Jumparoos Rock

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Bonnie - July 11

Someone gave us a Jumparoo today and Mason went CRAZY for it! :D......http://media.putfile.com/jamparoo1 (no dashes)


nic nac - July 11

oh that is too cute. I was thinking about getting one for Aaliyah. What is the age range for it?


Christy - July 11

That is really cute! I love how his siblings? cousins? friends? encouraged him along. I used to be the one to do that with Ben. Now he just goes nuts all on his own. It's that crazy music, you know. ;)


Bonnie - July 11

They are his siblings. :).......I'm not sure what the age range is. Mason is 5 months if that helps and he figured it out in no time. The last few days he has started bouncing on my knee so when I made that comment a friend gave me hers. It's says max weight of 25 pounds which sucks because Mason is already 22 pounds, lol.


AmandaManns - July 11

Yes Kale started to get in his jumperoo around 3 months and he loved it, now at 6 months he hates anything that keeps him from getting into everything...so we got a good 3 months use out of it.


Bonnie - July 11

I would also guess this will work for younger infants. One thing I noticed, is that the sseat is much shorter, or cushier, than Mason's exersaucer or Walker. There's a lot less room in it so he isn't flopping around.


Nerdy Girl - July 11

Henry has a Graco one, and he loves it. But now he weighs too much! :(


Annette - July 11

AWWW, Bonnie, Mason is too cute!!! Those videos are worth gold.


Bonnie - July 11

Thanks Annette..nerdy Girl, I know! I'm glad I didn't actually pay for this. Mason is 4 pounds away from it's max. :( I had also bought a Bumbo chair a while back that he was WAY too tall for. Sometimes bigger babies aren't so good. :(


Christy - July 12

I think that the criteria for using the Jumperoo is that they have to have good head control and they should not be able to climb out of it (like with a baby that can walk.)


Rabbits07 - July 12

Bonnie, my DH is going to kill you because now I am going to have to get a jumparoo! Mason was so absolutely adorable! It didn't take him long to figure it out, did it? I have the evenflo exersaucer that bounces, but it doesn't have as a high a 'bounce range' as the jumparoo seems to.


Heather F - July 12

Bonnie - we also have the jumperoo and my 3 month old loves it! we als got it as a hand me down but I am thinkin about buying a second for my moms house!


Ca__sieSong - July 12

We just got Aria a jumperoo and I thought for sure she'd love it. Nope... anything that confines her is a no no in her book. I want to bring it back. :-(


Kel - July 12

That was soo cute!! We have one as well (still in the box though). I wonder if Aubrey's old enough for it now.....


Narcissus - July 12

Yeah for Mason!! I wish we had purchased one. I don't know why we never did. I am sure Aja would have loved to have one.


lrodriguez83 - July 12

I love it! The video is adorable! Where do you find the jumperoos at? I have not ever seen them before. I have a 4 month old that I think would love it. He has an exersaucer that he loves so I can imagine how he would be in this.


cae - July 12

Very cute video. My LO is also 5months and I have been wanting to get one. But know that I know the maximum weight limit, i guess its too late. I wish I had got one ealier. He is also around 22lbs or just below it. He just has a door jumper, and OMG...does he love it!!



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