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MNMOM - October 2

hey girls, where is everyone? I have spent most of my time on the br___tfeeding forum, I am having issues! Primarily stemming from stress, but all in all things are ok. Hope you are all great too, check in if you have a minute!


jodie - October 2

Hey MNMOM!! How are you? what kind of issues are you having bfing?? I have had a horrible time too. From mast_tis to thrush (still) and now my milk supply is low so I am taking reglan AGAIN! I have been ready to give up soooo many times but for some reason I just can't....hahaha.


jodie - October 2

I just read your breasfeeding post in the bf forum and I am the exact same way!! when I pump I only get like maybe 3 oz and Kallie will nurse and be hungry like an hour later!!! It's sooo frusterating. I took the Reglan like a month ago and it worked but a day after I was done, my milk supply went back down to c___p!!!! The lactation nurse said they will only refil the reglan once so after this does (which is 13days) I am going to try Fenugreek if my supply is still low. It's sooo frusterating because I was sooo determined to have bf work this time because with my son I only did it for a month and then quit. After all I have gone through this time it would suck to have to stop just because my milk wants to run out!!


gurinsa - October 2

Hi girls..well I'm sorry to hear about the bf issues. I am having a problem with formula so I guess its either one or the other. Kaitlyn has had blood in her stool for the past 12 weeks and we have been on hypoallergenic formula (alimentum) since then but now we have to go to prescription formula - neocate which is $50 a can!!!! Anyone heard of this formula????


squished - October 2

Hi everyone! I was wondering where everybody has been. Zach is doing good, but just as he was starting to sleep good, he's all of a sudden waking up tons and is fussy at wierd times of the day, having problems napping, drooling a lot. I've heard about this 3-4 month period where they do that, so I guess it's normal. I'm so tired though! He's getting a lot better holding his head and today was making so many noises and smiling tons. How is everyone else's lo's? I hope that they are all great! Gurinsa....$50 is crazy!!! Wow, hopefully it works. And I can't talk about bf issues, since we got off to such a bad start that it only happened for 6 weeks. Have you guys gotten a bumbo or jumperoo yet?


pregnant76 - October 2

Hey ladies! I'm so sorry to hear about the BFing issues too. You are way stronger than I am! I am still pumping away! Only 3 more months to go...I'm stopping at the end of this year. I started back at work last Thursday. I was so sad and felt so disoriented. I also felt really dumb! hehe I felt like I've been using 1-2 syllable words during my entire maternity leave. The second day wasn't hard at all though. I got back into the groove of things pretty quick. I think it's b/c my MILis watching Sienna. We also solved our sleeping problem. We started swaddling Sienna again and it's been awesome! I've been getting her down btw 9 and 10 the last couple of nights and she will only wake up once around 3 to feed! She's growing up and finally coming around! :) GURINSA, I remember a couple of posts a while ago about that formula. You should look. I can't remember what they said about it though. I did hear that it's super expensive though.


MNMOM - October 3

Hi girls, glad to see some of us are still around. Jodie - I am trying Fenugreek and it's a little early to tell yet, I think tomorrow will be a better indicator, but I think it is helping. My son is eating 6-7 ounces at a time now (holy cow!!), there is now way I can produce that much. I hate swallowing the big pills, I gag everytime and I hate the smell, but I am going to give it a try. It's time to go pump now, so I will be curious to see how much I can get. Myles is sleeping 10 hours every night now, it is incredible. We have the bumbo chair and love it, although we only let him sit in it for like 15 minutes at a time max, that is about all he can tolerate. He is still the kid that loves to be held all the time, but at least he is over the colic and hours and hours of screaming. Gurinsa-that really sucks about the formula!! What a financial strain. The daycare bill is killing me right now, it is $200 a week for my baby + a bunch for my preschooler. YIKES. The monthly daycare bill is more than my mortgage paymnet. Not saying my kids aren't worth it, but man, I think 95% of my stress right now is financial, trying to pay off the hospital bills and the bill from my sons surgery in August, etc. Not to mention the $2,500 car repair bill from 2 weeks ago...OK< I totally got off topic there! Sorry, Guess I needed to vent. Jodie - I have to say I feel for you with the thrush and mast_tis, I have never had either and I think I would give up if I had to deal with those issues. You are a strong woman! The good news of the day is, I have now lost 42 pounds. I have 17 more to go to reach my goal; I'd like to get there by Christmas.


jodie - October 4

MNMOM congrats on the weight loss!!!! I have lost about 30 of my preggo pounds with 13 left to go. Thats not counting the 15 I had left over from my first pregnancy and the other 20 I already needed to lose...lol. So needless to say I need to lose at least 45 to get somewhere close to my goal. I just joined weight watchers online and go to my first meeting next weekend. I have lost 2.5lbs this week already!! So hopefully it will be what I need to get me to my goals!! Kallie slept all night lastnight from 10 to 6 this morning!! My b___bs were about to pop....hahaha!


