JUNE BABIES Christmas Edition O

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excited2bemama - December 3

New thread.


wailing - December 3

Aww. Our first Xmas's w/ the bb's:) So awesome. PEBS--I couldn't get the page to load either. What kind of rice cracker did u feed her? Where did u buy them? I'm would love some safe things that Ty could nibble on that's not really a solid feeding. Can we give them the Zwiebeck toast yet? HIGHCHAIRS--Now ur all making me rethink the whole highchair thing. But I really don't have a choice since we don't have sturdy enough chairs to put the booster in. Bummer. (Oh wait....PEBS...isn't it ur 30th today??? I thought it was the 3rd. If it is HAPPY 30TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I have my 30th B'day and a HUGE 300 person Blacktie event to find dresses for. I tried on 2 of my formal dresses and they DID NOOOT fit:( My b___bs were insane:( B"FEEDING---Yup, I'm having major problems feeding Ty. He won't stay latched on b/c his head is spinning in circles looking around, or talking, or trying to grab things. Even when I gave BF a bottle he would smack the bottle, pull it away, play w/ it. I feel like he's not getting enough food.


ImpatientMommy - December 3

Hello all! I am so glad I am done with all my Christmas shopping because now I just have to worry about finishing school and planning Josephine’s christening. It’s going to be January 21st, I can’t believe she’s going to be just about 7 months when she gets christened, we planned on doing it soooo much sooner but we just have no time! She’s doing great with her food. She’s done a week with Sweet Potatos, no problems there. And right now we are working on Applesauce and there doesn’t seem to be any problems, she loves it! She never spits up anymore, I can’t even remember the last time she spit up. But she seems to be constantly constipated. Her poop is always hard, not super super hard but pretty firm- like clay. I’m glad it doesn’t bother her coming out though. We have to give her prune juice to get a “normal” poop out of her. So it seems like everyone is going through the same thing with their little ones getting really distracted during feedings. Josephine isn’t too bad with that but if my husband is feeding her and I say something across the room she’ll turn and look at me and then just go back to the bottle haha, kinda like “shut up, I’m eating.” WAILING- We put Josephine in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time on Sunday, she did so good in it and had her bottle and some Applesauce while sitting in it. She looked like such a big girl! And I know how you feel about the small apartment… our apartment is pretty small and I can almost guarantee, without seeing your place, that ours is absolutely 100% worse haha lets just say… we have A LOT of stuff. And it is absolutely not suitable for a baby to be crawling around here, nevermind when she starts walking… she will be getting into EVERYTHING because there is a lot to get into! Haha and what sucks is we don’t exactly have anywhere else to put it… I don’t even want to think about it because I really don’t know what we’re gonna do about that! SITTING- Jojo can sit pretty good as well. Eventually falls over but she’s doing pretty good. CRAWLING- The LITTLE tummy time she does have she kinda does the crawling motion with her legs and puts her b___t in the air. But she’s not too good at lifting herself up with her arms. She’ll lift her head up and then put her arms out to the side and do a faceplant and then lift her head up and repeat. She sounds like she’s totally struggling when she does it, she hates tummy time so she’ll only behave for very short periods of time. I wish she was better at it because I know it’s so important. But I try to get her to do some atleast once a day. Alrighty, I’ve gone on enough haha talk to you all later!


excited2bemama - December 4

keira does the same thing when she is nursing or having a bottle.. constantly latching and unlatching to look at stuff.. she makes up for it by wanting to nurse every HOUR during the day.. so exhausting... I so wish Keira would stop spitting up... its gettting so annoying.


ImpatientMommy - December 4

Excited- you know what made Josephine stop spitting up? But this isn't really much help to you since you b___stfeed but I thought I'd tell you anyway. I give her powder formula and I used to make her bottles on the fly like right when she wanted one and I'd put the water in, put the powder in, shake it up and just give it to her. It had A LOT of bubbles in it and what not so I started pre-making them again and just putting them in the fridge, they settle right down and I just warm it up and I don't shake it I just turn it upside down and then upright again so it mixes and there are NO bubbles in it. Right when I started doing this she stopped completely and she used to spit up like 4 times after a feeding. I started doing this liiiike 2 or 3 weeks ago I can't remember.


