Jumperoo Or Walker

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meagan1227 - April 17

when is it okay for a baby to be in a jumperoo or a walker?? my son is going to be 4 months and can not stand to lay down he is always wanting to sit up. is it too early now? or should i wait a couple more months?


Bonnie - April 17

Mine hates laying down too. I think they need to be able to completely hold their head up and then they are okay.


C - April 17

my son was 4 months if I remember correctly. I think the box says 6 months plus but it really depends on how well they hold their neck.


TinaMarie - April 17

My daughter started in her exasaucer at 4 months. She loves it!!


JEN - April 17

We started our ds in his jumperoo at about 3 1/2 months- he loves it! He has no problem holding his head/neck up, and he was always wanting to stand up in our laps. The only bad thing is that there is a lot of room in the seat around him, so we just put a receiving blanket at the bottom of his back to keep him more snug. I highly recommend getting one- it's very entertaining!


Shelly - April 17

I have both an exersaucer and jumperoo for my son and he loves it. He is 8 months now and still likesit.I got him inthe exersaucer first at 4 months and like Jen,just put some blankets to fill the space up.If your baby controls it's head well go ahead.I knowthe exersaucer says 4 months up,I got the jumperoo at 6 months.


hello - April 18

My views on walkers are known by a few who post here. Definitely no to the walker, banned in certain countries and too many dangers to name, go with anything else, a swing is also great right now..........


Jamie - April 18

I have a walker, a jumperoo, and an exersaucer. My daughter definately prefers the exersaucer, with the jumperoo in second. I personally have no problem with walkers, as long as you don't have stairs or steps that are accessible to the baby. I will say this, though - check the seat on the walker before you buy it. The seat on the one I bought is just that - a seat. So, my daughter sits in it, and doesn't try to move. I deliberately got one without a bunch of toys on it, and so she's bored whenever she's in it, because she hasn't figured out to stand up in a seat clearly designed for sitting.


HannahBaby - April 18

My daughter went in the saucer at about 4-5 months, i got her the jump a roo at 6 months but she really didnt get it until about 8 months. Then i got her a walker as well at about 6 months and within a month of two she was zipping all over the place.


Shea - April 18

My son just turned 3 months and I got him an exersaucer on Sat. I have to put a fleece blanket in with him b/c it is really too big, but he really loves looking and "talking" to all his new toys. We only put him in it for 15-20 min at a time, b/c that is about the length of time he has good head control at this point. We got one so early because he HATES tummy time...in fact will just scream and turn red. It is better with the boppy but not for more than a few minutes. He loves laying on his back looking at his mobile and other toys and coos and babbles at them, so I though the exersaucer would let him do that and get off his back for a while.


sarahbaby11 - April 19

i would start with the exersaucer it puts less strain on there neck and should make him feel a little better. it is really a different view of the world they want.


CathyJo_013 - August 3



One GRIM Mama - August 19

Hubby's mom bought GRIM an exersaucer for *her* house (stairs) and we later bought a walker for *our* house (no stairs. She was too short/small to reach the floor on the lowest level of the walker and Nana had a thick blanket folded up under the saucer so she could stand. We would drag her walker through the house or push and pull it, park her where she could see us, etc. Eventually, she got her toes to the floor and realized she could push herself backwards. Now, she's on the second level (one notch higher than lowest) and CHARGES through the house... taking sharp corners, backing up WHILE turning, and essentially "driving" it like we would a car! She's now a speedy crawler, a furniture cruiser, and able to stand on her own (but sits down immediately on realizing she's not holding onto something) and STILL begs for time in her walker every day. I think it's the best investment we've made in her toys. We got the Winnie The Pooh Music & Lights walker from Wal Mart.



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