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fefer1 - June 1

Here we are - almost all of us have reached the one year mark!Happy birthday babies!


fefer1 - June 1

Hey ladies - I can't believe we've almost all hit the one year mark already. all of you that are pregnant are giving me the baby itch again - but of course, we're done. ;) My big boy is almost 25 pounds, waving, clapping and getting very mad when he doesn't get his way. He has recently decided he doesn't want to take a bath. He screams and won't sit down. He stands up and hangs on the the edge of the tub for a while before I can coax him down. Weird. It's not like we've had any traumatic bath incidents or anything. How did all your parties go? Any things you wish you had done different or things that went really well? I still have almost 2 weeks to go!!! Part of my party is dependent on the weather so I can't pre-plan everything yet. SO frustrating! DDT - I'm so glad the weather was nice for you - we've been having awesome weather haven't we?? So unusual for us around this part of the country. Well - Dawn - I wish I could tell you it was easy having 2 under 2 but it is hard as hell. :) But fun still. They can play together at least. Levi is so amused with his sister - and her toys. haha - he loves her doll house. :) She doesn't like it all the time though. Oh well. Eastcoast - did your cake turn out ok or did you make a last minute run to the store??


eastcoast - June 1

Fefer, that is weird about the bath thing. Lately it's been trying to brush Kai's teeth that has been the big issue here -he used to love it but not anymore! Kai's bday party was great! I'd say it was perfect but the weather was c___p -I felt bad for dh who had spent alot of time working on the lawn and deck. Ah well, can't control the weather. But everyone had a fantastic time and the tentative outdoor activities were just moved indoors so it all worked out. Oh and the cake and cupcakes turned out! There were some little flaws that I've learned from for the next time I make one, but it wasn't as bad as I was worrying it might be;) I posted some pics on facebook, take a look and let me know what you think.


Sprinkles - June 1

fefer violet did that with the shower once but she had a lil diaper rash that day so I think that was why - the next day she was fine. I know it's gonna be rough especially with work and i have to return to work after 2 weeks If I am still in this job cause I am an independent contractor so that is all I can afford to miss. You figure I only work a few hrs a day so maybe it will be ok ... although I am sure I will be EXHAUSTED .. I am now half the time cause its 4 hrs a day but its 4 hours on the road and that makes me so tired. Pam that cake looked awesome ! he looked like he really enjoyed it too. Been quiet on here lately huh?


amanda17 - June 2

Hi ladies. Ellie's birthday is today! I'm waiting for her to wake up from her nap and then we are taking her to a children's museum. Her birthday party was on the 30th and couldn't have gone better. Pretty much everyone I invited showed up, there was no drama, Ellie was very happy the whole time, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Ellie's blood test results came back showing that she is perfectly healthy. Her glucose level was a little high... no cause for concern but I'm glad I haven't given her any cake or junk food. I got into Stanbridge University, which is a private nursing college that I've been wanting to get into for a couple years. I started yesterday but the actual school work doesn't start until June 15th. It's a little nerve racking because most of the people in my cla__s are much older than me... old enough to be my parents (or even grandparents). I'm worried I'll fall behind in cla__s for that reason but the teachers a__sure me age doesn't make that much of a difference. It's a very expensive college, my tuition was $35,000 for two years. I'm taking another two year course after I finish with this one, and I a__sume that'll be another 35,000 or more. My current job, however, is paying for pretty much everything. They want to give me a job that I'm currently unqualified for. My boss thinks I need more patient interaction since a lot of the patients request time with me. I spend more time talking with the patients than I do at my desk.


fefer1 - June 3

I put up some new pics on FB for those of you on there. Amanda Maybe the glucose levels were high because of when/what she had eaten. I don't think cake every now and then is going to hurt them. It's when it's a habit. AND if it's an issue, it's more than just cake and junk food you have to watch out for. Fruits, pastas and potatoes for example. We don't do a lot of sweets or junk -and I don't even give themm juice very often. Fills them up too much and they don't eat good meals. Wow - 35K a year?? Thats as expensive as some high end law schools! Glad your employer is paying, thats great! It needs to cool do around here. 88 degrees inside an out yesterday. Yuck.


fefer1 - June 3

sunscreen allergies - anyone have any issues with your babes? I put some on Levi today and his face got a little red and his eyes were kind of puffy. He was rubbing them too -so I don't know if it was because he rubbed it into his eyes or if he was just reacting to it. Poor guy. He's squinting. :(