ImpatientMommy - December 5

Where is everyone!?


excited2bemama - December 5

lol... Looks like everyone disappeared again. :o( yeah I had hoped she would stop spitting up by now but no... and to top it all off it seemed to get worse with the solids.. yesterday she projectile vomitted her oatmeal/b___stmilk/pear combo stuff.. it was scary.. luckily I was right there otherwise who knows what would have happened as she seemed to choke on it... I decided to stop with the solids for now as I am too afraid she will choke on it as its thicker and in larger amounts than her b___stmilk spit-up... she goes to the docs next thurs for her 6 month check-up so we will see what happens.


ImpatientMommy - December 5

Yeah, that's scary. I thought oatmeal and solids were supposed to help keep everything down? I always noticed, back when Jojo did spit up, that after she had oatmeal after a bottle she wouldn't spit up once but she would with the other bottles that didn't have oatmeal following them. Who knows!


pebblesnbambam - December 6

Hello all.. sorry I have been gone. Yes.. big 30 birthday was on the 4th... didn't do much. Hubby got me cards from him and both kids.. and a vacc_mme sealer.. yah.. not fun but something we wanted. Really cool flip up one. I don't like the high chair thing.. but that is just me! Jenna is now eating oatmeal but has been kinda fussy and ga__sy.. wondering if it is the oatmeal?? Plan to start her on veggis around xmas time. The Rice crackers were at walmart. Mum Mum is what they are called. Jenna does not spit up so I am sorry I have nothing to contribute for that... ck with doctor.. Jackson had to be on a special formula... Wonder what is wrong with keria... maybe a loose flap.. I have heard of that. I am going to doctor today.. having a lot of bad pain in lower abdomen and radiates to back. So either bladder infection, appendix or pregnant.... iek. . We have been .. kinda... careful about not getting pregnant but in the heat of the moment we may have not been too careful a few times. The only thing that scares me a little about maybe pregnancy is the other day the smell of ketchup sent me through the roof.. same as with my other two kids. That is how I knew I was preggers with my second child. Man.. couldn't imagine. I think it is prob a bladder infection.. We'll find out here in an hour. what ever it is I need to do something.. I am hurting pretty bad! So we are all having the same feeding issues huh... Jenna is just too curious. Put her in a johnny jump up today.. had no clue what to do.. but she likes to spin around! I will type later when I am back from doctor.


ImpatientMommy - December 6

Uh oh, Pebbles! Let us know! Hope you aren't pregnant! (it's so funny saying that because ofcourse if you were we'd all be happy for you and I'm sure you'd be happy but ya know... it's kinda like... hope it's not RIGHT now haha). Josephine is doing really good with her solids. We did a week of sweet potatos and we're about to finish up a week on applesauce and I think we're going to try sweet peas next. I only give her half a container after her last bottle of the day. My husbands been working overnight since Monday night, tonight is his last night doing that but I am exhausted because it's pretty much just been me and the baby day in and day out since Monday because he has to sleep during the day. I've hardly even had time to shower haha. Alright! Bottle time... oh by the way, is anyone else's little ones holding their own bottle yet? Josephine does it at every feeding for either most of the feeding or the whole thing. I sit there with her though because she sometimes just drops her hands haha that's why I'm not sure if she really KNOWS that she's doing it, not sure, but it's so cute!


