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Kris10 - December 31

I have always heard that br___t fed babies diapers are less stinky and easier to clean than formula fed babies. BUT, my god how bad are formula fed babies diapers!!? Really, I'm not looking for answers to this question, just venting about the worst diaper I have ever seen in my life! (not even exagerating). It's about 3a.m. here, and we just finished out emergency bath, and baby is back to bed. Phew! Well, thanks for listening everyone.. feels better to get that out! :)


monica - December 31

Wait till you start solids.....


Dee - December 31



Jbear - December 31

Or when that's all they eat anymore, and it just looks like regular c___p in the diaper. There were some things I honestly didn't let my daughter eat, because I didn't want to see them later.


Karla - December 31

I thought it was the opposite.


Kris10 - December 31

Well, I have a 2 year old as well - never had anything like I saw last night. Give me his diapers anyday over that!! The things we go through... :)


hp - December 31

Kris10, its the opposite. Formula fed baby's diapers are less stinky than b___stfed babies.


mama-beans - December 31

Oh I beg to differ.. BF babies have the NICEST diapers! I have a daycare, and there is a HUGE difference between the two. The quant_ty is about the same with both, as well as the consistancy, but the smell couldn't be any different! Formula babies get a vent fan on when changing.. air freshner, the works. Ugh. The BF babies get a small grimace as I wipe poo off of their backs ( man that stuff can travel!) but the smell is NOTHING in comparison! I do have to agree with the above, though. As soon as solids and real foods are introduced, those diapers all take on a life of their own. BTW, just so you know, Crayon doesn't digest at all. Seriously. It will come out looking exactly like it did going in. Creepy. My DD managed to eat an orange and blue crayon... what a fun and surprising diaper change that was!


Toya - January 1

Breastfed babies have the best diapers by far. My DD was never constipated when b___stfed, so it was easy wiping. They don't stink...unless they are teething, then it smells like sour yogurt. Yes, wait until SOLIDS....It's regular poop and it is very color sensitive to what baby eats!!!!! Those carrots!


Jbear - January 1

If they have Taco Cabana where you live, do not feed your kid a cabana bowl while they're still in diapers!!!! I was so sorry afterwards.


TC - January 1

Well, I am an infant and toddler teacher and I have to say that I no longer notice the difference. I could handle the smelliest of poop without batting an eye. Scary isn't! Oh another thing that does not digest all of the time is tissue. Can you imagine changing a diaper and seeing a kleenex in the midst of the poop? Gross!!


Jbear - January 1

TC, that happened with my daughter once before...my husband kept joking that if only it had come out last, the tissue could have wiped her a__s on the way out.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 1

sweetcorn doesnt digest either.


karen - January 1

Trust me formula is way time worst. Wait until they start cearal and solids :) > Sometimes what you eat effects that as well


Kris10 - January 1

JBear- your husband is funny :) !


Jamie - January 1

I have to agree, b___stfed baby diapers are SOOO much better...mine is the first b___stfed kid in the family since I was a baby...I thought we were gonna need a diaper genie since that was my experience with my niece and nephew and younger brothers, but nope...doesn't stink at all...btw, broccoli florets don't digest, either. I do swear that I'll start trying to potty train Renity as soon as she can walk...yech...solid food diapers are nasty...



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