Just Ordered My Hooter Hider Do You Have BFIP Phobia

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hthab - March 1

I can't wait to have something to wear for br___tfeeding in public. I'm very shy about this, so can't wait until my Hooter Hider comes in the mail! Anyone else out there have a BFIP (B--t Feeding in Public) phobia? We've used pumped milk from the bottle when we've been out and about, but it's a pain to transport and heat up, plus I then need to get home to pump anyway.



hooter hider. LOL! That's hilarious.


piratesmermaid - March 1

Never heard of that! I'm gonna google it, 'cause I'm not all that comfy bf in public either.


ash2 - March 1

No, i have never heard of this either ...sounds like it could do the trick ! I was very cautious too. I never felt comfortable showing off my " b___bies " to everyone that pa__sed by.....Not to mention the blubber that was hanging off of my stomach ! lol


piratesmermaid - March 1

Ah! :) That's great! If I would of known about them sooner, I would've gotten one for me! But Gretchen's almost 8months old, so I duuno if it'd be worth the $$$ now, since I'm not sure how soon I'll be weaning her...


LisaB - March 1

I love the Hooter Hiders I carry them in my store!! I nursed in public but used a blanket over us to get the latch then we would be very discreet bt I would have loved to own a Hooter Hider I found them when ds was 9 months old so we could avoid nursing in public but I love em!


SuzieQ - March 1

I'm confused. I wear a nursing top when we go out and all you can see is a tiny triangle of skin....no nipples or anything...


Erin1979 - March 1

I NEVER bf'd in public because I was so self concious...I felt werid about whipping my b___b out in the middle of a mall. I'll have to keep the Hooter Hidder in mind for the next one!!


Lala - March 2

Good tip: I looked them up online, and I want one. and such pretty fabrics. I see on Ebay that there's several "copy cats" you can buy new for only $25. I wonder if they are as good. I like some from the Modest Mother on ebay. The only thing I can see different is they don't seem to have the handy pocket inside. Does any one have a "knock off" version? I want to buy one of these things, how neat!


LollyM - March 2

Oh man, I bf my dd everywhere! I just figure that if people don't want to risk seeing my b___b they should go away. I am pretty discrete though, even though I don't use a blanket because dd doesn't like it on her face.I guess I'm not shy at all =) We did cary pumped milk at first thinking it would be easier, but it wasn't. I haven't seen the hooter hider, but it sounds great if you are a little more shy =)


Emily - March 2

I just kinda got over it so my b___bs didnt' explode. I found out that if I cover my shoulder and baby with blanket, most people think I am jsut holding a sleeping baby. only those who have done it beofre really knew wht I was doing.....but anyway I think it is agreat idea if you are slef concieus. Bf is so much easyier than pumped milk or pumping in public. I wish I would have known about this sooner, but like someone mentioned, my dd is 8.5 mos so it wouldn't be worth it now. The little burger needs quiet to nurse now or she pulls off and looks around, Now it is easiert o take pumped milk o formula cause I dont like flashing people when she decided to pull off and have a look see.....


Emily - March 2

Lala, you can get what is called b___st is best nursing cover for like 20 bucks on amozon......


hthab - March 2

Lala, I bet the copycats on eBay are very similar. They even have the rigid neckline so you can check on the baby. My lo likes to take little breaks, so I don't like using nursing shirts. Lolly, I wish I was less self conscious like you! I've always been someone who doesn't like to draw too much attention to myself, even if I'm neurotic and only perceive that I'm drawing attention. I guess I've just accepted that as part of my personality by now.


Kara H. - March 2

I was so self concious my milk wouldn't even let down for me to pump in the privacy of quite locked office. I am in silent awe of all women that can b___stfeed away from home.


Missy115 - March 2

I'm very scared to b___stfeed in public...not because I'm scared of someone seeing my b___bs...i could care less about that..I just don't want anyone to see my fat stomach and stretch marks!!!!!


flower.momma - March 3

I am thinking about getting one of those. I could bf my dd anywhere and everywhere with just a receiving blanket, or nothing at all, and no one ever got a peek of t_t (what my hubby calls it). My son likes to take breathers, and he often pulls the blanket off. He is only 3 months old and I have already flashed a fair amount of people, hehe.


CyndiG - March 3

I don't have a hooter hider, but I do use nursing tops, and my favorite product ever....my wooby! My b___bs are big! My wooby is a little pillow that goes under your b___b to hold it up, so you don't have to hold it! It is the best! That way you can truly latch the baby on and not be constantly fumbling around with you b___b! LOL! So it's discreet, in combination of the top, wooby, and a blanket wrapped around the baby so it looks like she's sleeping, no one knows.



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