Just A Bad Sleeper Period

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Mrs.Ireland - November 9

My 16 week old doesn't like to nap and doesn't like to sleep at night either. She was a very colicky baby and got put on prescription meds for it and so she never slept then and she still is up every 2-3 hrs a night. Sometimes she'll suprise us and sleep 6 hrs. straight and then she likes to be up all day. Is there such a thing as a baby not liking sleep because I know i sure miss out on it!!! It doesn't help when my husband doesn't help out in getting up with her either.


DB - November 9

Babies at this age still need at least 14-15 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Is your baby crabby a lot? What type of meds did the pediatrician put her on for colic? I'm guessing she is in a cycle of being extremely overtired from refusing to sleep. 4 months seems too early for CIO to me. Will she sleep in a swing? Have you tried anything "out there" like a chiropractor? My dd was very colicky, but it did end for her at 3 months. I'm sorry I don't have much advice, but I imagine your dd NEEDS to somehow get more sleep, I just don't know how! Sorry...and good luck!!


Mrs.Ireland - November 9

It was a prescirption med called B Colic, worked wonderful. She is crabby and she also is starting to cut teeth. I think maybe I need to be more strict on her nap times during the day and make her sleep some how. I don't know :-(


shanb - November 10

My baby is the same way but she is almost 8 months old. I swear she can take a 45 min nap and be good to go for another 4 hours. She was a good sleeper for about a month then everything changed. I have tried everything but nothing has worked. I feel for you. It is so hard when they don't sleep. I hope someone can give us some advice as I really need some sleep.


rohan - November 10

my lo is the same way. Just hates sleeping and eating. We are still at a loss about hie eating. But, have some control over his sleep now. Only thing that works with him his - baby carrier - i put him in a snugly cover his face (mostly eyes) with a cotton cover and then walk around. he squirms and moves his head around but then can't resist falling asleep. sometime he cries but that lasts for like a minute before he is asleep. He is so much better to put to sleep before he gets on his second wind.


rohan - November 10

Forgot to add - walking with a lot of movement and shhing - when he is really resisting - He still gets up every 3 hrs. At night we have a night light on and don't even look at him in case he wants to play.


DB - November 10

Ok, I just wrote this on another thread, but when my dd was 4.5 months old I bought "healthy sleep habits, happy child"...I really liked the book...basically his main philosophy is that babies need to learn to self soothe to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep...they also need to have good quality naps to be able to stay asleep at night...Anyways, just thought I would let you know...it sounds like she's just plain overtired and is in a cycle of sleep deprivation! GOod luck again!



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