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HeavenisMine - May 1

I am indeed pregnant again! so long birth control... Anyway, I know many of you ladies have been there, how is it taking care of an infant and dealing with being pregnant? I am already beyond nauseous and have been for a few days (One of the key reasons we suspected). I also am taking medication for my hyperthyroidism. I hope that won't harm the new baby :(


javidsgirl - May 1

Congrats on your new one on the way just check with your doc most of those meds are safe just to make sure yours is on the safe list


kimberly - May 1

Congratulations! All 3 of mine are 4 years apart so I can't help you with the chanllenges of two babies at once but I will say going to having one child to having two was easier for me than having my first. As for the meds, I am not sure what you take but my sister was on cynthroid (sp?) and she and baby did fine. I am wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!


HeavenisMine - May 1

Thank you ladies! The first thing I will mention at my appointment on the ninth is how safe the medicine is. Yikes this is all so weird!


tryin44 - May 1

Congratulations!!! I had our first two boys 13 months apart. Besides being tired all the time I did fine. It was so fun haveing them close together. How far apart will they be? ALso, wee you taking birth control? I am on the mini pill and we are done having kids but we have not had the time or money for my husband to go get the big V. I am a bit nervous we will have an accident.


jenna32 - May 1

congrats :) wow, how far apart are they going to be? i think i remember you posting,your baby must have been born sometime around mine,that is so close togethor. did you plan it? i miss being preg it was so fun in a strange way lol.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - May 1

So you finally found out, Congrats! How old is your LO again? I'm sorry I don't remember...so many ages to remember its hard. Well my DD is 8 months old and I will say that the morning sickness was hard. I did have it bad for a while and the headaches were insane. But all in all it has gone by faster then when I was pregnant with her. I am now 20w and 3d and the main thing for me is getting sleep. I can't sleep because DD is up every 2 hours to eat and not to mention she is a very demanding baby. It would be alot easier if she didn't want to be held all the time and went with other people for longer then 10minutes without crying...but I have fun. She is the only child because once she is a year and half a month old there will be another baby for her to have to share with Mommy. The thing that I thought would be the hardest was the transition from co sleeping to sleeping in her own crib. But she has done great. In fact last night she slept in her crib ALL night, she still woke up every 2 hours but I didn't pick her up once and she got her bottle and went right back to bed. So that was a great start since we have only been doing the transition for 3 weeks (I usually just grab her around 12-3) so I wanted to go all night and she did, so that was really nice. I know now that she will be set once the new baby comes. But I will admit I am not on here all the time checking up so if you wanna talk just email me ay drenka1988 at msn dot com for a quicker response. Also I would call the doctors office, if it is harmful for the baby you don't want to wait a week to ask about it...so to do whats right for you LO call as soon as you can....it might be detrimental, or even cause birth defects and you don't want that.


HeavenisMine - May 1

Ah Nerdy girl the sleep must be the hardest part. Seeing as I am in the 1st trimester I am dead tired; but it was a lie for me for anyone to say my energy would return I was sleepy throughout my whole pregnancy with my daughter. To answer a few of your questions ladies; I was told I could take this medication still that it has not been shown to have harmful affects on babies until perhaps the last trimester; but by then I should not be taking it. (I just recently inquired about that little issue). And my daughter is five months old, if this baby is carried to term it means they will be about thirteen months apart. Jenna, I had her on the 26th of November, I remember you being in the third (Most uncomfortable!) trimester with me. It is kind of fun the thought of them being close in age. Now all I have to deal with save for this nausea, which if I know pregnancy will likely get worse by my sixth week (It did in my last two for sure), I must deal with this constant lower cramping. It's more of a dull ache, kind of like my period. No spotting or bleeding or anything though and it is not severe. I was told it is pretty normal but it is soooo annoying! I am going to see my endocrinologist soon. She doesn't know yet! Ha ha guess that is another thing I must do.


britt_m - May 1

I think the major problem is sleep for me as well, I'm 15 weeks and dd is 11 months. But I remember with dd feeling a little sicker so luckily this time seems better that way. Now I think I have an answer to my tiredness they just retook my blood as my platelets were low : (. Hopefully its nothing and not signs of something more serious. Congrats to you and I hope the nausea subsides soon!!


margie - May 1

OOOOH!!! Congratulations! So many who were pregnant within the the same time as I was are pregnant again...so far, not the case for me. I am almost sad because I wish I could be pregnant again with you girls, especially you Savannah because you were a tremendous help when I was going through some scary times in the beginning, and I am fully convinced your prayers helped my Angel get through it. I think that far apart should be ok, I think that the jealousy issues won't be as bad when the babies are close together (one thing I am so worried about because Anjelica is such the little princess in our families). That is amazing! I was wondering where you have been...off and getting pregnant! Oh and I had that cramping feeling too all throughout my pregnancy, it scared the c___p out of me but from what I heard that as long as there isn't any bleeding with it, it's fine, it's the uterus stretching. Do you know how far along you are?


