Jumper Or Walker

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Felisha - February 11

i cannot afford both a jumper and a walker for dd but while i have a little extra money i wanted to get her one of them so when she can lift her head well enough i can get her in it. but i cannot decide which way to go wanna give me some insight


lin7604 - February 11

it depends on what she likes. my ds has a jumparoo and he has been going in it since he was 2 month. as he is very strong and has been holding his head up right from birth pretty much. He has very strong legs and loves to stand all the time so we got a jumparoo and it was the best thing ever! he loves it soooo much. he could jump all day.


lin7604 - February 11

oh he will be 16 weeks on tuesday.


mosley12 - February 11

im with lin7604. ds is 3 1/2 months old and loves his jumperoo. he likes to bounce so we got him that. he might like a walker but we havent tried it..i thought walkers were no nos?


maryl14 - February 11

well a i had a jumper with my one of my dd and a walker and i notice that wwith a jumper they can sit in it and bounce and they dont have to put their weight on their legs and with a walker at that age they can't do anything because they dont have enough power to get it to move so they tend to get bored and cranky and the jumper tends to support the younger babies better i'm hoping to get another one for my ds as soon as he can hold up his head


Lisastar9 - February 11

We can't buy walkers here in canada but I say a jumper.


ry - February 11

My baby has both and she never liked the jumparoo much at all. She adores her walker though, but it is a much bigger pain than the jumperoo. At least in the jumper they are stationary and for the most part safe, while they can get into ALL types of trouble in the walker!


drea - February 11

I say the jumaroo also. We got it for dd about 3 weeks ago and she LOVES it. She goes crazy in it and laughs, its so cute. Now even when she's not in it she kicks her legs like she is still is, its funny.


ash2 - February 11

I liked the walker.....


Emmie - February 11

I would not get a walker if you have stairs in your house . Even if there is a door at them-because if left open the baby call fall down the stairs. But if you dont have stairs I personally like the walker. You can move it around easier so the baby can follow you from room to room. Some of the jumpers get pretty big,


EMBERBABY - February 11

Dd has a walker and the jumperoo. The walker is the kind tha has one stationary leg therefore dd can only walk around that stationary leg (which keeps her safe) she seems to like it but she LOVES her jumperoo.



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