JULY MOMMIES New Thread Sept 2007

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TamaraAngel - September 20

Here we go, a new thread... hopefully everyone will find us!


jeni23 - September 20

found ya!lol,how are you todat TamaraAngel?


squished - September 20

Yeah!! New thread!! And JENI we do plan on having more kids, but it might be a while. I'm waitlisted for school, which is kind of why we have Zach now :) and I just found out that I have to wait until August of '08 b/c we moved from CO to FL and I had to change schools. So it'll be 3 years before I finish school and that'll be a big gap of at least 4 years, so we aren't sure. Maybe when he is a year old, but we'll see. Ok, enough about that....I have enough on my hands with him right now :)


TamaraAngel - September 21

More kids! Yikes! I can not even imagine that right now! I was thinking maybe when Jayden is like 5 or 6 and only if i find a good partner who will help me out. Cuz wow, i sure am overwhelmed... but would love to have a baby girl one day!! Anyhow... jeni i'm good. Jayden slept so great last night... from 8:15 - 5:15 and then from 5:45 - 7am! It was a perfect nite, if only they were all like that! :o) He has excellent head control, coos, and babbles, and bats at dangling objects... but he is not yet trying to roll over and he does not do those mini push-ups yet on his arms. What about your LO's... what milestones have they hit?


jodie - September 21

Wow Tammy, nice night for yoU!!!! Kallie had her 2 month shots yesterday then I took her for her 2 month pics at kiddie kandids and they turned out adorable. I will try to put them on the site. Kallie is great on her tummy and she loves to coo and babble also. No rolling or pushups for her yet..haha. She is in the 50% for hight and 90% for weigth...hahaha short and chubby.


gurinsa - September 21

Hi girls..Kaitlyn is 12 weeks old and she is definately cooing and trying to talk all the time. She has attempted rolling over briefly (but we haven't had her on her back a lot because of reflux). She has also done a few of the mini pushups. She bats and kicks at hanging toys and will grasp rattles (and our fingers) and hold on tight!! Everyone kept telling me that the 3 month mark is such a significant milestone and I definately believe it now!


gurinsa - September 21

FYI..I just put some of Kaitlyn's pics on the piczo site..not too advanced with my site but check out the 3 month picture - its the CUTEST idea that I stole from another friend of mine. Let me know what you guys think :)


pregnant76 - September 21

Yay! New thread! We needed it! We FINALLY got Sienna to sleep in her crib last night. So exciting! Now we have to get her down earlier at night. We've been super busy. We've been going to mommy support group meetings and several playdates this week. It's so fun! I even picked up a mom's number in the parking lot of my building! It's funny though b/c I can't seem to remember the mom's names very well but I know all of the babies' names! We are also in the process of home shopping and getting our condo ready to sell. So, it's alot to do at once but I really like that I've been super busy. Now I have to go back to work next Thursday. I'm going to be so sad! I try not to think about it. Anywhoo, we also got some pics done of Sienna at 2 months old. I can't copy them onto our piczo site but you can see them at rpappuphotography.com, go to [you] and type in 'sienna' for the pa__sword. :)


jeni23 - September 24

I posted new pics on piczo.How is everyone?


gurinsa - September 24

pretty good today. I posted on the nap question but my 12 week old is finally getting into a 10am/2pm nap schedule. Definately sleeping around the same time every night too (8:30pm). It feels so good to be getting into some type of routine as opposed to the total shock of the newborn schedule!!


TamaraAngel - September 25

I love all the new pics! Tristin looks like such a happy baby!! Kallie, is so pretty... love the polkadot background. And the portraits of Sienna are gorgeous! That photographer does beautiful pictures! I love her "pouty lip" pics... too cute! Gurinsa... where are your pics? I looked on our site a few times, but your page is blank? Do you have your own piczo site... or what am i doing wrong? I just posted several more pics also. I'm a__suming you guys know about the recall on all the cribs, right?? Anyone have those cribs?


gurinsa - September 25

Okay - I finally figured it out - I updated my piczo page!! YAY!!! I don't have the recalled crib but that is pretty scary. Kaitlyn actually hit her head on the rails last night and started screaming!


gurinsa - September 25

OMG! All of your babies are sooo cute!! TamaraAngel, I have a cat that looks almost exactly like yours! Jeni23, I'm in Michigan too :) Pregnant76, you inspired me to post the picture of me right before going to the hospital - how cute that you have all those pics right in a row :)


pregnant76 - September 25

I can't believe how big everyone's lo's are getting! Tammy, you do a fabulous job dressing up Jayden in such cute outfits! Sienna hates getting changed or having anything pulled over her head. So I leave to my dh or just leave her in an ugly ole white t-shirt and some pants. Gurinsa, Kaitlyn is so cute!!! Omg, the pic of her on her elbows is so precious. Funny about the preggo pics. I would give anything to have my body back even when I was at 16 weeks preggo! For the tummy and smaller b___bies! So, I go back to work this Thursday. I think that I am now secretly freaking out. I start getting teary thinking about it. My MIL is watching her but still. I've never left for more than 4-5 hours at a time! At least it will be a short, transition week for me. Have any of you gone back? How have dealt with it?


jodie - September 26

Hello all!! Mimi, I love your pics! I just took Kallie to kiddie kandids, but I would love to do pics from a private photographer. Their pictures always seem more natural and un posed!!! I managed a portrait studio for 7 years, so I just can't get away from the whole "pose" thing..hahaha!! Kallie doesn't want to sleep tonight...ugh! I started watching the boys again and it's going good. They will be hear early tomorrow around 6am!! I neeeed to sleep. So my milk supply is decreasing again! I took reglan a few weeks ago and it worked...now my milk is going away again so I am going to take the reglan one more time. If it doesn't work this time I am throwing in the towel. I am sooo sad. I have had almost every possible b___stfeeding problem there could be and I have been sooo determined to make things work this time!! I hope this second round of reglan works. Well...I should go to bed...I think Kallie is out!!


TamaraAngel - September 26

Mimi... the first week back at work will be the hardest, but it gets easier. I cried more on day two than on day one. I was so proud of myself for surviving the first day and then the second day i was like, "What! I have to do this again!" And i cried when a co-worker said, "How's Jayden?" Lol. I think it helps that i have tons of pictures of him here at work. Plus i have like 100 pictures of him as my screen saver... so i see him all day. Good luck on Thursday, let us know how it goes. Oh another thing... i make sure he gets alot of mommy time in the morning before we leave for daycare. I try to talk and sing to him and just sit and play with him for at least an hour in the morning. Otherwise i feel really sad. He actually smiles and laughs when i put him in his carseat, and he smiles and gets excited when i say, "We're going to see Miss Eileen." I'm glad he likes his teacher... although a bit sad that she spends more hours a day with him then i do!! Especially now that he is sleeping 8 -9 hours at night! :o( By the way... he loves his changing table bc thats where all his toys are... so he never cries when getting dressed. Kaitlyn is adorable!! :o)


gurinsa - September 26

Going back to work was actually easier than I expected because I was so comfortable with the nanny. She had come over and spent a lot of time with Kaitlyn in the weeks leading up to my return to work. And it felt good to actually take a shower and put on makeup (and finally fit back into my work clothes)!! Its hard when Kaitlyn has a hard day or - today - I got a picture message at work with her picture and the text said "I rolled over!"...so obviously I missed that milestone..I think what helped me is not really thinking too hard about what was happening - just another day ya know? Once you get into a routine, you'll be fine!! Good luck :)



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