momtbc - December 6

HI everyone! Been awhile again! Holidays are so busy. Baking for school, sick kids and parties! Ahhh! Well, we got the big snow! Alicia - how much did you guys end up getting? We got the whole 5 inches. Crazy, it wasn't at all what they said we were going to get. They called all the schools around us early, except my daughters. Needless to say, it was not fun driving there to get her. SITTING UP- Samantha does a pretty good job sitting up. She still needs the Boppy around her to catch her if she starts to tip over. I've seen her go from sitting to belly in a matter of a second without smashing her face, so she's doing better. SHOPPING - Alicia I can't believe you are done. I still have sooooo much more to do. We have four kids and then family parties, family members and ourselves to buy for so it seems like we are buying all the way up to the last minute. Wish I could do it all online, but it just never works out that way. We did take one day to do a good chunk, but still not done. HIGHCHAIR - Funny, now on our fourth baby and never owned a highchair. We do have two of the booster kind that you attach to the chair. All of my kids have used these and they are so much more convenient for us. They don't take up extra room and the kids feel like they are part of the other group at the table. SPITTING UP- Don't know what to say other than tell your doctor when you see them. My nephew was a spitter upper! He did it until the day of his 1st birthday then he stopped. It was so wierd. But, the doctor said it was an immaturity issue with his body. Let us know what you find out. PEBBLES - Can't wait to hear what your doctor says. Pregnant! I seriously could not deal with that right now. Maybe in the future, but by then I will be so busy catching up on all the sleep I will have lost over the last 7 years, that my husband and I won't have time for s_x!


pebblesnbambam - December 6

Oh my... just got back.. doctor said one of two things... ovulating or pregnant.. I took the blood work test and am waiting for results.. CRAP!


pebblesnbambam - December 6

Still waiting... oh my gosh.. feeling more and more nausious by the second!!!! One part of me is like.. wow.. could I .. the other is scared sh$#less!


ImpatientMommy - December 6

OH MY GOD PEBBLES OH MY GOD! I can't believe this! It must be killing you to sit around and wait I would just die doing that. Def let us know! Now I'm gonna keep coming on here and checking, ahhh!!! MOMTBC- I'm so proud of myself I had ALL my Christmas shopping done AND wrapped by Dec. 1st. That was my goal and I did it! I had to get it out of the way because now I have to focus on my finals and planning Josephine's christening which is Jan. 21st.


aliciavr6 - December 6

Good luck pebbles!! Let us know!! MOMTBC - we got I think 3 or 4" here. Traffic was horrible, took triple the time it normally takes to drive from work to the sitters! See, all I really had to buy for is my mom, grammy, Avelyn, and Jamie ha. I am an online shopping ADDICT. Out of control. I just got Av's xmas outfit from old navy, an off white sweater dress (might be too small!!! it's 3-6mos, she wears 12 mos) and off white knit tights with big silver snowflakes. So cute. I am going to take her to the mall to get pics with santie. FEEDING - I have been using a high chair, she doesnt seem to mind it and hates her bumbo. She LOVES bananas, likes sweet potatoes, hates squash, apples and peaches, and is indifferent about carrots, will eat for a little bit then get bored with them, and hates all cereal, especially rice. Yesterday I printed out a bunch of information/research on raising vegetarian children, Jamie and I are both vege (eat fish, eggs and dairy though) and his family is going to drive me nuts about it. His mom already tried giving her a little gravy at thanksgiving, Jamie was supposed to tell them no but of course didnt. They'll take "no" better from him than they will me. But if he won't say anything, I will. So in knowing they will argue, I have all the info printed out in my purse for easy access :) My aunts might do the same, but I can handle them no problem. Mom was cool with it though. NOT looking forward to driving all over the place christmas. Punkin has her 6 month shots on christmas eve!!! I think I'm going to change the appt though because last time she had a fever for 2 days and hated the world.


pebblesnbambam - December 6

Oh Sh#$!!!! Ok.. so what do I make of this. Doctor called and my hcg levels are at 7.... from what she said 5 and under is NOT pregnant... and 5-25 CAN BE.... She said that if I am it is really early. They want to do a pelvic u/s next week to determine for sure. I am SHOCKED... DH wants me to push for u/s tomorrow because of the pain I am having.. don't want to have a tubal or anything. Had a miscarriage once before.... want to make sure we watch what is going on with me to. So right now trying to find a definate answer on if 7 means I am preggers or no. MAN.. FREAKING OUT!!!! Don't know quite what to do next....


excited2bemama - December 6

GOOD luck Pebbles... I have baby fever... can wait to have another baby Keira is getting so big.. But waiting a few years as I know pregnancy was HELL for me...



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