July Moms Part 7 Continued From 3rd Tri

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K8 - March 14

Hey all, Im still here! i read the posts everyday but finding the time to actually write everything i have to say is impossible! but here goes (bare with me it'll be long) since my last post Heidi has learned to crawl like a pro and i spend ALL day chasing her and making sure she isnt up to mischief. She also learned to pull herself up and walk a few steps while holding onto something so it is almost impossible for me to take my eyes off her! She can stand up very well by pulling up on the couch or high chair or dining chairs or my legs or the drawers so im pretty much on call to help her back down when her legs get tired because she hasnt mastered that bit yet. Heidi may be somewhat advanced in the moving part of life but id trade hr advances anyday for a decent nights sleep! LOL (only jokes of course)she still wakes 3 times every night and she will stand in her cot and scream untill i come and help her down and give her a bottle. SOOO annoying!!! i am thinking about moving her to the spare room, i have felt something in her room from the very begginning but thats another thread altogether :) She is such a happy girl tho. We are still having trouble with the solids and she is only just eating stage one foods and still very little (probably one small tub for the whole day if we are lucky) i got her some baby yoghurt and she seems to like that alot. Today i tried some stage two food and she projectile vomited all over the floor so ill steer clear of that for a while i think. It seems i am buying new clothes for her every other week as she is growing so fast. Deb i laughed hysterically imagining Carly moving on her head how cute you should send it into funniest home video! Well i bet this is the longest post this site has ever seen so if you get to here then thanks for reading :) will try to write more often so i dont have so much to say at once. Toria im going to check out your video now. And Liv your latest pics are adoreable i especially love the snow eating ones. oh and Deb that poo incident was vulgar ha ha i could smell it thru the screen ha ha ha K bye and sorry again for the length!


K8 - March 14



marie - March 14

HI Ladies!! I have updated my piczo site marie1104.piczo.com Nathan is doing very well. He has said his first word "MAMA." Yesterday when he woke up, Ron and I were watching him on the video monitor. We were waiting for him to cry, and then suddenly, he said MA, MA, MA, like he was practicing, then he said MAMA. I was SOOOOO happy. I know he doesn't know what it means yet, but still it felt so wonderful. He's been sleeping really good. His tooth on top finally broke, but you know what's weird, it's not one of the front tooth (incisors), it's the one next to the incisors. I think it's called lateral tooth. Now he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night crying and screaming, which is a welcome relief. He's been good with his milk intake and solids and he now knows how to pick up a puff and put it in his mouth. He's still using all fingers. He now knows how to pull himself up in a standing position and loves to stand. He still doesn's crawl forward, he does backward. He moves a lot and just like Heidi. He still shakes his head for no reason, doctor said it's normal and okay, but of course I still worry. He's been saying the word MAMA and this morning he started saying BA, BA. Hopefully DADA is next so that Ron can be happy. Other than that, it's been a pretty good week. We've suffered two horrible weeks of waking up every hour Nathan screaming and crying. I'm just glad that stage is over.


Dawn - March 14

Marie-Lucy is also saying MUM MUM, she will normally say it when she is a little upset, tired or hungry. It is so cute and I think dh wished that her first word would have been DADA. She is chatting so much now and yesterday she was walking around in her baby walker saying LA LA LA LA. I have also updated my piczo site dawnstirk.piczo .com


AlissaF - March 14

I'm tired!!!!!! I looked in the mirror today and realized that I look like c___p due to lack of sleep. Normally it's not so bad and I can handle it all, but last week was a constant barrage of appointments and this week has been insane with sage starting school, my finals, appointments, and sage teething. I have at least 2 more all nighters ahead of me this week (mom is taking sage so i can do homework) and then after Monday, life will be easier!!! I don't normally get up until 9:30-10ish (yes, sage is great and lets me sleep that long!), but now he starts school at 9am, so I gotta get up by at least 8am. I know I shouldn't be complaining about that, but I am usually up late doing homework after Sage is asleep and it's finally taking it's toll on me! In other words.... sae repeated his first 2 words last week.. bye bye and hi! K8- you just about completely described life with sage. He's crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything and into everything. Fortunately he knows how to get down from standing, but I still have to always watch him. He is so talkative now too. Usually responds with some sort of babble whenever I ask him a question. And he finally got that second tooth!! Anyhow, i could write more, but I am going to try to get a mini-paper written while Sage is happy and occupied!!


jwhite - March 14

AlissaF how old is Sage?? Dang he sleeps in that late, what time do you put him down?


K8 - March 14

Hey Marie Nathanis getting so big. He looks so cute in the bandana photos i love it!! Alissa i couldnt see the 8 month photos? Hey i have a few questions for y'all (ha h now im talking with an accent too lol) Does anyone else give their lo a bottle int heir cot? when i put Heidi down i give her one and she drinks and falls asleep. is this a bad habit? also when can she start having cheese and some normal milk? are we even supposed to give them normal milk ever? (i havent yet, but she did have some cheese today?) Ha i think its weird that i dont know how to be a mum properly yet cos it feels like Heidi has been in my life forever! :) JWhite - wots a time change?


Dawn - March 15

K8- try this website wholesomebabyfood dot com go to baby food q&a & information on the left hand side and click on baby and dairy food q&a. It has loads of information and says that cheese can be given to babies around 8 months old and only full fat cows milk should be given but not as their main source of drink. Hope that helps


Dawn - March 16

Third page. Very quiet on here, where is everyone? I bet you are all running after your lol's because I know I am. Lucy is forever going after my plants and when I tell her off she laughs at me and goes for them again.


marie - March 16

I am going to start a new thread. This is getting really long.



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