July Moms Part 7 Continued From 3rd Tri

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livdea - January 21

Another thing!!! how do I add video's to my piczo? I've been trying to do it but...it's just not working and I don't get it!!! maybe my computer doesn't have something I need for it? I can play the videos off of piczo!! any ideas?


K8 - January 22

SHEESH! all these posts to read i only went away for 3 days gals! Deb way to go this "part 7" business definately bought the troops back. Welcome to the news ladies too. Well Heidi was an absolute gem on the camping trip even if it was 5000 degrees (small fib) as usual Mr Electricity bought a generator so we had a fan at least and lots of swims in the beach kept us cool (definately no sunburn this time!) Heidi still only has a little rice cereal every other day but mostly just bottle (no bf anymore - and yes Deb i cried too) Heidi is mostly not interested in the food so ill keep trying, she has tastes here and there but only a few spoonfuls. This might be tmi but Heidis poo is changing (more green and stinkolicious) but she hasnt eaten anyhting different? is that normal?


Deb - January 22

It's probably the formula. Carly got really stinky too but it took a while before I really noticed it.


marie - January 22

Welcome Keli!!! In average, how many ounces of milk do you ladies think your babies are consuming? I'm getting worried about Nathan. On the average, he consumes 20 ounces per day. He has cereals in the morning with fruits and veggies and another at night. Also, he has one tooth that cut through his gums, but there's only one. I thought they come in pairs and how long did your l.o.'s tooth fully showed up? It's been 2 weeks, and the tooth is probably 1/3 out.


jwhite - January 22

Hi ladies, great job deb this is a lot better and shorter. My dd's pee has been smelling weird, what could that be from? I give my dd, which is 6 months old, 2 tbsp of oatmeal twice a day and a half a thing (gerber) of fruit in the morning and half veggie at night, is this enough? She has also not been pooping very well lately for the past 3 weeks or so. She has probably hada total of 4 bms in the last 3-4 weeks. I have given her pear juice, pears in the morning, I have tried prunes, prune juice, I even gave her a half of a suppository and she never went after I gave her that. yesterday she had 2 small bms, the first was real compact and the 2nd was a little softer but not much. What else can I do to help her poop??? Please help!!


Deb - January 22

I found that apples worked for Carly. I had her on prunes for weeks and it didn't work, but after I gave her apples for a couple of days it really got her system going. I also switched to a low-iron formula. There is iron in b___stmilk and in baby cereal and I thought that it was the iron that was backing her up. Since she has been on low-iron formula she has been pretty regular. I don't know if you will be able to find low-iron formula where you are though. Most the formulas on the market are iron fortified. Mine is made by Presidents Choice. Marie - do you give Nathan milk when he has cereal, fruit and veggies? I give Carly both - solids first, then a b___b or bottle. Some people I talk to said that they give them both too, but sometimes a half hour apart. You could try that I guess.


jwhite - January 22

Deb before we started cereal she was going at least once a day and we had her on Nestle. We have now changed her to Parents Choice formula and oatmeal instead of cereal. I might try applesauce, now is that considered a fruit??


livdea - January 22

Jwhite, Farrah hadn't pooped in forever and she was SO constipate all week! just screaming! I did lots of baby ma__sage and prunes and I also introduced Farrah to a sippy cup with water in it. after several days we started seeing results. small hard little "bunny poo" I kept up with the prunes and ma__sage and now she is much better! do the ma__sage it really works!!! ALSO! Girls I found a good website!! when Farrah was little she loved the black and white photos, I found a bunch on line anyway I just found a site with a ton of baby animal pictures and Farrah LOVED to look at them!! Babyanimals.com ! she loved looking at all the different stuff and talking about what they were!! Check it out! I was surprised how into it she was!


jwhite - January 22

livdea, we've tried that, too... How long did you have to do the prunes and ma__sage before she finally went?


AlissaF - January 22

Okay everyone, I need some help here! I am having the most difficult time getting Sage to sleep in his own bed. Before it wasn't really a need to have him in his own bed, but now he is moving and I woke up with him trying to crawl over me the other day. He's gonna crawl off the bed here soon. I can get him to sleep in his bed for a couple hours, but then he wakes up screaming. He'll also sleep in his swing for most of the night, but that is becoming less and less practical. On weeknights I can't let him CIO because my roommates work and get really upset with me. Any ideas? And then to make it worse... I've also been known to lay him down in his bed and night and wake up with him next to me in the morning... apparently I sleepwalk. Any ideas? As for all the discussion of food, I think I'll stay out of that one for the most part. sage seems to like apples, apples w/ blueberryis, apples and peach, and sweet potatoes. and oatmeal is BAD for him! makes him throw up a lot. He really is starting to like crackers.... but only if he can feed them to himself. and he is starting to eat a little more out of his bottles now that he figured out how to hold his own bottle! My parents just came by to pick him up for the night. I have a night cla__s on mondays and I get home late, so they are going to keep him one night a week. I miss him already. This will be the 5th night total that I've let him stay away from me. they also had him last saturday night because the new man had a b-day party for his mom and I had to "meet the family". oh, and marie- sage consumes about 24-28oz of formula on an average day. He doesn't eat cereal and such as regularily as Nathan though.


livdea - January 22

Jwhite it took all week for me to see results! I did ma__sage probably a dozen times a day and prunes morning and night. it was horrible! she would be awake at night screaming for a couple of hours! so sad! but it really took all week and now finally after about 3 days of nonstop pooing she is finally getting to a regular...consistency and not screaming when she goes! Alissa...you just have to keep at it with Sage! keep putting him down in his bed. it took me about a week and a half...maybe two weeks to get Farrah to sleep good in her crib. I was tired those two weeks but it's better now!! Good luck!


K8 - January 23

Liv me and Heidi went there (babyanimals.com) but we didnt find any pics? what do i click once im there?


jwhite - January 23

Ladies I have a question. My dd has been waking up at 4:00 am every other night. (Friday night she slept through, saturday night she woke at 4, Sunday night she slept through, last night she woke at 4) any ideas on why she is doing this? I feed her at that time but every night she eats the same amount. It doesn't make sense to me.


livdea - January 23

K8! sorry! I typed it wrong! it's babyanimalZ.com with a Z!!!! SORRY! and then there are like 5 pages of baby animal pictures! Farrah just loved it! Jwhite, Farrah has kinda been doing the same thing...she's been waking up in the middle of the night, like last night she woke up at 930 and then again at 230. I think it's her teeth! could she be teething? or it's just changing! everyone told me that once you get used to a routine that it changes! so far for me soo true! Wanna hear something scary? the guy that I've kinda sorta been dating had a stroke last night!! he's 24! and in excellent health!!! a personal trainer!! his whole left side is paralyzed!! I went to see him this morning and it was so sad!!! They think he'll make a full recovery but he's probably going to have to have brain surgery!!! :(


jwhite - January 23

Livdea that's horrible to hear I am so sorry. Hope he gets better. I think she might be teething but why would she do this just every other night??


Deb - January 23

Liv - I'm so sorry to hear that. It certainly makes you want to cherish every moment of your life. I hope he is able to recover from this. Your support is probably very important to him. Jwhite - I don't know why she would do this every other night but I'm with Liv, I think it is the teething. I've been told their sleep habits get completely disrupted when babies teethe.



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