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wv_red - August 17

Hi ladies! Okay my dd is almost 3 months old and loves to bounce on mommy so I was thinking about getting her one of those jumparoos. Do any of you have one if so what type and what do you like about it. I have been researching these but I want first hand experiences you know. Thanks ladies I appreciate it and so does my dd!!!


ROBYN - August 17

We have one my son LOVES we started at 4 months. Your DD needs to have good head control because once they figure they can jump you dont want her to hurt her head by it bouncing back and forth. We have. the Rainforest Jumperoo well worth the investment. I personally wouldnt start her in it till shes 4 months. Thats even what the box says when you purchase it. Good luck she will like it.


evae777 - August 17

we have the rainforest too, and it works well. just as long as her head can stay up independently you can put her in it. my son can't even touch the ground yet but still loves to just sit in it but now he's bouncing all over the place, it really helps get it out of his system.


wv_red - August 17

Oh wow, okay I didnt know that. Thanks for telling me!! I would still appreciate any other input. I will wait to put her in it defiantly!! Thank you!!!


DDT - August 17

I recommend the Rainforest free-standing Jumperoo. My ds1 LOVED it. I started putting him in it from about 3.5 months and he had no problem, but then he did have very good neck control. I only left him in it for 5-10 mins at a time though. As he got older the period of time he was in it became longer.


sarah21 - August 18

I have the Rainforest Jumperoo. My daughter was in it since 2 months, but her head control was really developed (she was holding her head up independently at 3 days old). She was too short and light so we had to put books under her feet but now she just goes to town. It has a lot of colorful things to look at and play with and keeps her occupied longer than any of her other toys.


wv_red - August 18

Ok thank you! My dd weighs about 17 pounds at 2 and a half months and does have very good head control. She can lay on her tummy and pick her head up and look around for a good bit of time. She doesnt flop or anything and is pretty strong. Does this make a difference? Thank oyu!


sarah21 - August 18

Sounds like your daughter is ready for it. Just watch her and make sure she can handle it. I also had to tuck a towel around my daughter for a little while to help stabilize her. You'll want the jumperoo soon anyway so I'd go ahead and get it and try it and just watch.


Krissy25 - August 18

Probably the best thing i ever bought for my dd. I got it for her around 4 months and she could barely touch the floor but she loved all the activities on it. When she could finally jump she was a jumping fool. She finally lost interest around 10.5 months. Well worth the price i paid. We got the rainforest one for her.



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