HeavenisMine - May 1

Well hey there margie! It is so good to hear from you again too. Do you know how awesome it would be if you got pregnant again too? Then we could all be hormonal and raging (I almost put aging, hmph that's inevitable!) and happy at the same time. I was worried about you the last few weeks of your pregnancy when you hadn't been online, thinking "Okay did she have her baby yet?" Ah good times! Are you two going to work on another one soon? This is rather difficult because much like your girl, ours is the princess she rules this place, and a new baby might be troublesome for her; but then again who knows? Maybe she will love it. Maybe you can offer some prayers for me now! I am beyond nauseous and I am only 4weeks and 3 days pregnant. I never got really nauseous the last few times until maybe five and a half or six weeks. Now I can barely eat a thing without wanting to barf it is awful! We're excited though, thank you for sharing that info, it was so encouraging! Hello britt! I am pretty sleepy but not more than my last pregnancies, I was never really anemic while pregnant although I have suffered with it. And I haven't had any other blood problems! But thank you hopefully all is well. I can still focus on things, my eyes just feel constantly heavy now:) Congrats on your pregnancy, looks like you're way ahead of me! I am due around the new year, who knows? Maybe this one will come out on New Years day!


tish212 - May 1

hey heavenismine, congrats! one thing you should be warned about is that if you take the meds for HYPERthyroidism, you are not supposed to bf, because your meds will enter your childs system, Im not exactly sure why it is only hyperthyroidism meds, since i take synthroid for HYPOthyroidism, but thats what my dr had advised me, when i first became preggers with my dd. I don't have any advice on how it is to be preg with an infant, however i have had quiet a few of my fair share of "preg scares" since my dd was born...lol... that silly mini pill! But i do want to say congrats! that is wonderful news! Your children will be close in age and hopefully grow up close!


Zeke - May 1

Congratulations HeavenisMine! It will be hard at first but totally worth it to have your babies close together, mine are 19 mos apart. I just wanted to comment about the hyperthyroid meds - though you should check with your dr too. There are two common drugs for hyperthyroidism, I was put on PTU (polythiouracil I think) to control mine when dd was 4 mos old. It was okayed by the pediatrician that I continue bfing while taking it. They just told me to try to take it as far apart from nursing as possible so that the minimum amount pa__ses to the baby. So I would take it right after I nursed first thing in the morning and right before I went to bed at night.


mjvdec01 - May 1

I have been taking synthroid for hypothyriodism for the past 14 years and was told by my daughters pediatrician that b___stfeeding was fine. I guess this time I will ask again to be sure.


tish212 - May 1

mjdev, i was ok'd by my dr to take my synthroid while bf'ing, but he said that had i still had hyperthyroidism taking medication for that, that i wouldn't be able to bf due to it pa__sing through the milk to baby, but i think zekes dr has it right, to just time it better, but diff dr's do diff things, so maybe mine is just not wanting to risk being sued or something lol... (NOT saying your dr isn't right zeke, saying maybe mine is too scared to chance being in trouble, lol hes a good guy though...) oh and how i went from hyper to hypo i had radiation therapy to "kill " off part of my thyroid... and well apparently it was a little too much and now i am hypothyroid, but i would say just ask your dr about the med since they know what is best for you i was just saying what i knew from my dr, but hearing what zeke said, i would think that is the way to go so you can bf and keep your system straight..... congrats again that is wonderful!!!!


tish212 - May 1

oh and zeke, i too took ptu, when i was hyperthyroidism.... but that was many many years ago...lol so i had forgotten what it was called now i take my cute lil synthroid pill...lol... :) its amazing though howmany ppl you meet with one or the other condition, and before i was diagnosed i had never heard about it...crazy!!!


staci - May 1

Savanah! Congrats! I just sent you a message on cafemom a few days ago! How is Pheonix doing? So you were on bc huh? Do you have an idea of how far along you are? So happy for you! Keep me updated girl!



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