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*leslie* - November 28

What is the most expensive thing you have bought for your baby? excluding furniture....


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 28

Ours would have to be the Britax Marathon carseat. It was worth every penny! Amaya loves her new "big" carseat.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

That's tough, i know I spent about 50.00 on an outfit because it was soso cute, and I had to get the socks and hat to go with it. My justification was I got his picture taken in it. Other than that, his excersaucer was 100.00. It had the coolest lights and toys and music I could find. I'm sure there is more to come!


Jbear - November 28

I"m embara__sed...I haven't spent a lot on any one item. I bought a secondhand play arch, with stuff that hangs down for her to bat at, for $15, which is the most expensive thing I've bought (including the high chair and exersaucer). Her outfits come from goodwill for $1 each...


monica - November 28

I bought him a pair of shoes for $40 at nordstroms...really cute though I could not help myself.


Christy - November 28

We got a lot of stuff at our baby showers, so as far as how much we've actually spent. . . maybe $50 for a Gymini.


FF - November 28

I guess I'm a lot like Jbear- $1 outfits from Goodwill and lots of hand-me-downs, so I haven't had to buy a whole lot... and I got his swing and bouncy as gifts, so... Hmmm... I guess the most expensive thing for us is all the formula and diapers he's using! lol! But I do hope to get him a fun play mat/arch for christmas.. Does anyone know how much a new one costs?


Jamie - November 28

I haven't had to buy much, either...I spent $50 on a Jumparoo for Christmas...I think that's the most expensive item...I would say our Pack N Play or our stroller/carseat combo, but we didn't have to pay for those, they were given to us - the stroller by my unit, and the pack n play by my husband's.


! - November 28

an amby bed...not exactly furniture, cuz it's in the same cla__s as a swing or bouncy, i think. but we love it.


Sarah - November 29

We also got lucky and recieved mostly everything from baby showers, but I think the most expensive we bought was a $30 baby carrier that saves our sanity every night!


Shelly - November 29

Ocean wonders cradle/swing,it was $100.00 at toys r' us.



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