DDT - June 4

Hi ladies, I started work on Monday. Boo hoo! I feel like I haven't left and enjoy the new challenges. It's nice to be surrounded by adults. BUT the boys are having a hard time adjusting to daycare. They both are crying when I drop them off. It breaks my heart! I have been calling at my lunch break and my eldest is fine 5 mins after I leave but Jaxon isn't okay until after his morning nap (so at around 9-9:30am). I guess it isn't too bad, and it's going to take them a couple of weeks to settle into a new routine. Jaxon is walking! Two days ago he started taking 6-7 steps and then today he started walking across rooms. He is so proud of himself. Whenever he walks he will look back at us and grin. The we clap and whoop and he just beams. He's so sweet! It's been stinking hot here the last week. Almost unbearable. The air is just heavy and hot like a furnace. I feel a like a day of cool rain. I can't believe I'm saying that! I live in one of the rainiest cities in the world! The temp was 34C degrees (93F) today...HOT! tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter! it's June for goodness sake! amanda: Congrats on getting into the univeristy of your choice. Good luck with your program. Wow, expensive! never heard of a nursing program costing that much. Glad Ellie had a great party. Jaxon's party was on Sun and it was fun. Nice and relaxin playing outside. Outdoor parties are way better than indoor ones. fefer: Love the new pics on FB. Levi is so cuddly cute! No issues with sunscreen here...was his face red from the heat maybe? I know with Jaxon's fair skin he goes red in the face almost immediately from the heat. Caden on the other hand has bronze skin so I see no difference. The puffy eyes could have been from him getting it in his eyes. Maybe test it again indoors to see if it's a reaction. eastcoast: Too bad the party had to be moved indoors. What is your FB name? I would like to add you.


eastcoast - June 4

Amanda, congrats! That's exciting:) I was a little worried about giving Kai his bday cake (and icing) but he slept great and wasn't any more or less active than he usually is -whew! Fefer, Kai's had sunscreen on with no problems (knock on wood). Maybe Levi did just rub some in his eye? Is there a history of skin allergies/sensitivities in your family? I used the mildest kind I could find made for babes and thankfully there wasn't any problems. DDT, you can find me on FB as Pam Johnstone MacCormack. Some of the girls on here couldn't find me though, so let me know if it doesn't work and if you give me your FB name, I'll add you as a friend:) We've been up for awhile here this morning -neither Kai or I are enjoying molars at all! We've got these 'freezies' that are just pureed organic fruits and veggies that seem to be the only thing that make him feel better -poor little man. The freezies are great though -found them at the grocery store- they're just like 'real' freezies where you cut the end off and enjoy. He loves them:) I wish the teeth would just finish popping through though!


fefer1 - June 4

I had just put it on him so I don't think it was the sun -pretty sure it was the sunscreen. I'll try a different brand and make sure he doesn't rub any in his eyes for a while and see what happens. Eastcoast - molars??? For real???? wow - Levi's bottom two teeth are only half way out! :) DDT - this heat is miserable!!!!! For those of us who live in a mild climate, these heat waves are hard. :) I do love the sun and heat but not in my house! I just saw the forecast for the 13th - sunshine! Although around here, 9 days out is pretty unpredictable still. But it gives me hope!!! I made popsicles for Rachel that might be good for our teethers. It is one large banana, a cup of blueberries (or any other berry) and a cup of plain yogurt. Blend it up and stick in in those popsicle molds. They have some thin molds that would be easy for the little guys to hold. It's good for them and yummy - and Rachel thinks she's getting a "treat". Moms are so sneaky! :) Well DDT - I'm heading to a friends house for a while today - she has AC. :) I'm really looking forward to some coooooolness. The upstairs of my house is in the upper 80s, downstairs is nice but boring after a while, outside gets too hot or the kids can't be in the sun for too long. I do like it though - I shouldn't complain, I do have a party coming up soon!! DDT - your FB pics were cute too. I just can't believe our little guys/girls are not so little any more. Just a year ago I was DYING to give birth - past my due date - and told "any minute" which ended up being 2 weeks late. ahhh......


fefer1 - June 4

DDT - I sent you a friend request for Pam so you don't have to search for her. :)


Sprinkles - June 5

omg are our infants now toddlers?!


fefer1 - June 6

yes - technically they are. :) Maybe we should move to the toddler forum here soon once we're all there. haha..I'm the slow one along with newlywed.


