Just Curious How Do You Put You LO S To Bed

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flower.momma - March 10

I take Flynn upstairs at 6:45, nurse, rock, and sing to him, then lay him in his crib when he is drowsy, not asleep. I usually have to hold his hand until he falls asleep. Then I go downstairs, have my 2-year-old dd help me tidy up her room. I get her in her jammies and we read 2 books. She has a cup of milk and we brush her teeth. Then hubby takes her upstairs and they do their bedtime ritual, which is him asking her what she did that day, what she wants to do tomorrow, and what she is going to dream about. Then he comes downstairs and 5-10 minutes later she calls out for "one more hug daddy" (he loves this). After that, they're out for the night. Except my 3-month-old who still wakes several time to nurse. How do you put your babies and older children to bed?


eliz24 - March 10

Aww,that's so cute! I have a 10 month old dd and usually I bathe her and then nurse her to sleep at about 7:00 in her room,then I put on her 'nightime cd',plug in her nightlight and lay her down in her crib and leave the room,she''ll sleep til about midnight and when I hear her cry dh goes to get her and brings her into bed with us.


ConnorsMommy - March 11

aww, the "one more hug" thing is too cute!.. our routine (ds is 14mos.) starts with dinner at 6pm, then a bath at 6:30pm, then a cup of milk while we read a story, then he brushes his teeth (with my help), then at 7pm, dh and i lay him in his crib and turn on his lullaby music and tell him goodnight and he's out for good until 7:30am =)


AmandaManns - March 11

My son is almost 15 months old and he eats dinner whenever we do, gets a bath at 7:30 and then a cup of milk at 8 while we read him a story, brushes his teeth mostly by himself...then we take him up to his crib at 8:30 and he goes to sleep on his own and is out for the night.


AnytimeLittleone - March 11

Flower.momma, this is such a cute thread! 7pm, I get into the bathtub while hubby gets the baby indressed. He'll tell her.. "Its tubby bath time!" and she gets all excited. He puts her into the bath with me, and I wash her hair and we splash and play. Daddy comes to get her at 730 with her bottle ready, and she eats. We then collectively wrestle her into her pajamas. By this time she is eye rubbing and yawning. I read her a book, or sing her some songs, and then daddy takes her into her room, lays her down, and shes out like a light. Its so peaceful.


janelle - March 11

What a cute thread I can not wait to hear "just 1 more hug".I have a 11 month old and we pretty much do the same thing every night into the tub at 7:15 go to her room get dressed. Then we go to the rocking chair in her room I nurse her and then read her a book.It is so routine she just knows after the story she gets put in her crib and goes to sleep.I started reading to her when she was a baby and she shows so much interest in it now I think to myself this is a good thing.Then she is usually up around 3 or 4 to nurse and back to bed till 7:30.


ssmith - March 11

My dh gives dd her bath, and he sings to her. Then I ma__sage her with lotion, get her jammies on. Then all 3 of us sit in her room and dh reads her a story or 2. I nurse her, while her sleep music cd plays. At 8pm, I lay her in her crib, she snuggles her blanket ...and falls alseep. It's very peaceful.


mandee25 - March 11

My ds is almost 16 weeks old and I really don't have a schedule at bedtime. He goes to bed when we do around 10 pm and sleeps about 4 hours, has a bottle and goes back to sleep until maybe 6 for his next bottle and then we sleep in until 8 or 9am. I really want to get him on a regular schedule soon. He is sick with a cold right now and isn't eating as much as he used to so it's kinda hard right now. But the idea of bath, bottle and book and then to bed is what I want to incorporate into his bedtime ritual. I usually don't have to wait until he's asleep before putting him in the crib. We have a musical ocean wonders fish crib toy thingy that he watches and eventually falls to sleep.


krista-lee - March 11

wow, everyone lo's go to sleep so early! my dd is 9 months and goes to sleep 10 pm and wake up 8 am!


Selena - March 12

DD (14.5 months old) has a bath at 6:30pm followed by a bottle of milk at 7pm and then its off to bed with Daddy. We play her bedtime cd, turn on her twilight turtle, and rock her to sleep. She typically sleep from 7:30pm until 7am. DS is just 2 weeks old so he has no routine yet and no real bedtime but since he is my last one I am just enjoying each moment as it comes. They grow up so fast!


sahmof3 - March 12

Well, most of the time dh has to do it alone, since I work evenings, but when I'm home one of us puts Justin (my 20 mo) to bed (brush his teeth, change him into pjs and sit in the rocker for a few minutes before laying him down) and the other one gets the other two kids... bedtime snacks, cup of milk, then herding them upstairs lol to brush their teeth, get pjs on and listen to a story... and then they each go to bed.


sahmof3 - March 12

... we start the bedtime process at 8... it's usually not until closer to 8:30. They get up about 6:30 so we can get Nathan off to school in the morning.


venus_in_scorpio - March 12

dd is 4 months and ever since she was 2 months and i went back to work, sometime between 8 and 9 we turn out all of the lights in the livingroom and watch our tv in the dark while baby either swings, lies in her boppy pillow or sits with one of us in the rocking chair... and i give her her pa__sie at night too. she is usually asleep before 10 or 11 depending on when i shut out the lights. 99 times out of 100 I can bring her in the bedroom and put her in the cradle when i go to bed around 11 and she'll sleep until 7 when she goes to daycare, or on the weekends we sleep in and she doesnt wake me up for a feeding until 8 or 9 and then we go back to sleep in me and dh's bed. shes such a good girl. <3



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