n good, I have waited a month just to see them! I will let you all know. I tried cereal last night with Myles, I don't think he got any down into his belly, he couldn't figure out the tounge technique. Oh well, we will try again tonight.


TinaSos - November 7

Jessica started cereal the week of Halloween. It was messy but now she gets it. She gets mad if I dont give her the next spoonful fast enough. She has been eating about 2 table spoons everynight and a whole bottle. What a little piggy! I really need to post new pics I'll try in a little bit. So those who have started cereal when do you give it to you lo's and how much formula/BM are they eating?


TinaSos - November 7

I added some family pics to the piczo site.


squished - November 7

Hey you guys! What cute babies!!!! I need to add some pics to the site too. JODIE.....I can't believe Kallie is sleeping for 13 hours straight! How did you do that? Zach is still up twice a night and sometimes a few other times b/c he is trying to wrestle out of his swaddle. We'd love to just let him sleep in jammies, but then he rubs his hands all over his face and wakes himself up. Oh well. We had our appt. yesterday and we get to start cereal! Woohoo! Zach has been running a fever since his shots so maybe tomorrow day we'll give him some cereal and see what happens. I'm sure it'll be a complete mess.


jeni23 - November 8

Oh squished its so cute when they smash it everywhere lol.Make sure you have your camera ready.Sorry hes running a fever I hate having to watch them get those shots.,we had to postpone Tristins shots cus he was sick with a bad cold.Hes supposed to get them tommarow : ((Anyhow,how are all of you feeling now that we have a little quiet time at night?Or even a little more time for a shower lol.My legs are finally hairless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I looked like the missing link.And lets not go to the downstairs issue!!Well I have a doctors appointment today,wish me luck!!


jodie - November 8

Hello all!! Hey squished...I'm not exactly sure how Kallie is sleeping so well....it's nice though! I'm not sure if it helps but she has a CD that plays all night. It's the "happiest baby on the block" CD and it is basically noise. It has heartbeats, then a b__w dryer, then rain and it's on repeat so it plays alllll night long. It's funny because with the baby moniter in our room we can hear it to and it drives Vince crazy!! Oh well....at least she sleeps...hehe. You guys have to go read the thread that says something about and amazing baby. It's nuts. It shows how babies can keep themselves afloat if they fall in the water...it's nuts!!!!!!!!! Good luck at the doc Jeni!!


MNMOM - November 9

Hi Girls! Ok, so my proofs are FINALLY ready! Please check them out and tell me what you think - go to (no w's) digital-ink-studio (dot com) go to the section at the bottom marked "clients" and type in the pa__s word johnson.family The photos will play like a slide show, and if you turn your volume on there is an adorable song that plays along.


jodie - November 9

MNMOM...deffinatly worth the wait!!!!! THose pics are gorgeous!!!! Your babies have the most beautiful eyes!! You look great too!! What a cute little family! I really want to do outdoor pictures too. How fun!



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