June Mommies 08 Growing Like Weeds

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amanda17 - July 8

The other post was taking forever to load so I made a new one :) For those of you who don't have me added on myspace I posted up a video of Ellie I think everyone should see. She can't do much yet, but it's fun just watching her wiggle around: myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=37999941 Remove any dashes.


HeatherIsHopeful - July 8

aww, amanda I posted videos of Kaelyn on my myspace too. I love watching her make little nosies and wiggle and its nice that my hubby can see her too :)


amanda17 - July 8

Yay! I'm gonna go check them out right now then :)


fefer1 - July 8

marisol - it depends on how big your employer is. If under 50 they do not have tp give you 12weeks.


fefer1 - July 8

wait, i think it is 15 not 50. Look up the FMLA.


HeatherIsHopeful - July 9

Amanda Ellie is soo cute! and your fiance is so adorable with her... very cute :)


amanda17 - July 9

Haha yeah he loves to play with her. It's so cute, he'll pace back and forth carrying her for hours just to put her to sleep. He is a good dad.


raiken - July 9

Hi all ,Caleb and I just had a quick doc appt yesterday. He was born 8lbs 9 oz and 4 weeks later he already weighs 11lbs 8 oz! He loves b___stfeeding. I am so proud of myself because this is longest I have b___stfeed any of my kids. It warms my heart to see him thriving


fefer1 - July 9

hey girls - it sure is quiet around here now. :) Rachel hasn't had a ma__sive explosion yet today so I'm hoping she's doing better. She's a big grump but her b___t is clean. :) Levi woke me up at 1:30 and 4:30 last night -yuck! I feel for ya all! It's my fault for not waking him up to eat at 10:30. He ate at 8pm and went to sleep and I just couldn't wake him. Too bad I didn't go to bed at 8! :) I learned my lesson there. Amanda - hang in there with the sleep thing - you'll get better soon. It feels like it's gonna last forever but it won't.


Sprinkles - July 9

Hi girls! Finally had a moment to check in I had some errands to run yesterday and today I have a man coming to see the house at 6 so i just want to straighten up a bit... then next week my momis coming here for a couple days and we will pack up some stuff for my MOVE again lol at least I am just taking mostly clothes - I do have to take chastidys bed and violets crib of course - I didnt get much sleep last night either violet was being a lil miss crabby patty ..now she is sleeping and i have a ton of stuff to do so i cant nap with her ! ugh o well ... fefer i hope rachel feels better so you can go on your trip tomorrow sounds like fun!


kay101 - July 9

I have no videos but put new pictures up! I have a sleeping baby in my lap lol. I still nurse the little guy to sleep once in a while since there's still some milk in there. He's been a bit cranky since I got home. He's usually all smiles and happy to see me. Glad rachel at least sounds like she's doing better.


amanda17 - July 9

Aw! I would love for Ellie to smile at me, she just has spontaneous ones right now. When did he start smiling? Today I talked to the social security worker again, this time on good terms. She referred me to a teen parenting program. It's pretty cool. They want me to go to Junior High schools and talk about what it's like to be a teen parent. That's a good job for me, because I don't think teens (under the age of 18 anyway...living with their parents and such) should try to conceive. Best part: I get $100 A DAY doing it!! Well that sounds like more than it is, I'd only go once a month. But my mom said that would be plenty of money so I can put off getting a job for a few months which means she'll b___st feed for longer and have more bonding time with me. Also it would give me more time to concentrate on school. It's an all around good deal so I am very pleased about it :)


fefer1 - July 10

wohoo! Rachel had her first normal poop in 5 days! She even ate quite a bit today. yay! Levi has been a good baby for me today too - I'm just tired from last night and my allergies are killing me. We've had so much sun lately that the air quality sucks. Amanda, that sounds great about the job thing. Go for it! I feel like I have a toddler -Levi is so big compared to your little guys! He was 10.12 last week and I bet he's a LOT heavier now- he has to be at least 11.5 pounds by now - maybe more. He seems so big!! Fitting into 3 month clothes and he's only 3 weeks old! ahhh...where is my infant! :) He sure likes his sleep - he takes after his mommy!!! haha Oh, if you want to see pics of my lo's, I have a blog for each of them. From Rachel's you can link to Levi's - it's rachelreneestory dot blogspot dot com or levichristopher dot blogspot dot com. I'll have pictures and stuff updated. Levi's site is not as cool as Rachels yet but after this weekend I'll have a ton of stuff up. :)


DDT - July 10

Hi ladies! Jaxon is 5 weeks old now and started smiling about a week ago. It's so adorable to see his little face break into a grin. He loves looking at faces. I am still b___stfeeding much to my surprise. I have bad days and good days with him in that department. fefer1: Glad to hear Rachel is feeling better. About 3wks ago Caden (my 17 month old) had the runs, vomiting and not eating. It lasted for about 5 days. Turned out that he was teething big time....6 teeth in one shot including 4 molars. Poor boy. Does Rachel have all her teeth? You have a big boy on your hands but that just means more to cuddle! Jaxon is soooo long and looks like a skinny-minny even though he probably weighs 10.5lbs. He has non-existant thighs. It's so strange to see the difference in siblings. Caden was a roly-poly at the same age but weighed the same. Different body types I suppose. We are going camping as a family on the 20th. It should be fun especially with the weather being so nice and its supposed to stay this way for another 2 weeks.


Sprinkles - July 10

fefer I LOVE your pictures I am just looking at rachels page right now she is soooo beautiful she has such pretty eyes!!!!


Sprinkles - July 10

Aww levi's page is awesome too ! He is such a big boy! Your babies are beautiful !


Sprinkles - July 10

fefer what kind of camera do you have - your pictures are so clear and look so nice ..i think i need to get me a good digital camera i use my cell for all my pics lol



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