Just FYI 4 Month Appt

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Katie - January 31

Olivia had her 4 month appt. today with her shots. So if any one has this comming up here's how it went. She is 14 lbs. 3oz. and 25 1/2 in. She was so cute and happy while the doc was checking her. I kept thinking to myself "oh baby if you only knew what was comming". Then came the moment of truth -four shots in a row -two in each leg. The first shot came and nothing -no scream no cry just silence. ( I myself wasn't even breathing who knows about my hubby) Than the second shot came and it happened. I was holding her on my lap I felt her tense up then her mouth opened wide her face turned purple but still silence than a nanosecond later...WHAAAAAAA!!!! Two more shots and the doc puts cotton on her little wounds and tells me to hold one and my husband to hold the other in place. The doc left the room and we said screw this. We threw the cotton out- we wanted to hold her close and comfort her. As I began to pick her up my hubby asked for her so I gave her to him. Maybe she'll think he consoled her because it was all his fault. hehehe. Anyhow, I gave her Tylenol right away to ease any pain and she fell asleep on the way home and slept for 3 1/2 hours. She was good but unusually quiet for the rest of the evening -no fever so far she did have one with her 2 month shots. She is now sound asleep for the night. God Bless our little Angels.


Jbear - January 31

Sounds like it went well, and she's a good size. Next time, you could give her tylenol before the appointment (at least 45 min before the shots) if you wanted.


Katie - January 31

I wasnt 100% sure about the tylenol thank for the info. That does seem more sensible.


melissa - January 31

Our clinic said not to give Tylenol before, in case it masked any possible symptoms. We gave our dd Tylenol right after, and it seemed to help. That was Friday AM, and Sunday afternoon I think they finally hit her, cuz she was crying all day, and would not sleep, and she is not a fussy baby by any means, so we know she wasn't feeling too good..this was for her 2 month shots, not looking forward to the next set. That cry/scream is the worst!


Barb - January 31

awww....kisses to Olivia from auntie Barbie : ( ...poor baby... Trinity goes on the 17th


Heidi - January 31

Oh I know how you feel! Emma goes on Valentine's Day. Not looking forward to that either. I'll make sure to give her Tylenol BEFORE I go instead of after. I also nursed her immediately after the shots and she went right to sleep. Poor little critter. She was fine though the rest of the night like it never happened...until I clipped her finger with the fingernail clipper. She cried harder than the shots. I felt horrible!


Crissy - January 31

Glad you shared this with us! Mine goes on Feb 6 for her 4 month, and I'm worried already about the shots. She did a good job at her 2 month appt, so maybe this one will go just as smoothly. :-)


Tami - January 31

Hey, Kailey just had her four month appointment last Friday. hers did not go so well unfortunately. She was 13 pounds 3 ounces and 26 inches long. Unfortunately, she has started being scared of strangers so when the doctor started examining her she started screaming like crazy. She calmed down when I was holding her again, but then came the shots. Wow! It was so sad. Well, she slept pretty good after I fed her at home but she didn't sleep at all that night and the next day she cried inconsolobly sp?, all day long and wouldn't let anyone but me hold her. She did this a little bit on Sunday too. It was so sad! Hopefully Olivia does better tomorrow! Kailey was back to her sweet little self on Monday so that is good at least.


Zacks Mom - February 1

Zack already had his and just like this 2nd month shot, I embraced for the 2nd day. That is when the fever kick in for him but no fuss. That comes on the 3rd day and 4th and 5th.. until 1 week later he's back to his angel-self.



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