Sprinkles - June 7

ok let me know when we are off to a new stage! Ugh what a long week... absolutely miserable~ I worked this weekend too I am just so tired... I been on this mission to get medical coverage too and have gotten denied over and over even the state denied me .. this is great


amanda17 - June 7

Most of the nursing schools around here cost about that much. They have to teach you computers now as well as everything else because all hospitals do 90% of their work on their computers. So they have to give you a laptop and have a desktop at every desk and my school doesn't charge you if you break a computer. Also our lab is made up to be exactly like a hospital. We have all the same equipment a hospital would have, except dummies instead of people :) What I liked about the school is they weren't just like "Give us your money and don't ask where it's going" they told us what every penny would be spent on. I didn't want to give Ellie cake for a number of reasons... I don't give her anything that's not nutritional. I believe this is absolutely the time to start healthy habits, and the easiest time. It's not like she felt she was missing out because I didn't give her cake... She doesn't know what cake tastes like so how can she be upset that I didn't give her any? She was perfectly happy getting her favorite a__sortment of fruits. And, every single person in my family has a diet problem. No one has a balanced diet and someone in every generation has diabetes. Harold's side of the family is prone to illness, so I want to keep her body as fully functional as I possibly can. My great aunt was so addicted to junk food, even when the doctors told her she would die if she continued her diet, we had to put a lock on the fridge and make her meals for her... She still ended up getting her sugary, fatty foods though, and eventually pa__sed away. I'm not much different from her either, and neither is anyone else in my family. If someone asks "Do you want dessert?" No one turns it down... Who cares how full we are, there's always room for desert! I've been doing my best to set an example for Ellie and chose healthier foods but... That's a battle I've failed many, many times. Most people think a piece of cake every so often won't hurt, but it does. You only need to taste it once to get those cravings... and we all get them.


fefer1 - June 8

well, food for thought, and please do what you want for your kids, they are YOURS - but, if you have diabetics, you STILL have to watch out for sugars in fruits and pastas etc. Going to nursing school and having diabetics in your family you probably know all that - so I don't need to tell you. It's great that you're watching what she eats. I personally am not worried about a piece of cake or a cookie once in a while. I have good discipline and I am teaching my kids to have good discipline as well. Eventually they will have an opinion or be at a place where you can't control what they eat so it's good that they learn how to choose healthy choices. My parents were strict on health food and no junk food and what did I do? Went to friends houses, pigged out on bad food because I never learned to have any control. But...like an alcoholic I suppose if you have a family who can't control what they eat you should stay away from that stuff. It doesn't make it bad though if a non-junkaholic has a piece of cake. Hey, I tried a new sunscreen with no problems. Some new Neutrogena kind. I have a week to go and I'll have a one year old!!! His party is next Saturday and I have over 40 people coming for sure. I can't believe the number of people is that high - guess I forget how big my family/friends pool is. :) Half that number is kids too! I decided to buy a big sheet cake and make some cupcakes for the kids and Levi. What was going to be cake and snacks turned into a full on BBQ. My husband got a new BBQ as an early Fathers Day gift and he wants to use it. :) ahhh - I'm so stressed. I love parties and planning but it's a million times harder with two little ones to take care of. Thank goodness my husband is home all week - even though he's finishing out bathroom remodel. We finally got the floor tile down - next the walls and then paint and then the fixtures! Can't wait! Levi still has only 2 teeth...nothing new going on really. He's so happy and easy going - I've been so lucky with him!


Sprinkles - June 8

O god fefer I don't know how I am going to have 2 kids under 2 and work too ... O m G haha I think about that and get super nervous. How do you go to the grocery store with 2 little ones the shopping cart has one basket. I think of all these things. Amanda are the one who had the teach your baby to learn thing violets grandpa wants to buy her that in the worse way but I dont know how much it works and i dont have alot of time to sit there with that all day. About the cake the only time violet had cake was at her party so I pretty much stick the rules of moderation myself .. I raised chastidy that way it works for us but that is us. My family is not the best eaters haha so me raising her to use moderation is teaching her to be better then I am and she understands that. Ok well off to work have a good day!



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