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Melissa30 - February 17

I would like to ask all you ladies who have already had your babies a question please. I am 30 weeks pregnant (I know I am planning ahead) but I am trying to decide which type of birth control I am going to get on. For those of you who are taking birth control, will you please tell me what you use, how well you like it, and any side effects you have had.


sahmof3 - February 17

We used condoms (until after the birth of my 3rd child when I got my tubes tied). I can't take hormonal BC, didn't like some of the other choices for various reasons and, surprisingly, dh didn't mind!


Rhiannon - February 17

I take bcpill, marvelon and I love it. I have not had any side effects. But they don't prescribe it until after 6 weeks so you need something until then. Good luck with the last trimester.


punkin01 - February 17

now is the best time to decide so it is not a last minute decision.....i choose to go on the pill rather quickly at my 6 week appt because my Dr said that i had been on Depo shot way too long.......he said it should only be used for 1-2 yrs after that it is impossible to get preggo again.....see i was on it for 4 yrs then came off of it due to not being in a relationship at that time then when i met DH i went back on it (different DR) anyway at 6 weeks check up i had decided to go back to shot then the Dr said no i had already been on it to long and was very lucky to have gotten preggo with DD so i choose the pill and i took it everyday same time NEVER MISSED ONE and i am 24 weeks preggo with my son so just always remember that nothing is 100% my DD and DS will be 19 months apart.....we did want another baby just not this close but he was put here for a reason so we are very excited ever thought about minera (IUD) i have heard they work good


srigles - February 17

I used the bc pill before I started trying to get pregnant, and had no problems with it for 10 years. And I started taking it again 6 weeks after my son was born. The kind I take is called Synphasic, and I have no complaints at all about it. Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck!


jas - February 17

I am on the Mirana IUD which was implanted at my 6 week pp appt. I have not had any problems with it. Some light spotting when it was first implanted, but now almost year later - I hardly know it's there. I was never good at keeping up with a daily pill...



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