Jumperoo VS Exersucers

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wailing - October 1

Hi all. We're going shopping 2mrw for toys and activity centers. I've read all the consumer reports and reviews but wanted some real mom opinions:-) I live in a small space so I can only get one or the other. Did ur lo's like the activity centers or the jumperoo's better? Which is better for long term use? Which brand did u like and what brand did u NOT like? Thx for ur opinions:-)


lin7604 - October 1

my ds loved his jumperoo by far but my mom got him on of the exasaucer that turns into a car track after they out grow it and he loves still playing with the toys on it. he's not in the saucer but stands on the out side and plays. he is 11 months now, but he was in his jumperoo at 2.5 months as teh exasaucer was still too big for him till closer to 4 months.


newbabyras - October 1

We bought the evenflo smartsteps (because it grows with him) and the (potentially dangerous) jumper that hangs in the door. Ds has been in the exersaucer since he was 4 months and he's six months now and loves them both. The exersaucer has so many things for him to reach and grab, but he loves to bounce in the jumper too(which has turned out great)


DDT - October 1

I also have limited space so went with the Rainforest Jumperoo and my ds loved it. But like every toy I could see he was getting bored with. I caved and bought the Smartsteps Evenflo exersaucer. Now the Jumperoo is in my room and I put him in it when I'm folding laundry, making my bed, changing, putting makeup on ect. I also have a small TV in there and he watches cartoons as he jumps. Its very helpful. The exersaucer is in the living room and ds likes it when he's in the mood. I usually give him a teething ring when he gets bored with the toys. He is experiencing seperation anxiety right now so being in both doesn't last that long anyway. Still, I wouldn't do without either...they both have their qualities.


suze42 - October 1

Hi wailing, we also have a small space...but i have both. The exersaucer takes up alot of room for sure...but the jumperoo is kinda out of the way...i love them both!! and thejumperoo is not very expensive so it may be worth it to get both. If i remember correctly w/my DS, he like the jumperoo longer (it was like a swing)... Its so hard i know, all of the apparatus's are so short lived. the BEST is if you can fine them used or for FREE. Good luck,



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