JolieLucker - October 4

hey girls nice to see some of you are still around! My b___stmilk supply is super low now and i perdominetly feed fer formula but b___st feed maybe 1-2 times a day Kenadee just eats so much now... like MNMOM 6-7 oz at a time geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez i just dont have enough and i sorta feel guilty about it! ON A BRIGHTER NOTE WHAT IS EVERYONE DRESSING THEIR LITTLE ONES FOR WEEENNNNNNNNN?! kenadee is going to be a skunk... costume from childrens place hahah its a pepe la phhheeeeeeww haha red bowtie n all


MNMOM - October 4

well girls, I think bf is going to be over starting now. I just pumped and got 3 ounces total. that's after not feeding him since 3am -5 hours in between. I just am not with my baby enough to bf - I only get to nurse once or twice a day during the week and then pumping once or twice at work is just not enough to have a feasible supply. I feel like such a failure! On another note, the baby will be a pumpkin for halloween and my 4 yr old is going to be Tow Mater - I found a costume online and it is so cute!


jodie - October 5

Oh MNMOM...don't worry!! Atleast he got lots of milk the first 3 months!!! I am taking my last refill of reglan right now and as soon as it's gone I'm sure I will be done too!! It's is kindof a sad feeling but I'm sure the babies don't care as long as they get some sort of food..haha! I haven't gotton costumes for my kiddies yet...I am such a slacker!! I will probably have Nick be a goldfish again because he has barely grown since last halloween..hahaha!!! And I don't know what to do with Kallie! I saw a super cute Corn on the cob costume that I might get her....but if we take Nick out trick-or-treating I will probably have her in the bjorn so maybe I will just get her a cute halloween outift! We are going to go to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend and pick out some pumpkins!! I am soo excited because Nick understands waaaayy more this year...its fun!


jeni23 - October 6

Hi ladys,how is everyone today?MNMOM dont worry you did great!!I was thinking about weaning ds soon but I changed my mind.I didnt get the kids their costums yet either,but soon I will.Man ladys I am I crazy?I really want another baby like next year!!Well hope all is well with all of you,have a wonderful day.


TamaraAngel - October 6

Oops... i didn't realize there was a new thread. I was wondering where the heck everybody went! Lol. Gurinsa... $50 a can!! That's insane! Maybe if it's medically necessary and doctor prescribed perhaps your insurance could cover some of the cost? For instance the doctor told me to give Jayden an over-the-counter vitamin, which is $10 for a tiny bottle... but then he gave me a prescription for it (even tho its over the counter) and now the insurance will cover it. Just an idea. Jayden will be a goldfish for halloween... i just tried the costume on him and it's adorable! Although i kinda wish i didn't choose a bunting style costume bc now at 3 months he likes to move his limbs! I had to take him to the ER last night. So scary! He has had a cold for two weeks... stuffy nose, cough... no fever. But it hasnt disrupted his sleep... which is usually from 8:30pm - 6am. But last night he woke up screaming bloody murder at 10:30pm and the doc said to take him to the ER. They tested him for RSV and thank god he doesn't have it. But he does have an ear infection and is now on an antibiotic. Poor baby! Anyhow... glad everyone is still posting and sorry to hear about all the Bf'ing issues!


pregnant76 - October 7

Hi ladies. MNMOM, don't beat yourself up over the BFing. You did the best you could! Three months is better than nothing at all! JENI, yeah, I think you're crazy! hehe If you had asked me during the first two months after Sienna was born, I would have told you that no way I was having another kid! Now I definitely want another one but I want to wait a couple more years first. I"m borrowing a black cat costume and a pumpkin costume from a friend. I can't wait! I'm taking Sienna to 2 baby Halloween parties and the first one is next weekend.


gurinsa - October 7

Hi girls..tamara, our doc did give a prescription for it and I talked to my insurance company who said they cla__sify it as "over the counter" so its not covered!! Not to mention, the closest pharmacy that has it is 40 minutes away..Well I ordered some off of Ebay (I know, I was very careful about tampering and expiration dates) for 1/2 off. Now we are switching GI docs to see if she can go on a different (but more readily available) formula - geez!!!! I can't wait to start feeding solids!!!!! Thinking about a chili pepper for halloween :)


L1NDZ - October 10

Hello Ladies!! I'm still here!! Things are going good! DS started sleeping so well once we started swaddling him too, Mimi!! Well...now he's got a cold so it's kinda back to square one b/c he's so stuffed :-( but I'm sure as soon as he's feeling better he'll sleep longer! BF is going exceptionally well. Sorry to hear about your problems MNMom and Jodie! At least the lo's got lots of milk in the first 3 months!!! That's important!! Congrats MNMOM and Jodie on the weight loss!! I'm at about 32 of the 45 preggo lbs! I want to lose about 20lbs extra to get to my goal weight! It's so frustrating though! I can get my prepreggo jeans on and b___toned, but I have this cute muffin-top that gets me sooo depressed! I have only one pair of jeans that I can wear and they are preggo pants!!! UUgh! I am going to the States this weekend to shop so I hope I will find some clothes that fit!! Anyhoo....we don't have a costume yet for ds...but hoping to find a cute one!!! Tamara~ sorry to hear about your ds!! It breaks my heart when they are sick!!! So helpless.... On another note...we've been putting ds in the bumbo chair...and he loves it!!! He can only handle like 10 mins, but he is already trying to get out of it!! and when he's in his bouncy chair he tries to sit up!!! He's only 11 weeks!!!! I think he'll be crawling early....he just seems so determined to get going!! LOL! Jeni ~ so are you going to start trying??? I would love another lo!!! I keep joking with dh about making another one!! LOL! But I think that we are going to wait until X-mas next year to beging trying. My cousin is due with her 2nd in 3 weeks and her 1st is 14 months and already having tantrums...she has her hands full!!! Plus, she didn't go back to work b/w the two so she can't get any government checks...so only one income for them. Well I hope everyone is having a great day!!!


jodie - October 10

Hello L1NDZ! Sounds like your little guy is doing great!! Kallie loves the bumbo seat too! She loves to be up and hates laying down!! This is crazy but she actually takes steps when you hold her hands!!!!!!!! Nick did the same thing when he was almost 3 months too! Her little legs look soo cute walking...hahaha! I have started the weaning process of b___stfeeding. I only bf 4 times today and gave her formula the rest of the time. She doesn't care what she's eating as long as she is eating...hahaha! It will be nice to sleep with no nursing bra on again...lol!



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