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aliciavr6 - December 3

HI EVERYONE. Sorry I've been MIA, all my online time has been spent christmas shopping (finally done!) I'm going to have to read back and see what everyone has been up to. Yes, Avelyn looks like she'll be crawling soon! I think because since she sleeps on her belly, she's very used to trying to push up with her arms and all. She's doing the rocking thing, she can move her knees forward, but doesn't know that she has to move her arms too haha. She def does look older, everyone comments on that, but I was 40w1d when I had her, 6/14. She will be 6 months in two weeks! Time flies... Are any babies sitting up on their own yet?? Av doesn't have the balance yet - at all! haha. We also found a new sitter who is GREAT!!! We love her


aliciavr6 - December 3

OH one more thing, Avelyn FINALLY started eating solids really good last week, she was never too interested in them, but last week downed a whole container of sweet potatoes, then the next night, another of bananas. She hated squash. haha.


IrinaZ - December 3

Alicia, Nicholas is doing the same thing with "crawling" - rocking back and forth on all fours. The other day, after rocking for a while he jumped with his knees - I guess he figured this is the way to move forward, but then ended up face-planted:) So cute! But at the same time I am afraid of the time when he is crawling. Then I REALLY won't have a second to myself


wailing - December 3

ALICIA--Yay. Great to have u back:) Our numbers were dwindling for a while! I guess w/ new babies and the holidays it's to be expected from all of us. The few mins I have to get on here are a great escape! CRAWLING--Ty is doing the face down b___t up thing now. So darn cute. He can rock a little but that's it. He sits up really well though. We put him in highchairs in restaurants now (god, so much easier). We tried to get him to sit in the grocery cart at the store but when we started moving he SCREAMED bloody murder. I think it was too hard and cold plus it vibrated on the tile. I'm sure freaky for a baby. Also, he screamed and made a terrified face when he saw my girlfriends dogs a few days ago (little mini pinchers). It was a shock b/c he's been around them since he was a newbie. I put him down on the ground to pet them and when they came near he howled. So odd. My new thing is to try and get him to the petstore. I want him to see the birds and fish:) IRINA--I hear ya about being scared when they crawl. Our place is soooo tiny (950sq ft) I don't know where he will go. And then we also have to safety lock EVERYTHING. My condo is a virtual DEATH TRAP haha. COLD--the weather here is cooold windy and rainy. YUCK. I feel awful that we are stuck in the house all day. I feel like he gets soo bored. But, it's not worth going out and sitting in traffic and rain all day. Xmas here in DC is so nuts. Millions of ppl are out at all hours of the nite. We tried going to Target lastnt and it was a mad house. I love the holidays but w/ a baby, it's a little hectic. We did the swt peas. He loved them. I think he'll pretty much eat anything. But, they came right back out a few hrs later haha. Green poo is REAL gross. Smelled AWFUL. Hope everyone has a great wk:)


pebblesnbambam - December 3

Hello all.. I am almost done xmas shopping... not doing a ton for the kids since they are spoiled by everyone else. High chairs... I use the one that straps to the chair.. HATED the high chair.. took up too much space. Had one with son and hated it. Jenna is sitting up all by herself. We put a blanket behind her so that if she flails her self back she will land on something soft.. but she will sit there for quite a while with us. She is such a snoop... always looking around. Anyone else having probs b___stfeeding.. Jenna wants to look at everything..doesn't get down to business. check out Jenna eating her first rice cracker. We have not moved her to anything else yet due to our food allergies... but these rice crackers are gluten free and she loves them!!! jennajackson(dot)blogspot(dot)com


excited2bemama - December 3

Wow.. its great so have someone of you back... I thought june babies was going into extinction.... LOL.. Keira sits up pretty well... but after a few min she will fall to the side.. its funny. Not doing to much food for now as I am tied of cleaning spit up from everything.. it food stains unlike b___stmilk..


excited2bemama - December 3

Pebbles.. I couldn't get your page to load.. it said error. I am going to start a new thread.. June babies CHristmas edition!!



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