Just Found Out I M Expecting And I Have A 15 Month Old

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WyattsMommy - November 29

I have a wonderful 15 month old son whom I love very much. My DH is being deployed in January to Iraq, and we just found out I'm expecting a baby in July. I would appreciate any advice about having two babies less than two years apart. My son will be about 23 months old when baby number two arrives. Any helpful hints and suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks in advance!


jodie - November 29

Hello! My two are 20 months apart. My son just turned 2 this month and my daughter turned 4 months. It's nice because my 2 year old hasn't been jealous and he is sooo helpful. The hardest part was being preggo and chasing a toddler around!! You will have fun though!


meg - November 29

HI! I have a ds who is 14 1/2 months (sept 10...when was your ds born?) & I am due in June. They'll be just a bit over 21 months apart. I'm very excited. I obviously don't have any advice for you, but I think it'll be great having 2 so close together. I am just ready to stop feeling so so so tired. I'm almost 11 weeks, so hopefully soon!


Gretta - November 29

Aw congratulations and thanks to you and your husband for being so brave!


WyattsMommy - November 30

Thanks for the support! meg, my DS was born on the 2, same day as me actually. I am also tired of being tired. Last night I was in bed by 8:30! And I didn't hear a sound until the alarm went off. Thanks for your support, Gretta. I'm nervous about being pregnant and chasing a toddler around while my DH is gone. My prayer is that he is able to make it home for two weeks for the birth. I really don't want him to miss out on that.


krnj - November 30

Hi I have a 21 month old son and a 5 month old baby (another boy) It is definately hard in the beginning but it's getting easier. I try to give as much attention that I can to my older son when the baby is sleeping. I wish I had more advice for you! I was tired from chasing my 1 yr old around when I was pregnant but it wasn't all that bad. I'm sure you'll be fine! :) Best of luck to you & your family and a healthy pregnancy to you!


Happymommy - November 30

I'm in a similar situation--my first two boys are 22 months apart. and now I am expecting again--right around the time of my youngest son's birthday. It is challenging, but I also love having them so close together. They are already little buddies! I would say just try to relax and be as flexible as possible, and also DO NOT refuse any help offered by friends and family--sometimes you just can't do it all yourself! And thanks so much to you and your husband, for what you sacrifice for the people of our country. Best wishes! ~Ali


kelley - November 30

Congratulations! I have 3 kids under 4 years old and it is crazy around here, my oldest 2 are 20 months apart and the middle and baby are 26 months apart. I agree with krnj, it was hard in the beginning, but you will get through it and it does get easier as the routine falls into place (I would say by 6 weeks or so). To avoid jealousy I read to my older 2 or we play tea party or something while I am nursing the baby, they enjoy having my time and attention and the baby is eating so he is not being left out either. My older 2 are like best friends (most of the time - LOL). They play together, and are both very helpful with the baby. I did not mind chasing toddlers while pregnant, but with the 2nd pregnancy I actually got to nap almost everyday (I'm a SAHM) this was not the case with the 3rd pregnancy as the oldest did not nap as much. So if you have the opportunity get in a nap when you can while pregnant. Congratulations and good luck it will be so much fun.


crrodgers - December 1

My girls are 23 months 1 week apart and I would not have it any other way! I am not going to ly...it was very hard the first year. Now they are almost three and almost five and they have so much fun together! They keep each other busy and make each other laugh...they have there arguments here and there but overall they are great together. It is very worth it! I have a 2 month old and that is rough. My last two are 2 yrs 9 mos apart and I think just because there are 3 that are under 5 yrs it is hard, but I am sure it will get easier! Good Luck!


sahmof3 - December 2

I have 3 kids. The 1st and 2nd are 3 1/2 years apart and the 2nd and 3rd are 17 months apart. I was a little hard getting into our groove (especially during my c-section recovery time), but it all worked out. My kids are now 7, 3 and 2. I would suggest a double stroller or some plan to contain everybody when you go shopping or go out. Todders can get away sooo fast when you turn to do something with the baby for a second. Also, letting the older one do simple things like handing or bringing you a diaper, etc. helps. Having special big boy time alone with your oldest and letting him sit by you and color, snuggle or whatever, when you feed the baby also helps. Good luck :-)


cubbie - December 3

Hi, when are you due in July? I'm expecting July 23rd according to lmp but expect that date to become later when I do my first scan next week! My dd's are 26 months apart and the thing that I found really hard at the beginning was the jealousy of her having to share her mom with someone else, the first month she was really quiet and you could see her confidence had taken a huge knock, then after that she started to attack the baby every time I changed her, fed her etc. I felt really bad for my dd and was also really emotional as I missed her too - there's no time for painting and glitter and all the fun things that we always did together when I was so busy with the baby. But we all adjusted - the one thing I did find was that I had to get the baby into a pretty strict routine very early, so that I could manage my time. In the beginning we spent most of the morning at the park as the baby slept really well there and it meant that I could give 100% attention to my older dd. The first 5 months both were home with me and in Sept my older daughter started nursery 1/2 day which really helped for everyone. This time the gap will be 16 months, so the jealousy should be a lot less.


falafal0 - December 5

My fourth child is 15 months old and our fifth is nearly 4 weeks old - I'm looking for advice as well!other kids are 11, 8 and 5 so it's a madhouse. Twin pram, for sure and lots of rest for you while you can...xo


lee ann - December 5

my son is 18 months and i am 6 and a half months pregnant.... there will be 21 months betwen both of them. being pregnant and running after a 18 month old is very hard. cant wait for another 3 months till baby arrives



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