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banarasi - April 17

hi, my lo is 10 months and keeps me on my toes. by the time it is afternoon, i am just so tired... but yet when she sleeps i tend to finish all the work. though i am a sahm, i just dont get to take any rest. my husband though is good, but is of no help.. he has his own office work, and i feel guilty about asking him to do anything at home. and if i start more cribing, he is going to bring him mom dad to be here, which is yet another story. i am just tired. my lo is sweet natured but at times it is a huge task to get her to eat, and to sleep. just needed an ear to vent it out. my friends dont have children, and they do not really understand what a huge responsibility it is. i know i was in that phase too, so no complaints there !!! hmmm


jenna32 - April 20

i know what you mean, i hardly talk to any of my friends anymore ( they have no kids) and who i do they just don't understand,they think you have all the free time in the world. It seems like all i talk about is my little girl now, i must bore them to death. i think some women should really be paid to be a stay at home mom! i am tired all day to from carrying dd around all the time and i end up having almost no time to lose the baby weight that i want to lose so badly, i try taking her out and jogging when we are out in the stroller,i haven't been able to last long,it's been too hot here and i am just too tired to jog!


mjvdec01 - April 20

Hi ladies. I have a 26 month old daughter and am 26 weeks 3 days pregnant with #2. I have been there and now it is worse. Being pregnant and chasing a toddler is exhausting. Banarasi, why can't you let some of the housework go and get some rest while your daughter is sleeping? I know it is hard to run a household, but it is even harder if you are physically spent all the time. Also, there is nothing wrong with asking your hubby to pitch in sometimes. There is no need for you to feel guilty about asking him to do a few things to lessen your load a bit. My hubby has a high powered job that has him at work about 12 hours a day. Yet, when he gets home he is happy to take over a little. On the weekends it is understood that he will vacuum the first floor, mop the hardwoods, clean the cat box, and scrub both the shower and the tub. He does all of this because I 'asked' him to. Why not try asking and see what happens? You said yourself he is a good husband. Maybe he just doesn't realize how worn out you are. Or possibly you can hire a housekeeper to come once a week. I do that sometimes too, to give both of us a break. Just some suggestions.


cors1wfe - April 20

I am sorry you are so stressed and tired right now - I have to agree with mjvdec01 let some of the housework go and rest while your daughter is napping - sometimes that quick little power nap makes all the difference in the world....plus you could also ask your husband - I felt like you do when I was a SAHM - it was my choice to go back to work...my sons are older now and I wasn't expecting a 3rd baby.....I asked my husband what chores would he prefer to help me with since being pregnant almost 30 weeks I can't do it all - this way he can't say I am sticking him with all of the "yucky" jobs like cleaning toilets, dusting, etc.....I keep my kitchen clean he helps by folding laundry and taking it upstairs so I can put it away - he doesn't do much but what he does do really helps and I can tell he isn't horribly put out.....so ask worse he can say is no - get a cleaning lady...LOL - Good luck and stop being so hard on yourself - no one woman is supermom/wife! keep your chin up!


socurbaby7 - April 20

hey there banarasi... i know how you feel .. i am a sahm.. plus i am a full time college student... my ex ( the babyys father ) used to show up and watch the baby while i went to cla__s now i am relying on my friends to watch her when they can so i can go to cla__s (only two more weeks tho and im done the semester) ... anyway...i know how hard it is and i always feel like i have no time... i mean i am living at home because of my situation... but i am the only one wiith her all day and at night.... and my parents come home from work in the evening... and they watch her occasionally.. when i have my night cla__s.. but other then that she's my responsability ( and thats the way i want it... i dont want to burden ne one else with my life) anyway... i have school work to do along with taking care of her... and cleaning my house (and now my parents empolyed me to clean the house... instead of hiring a housekeeper) ... and ontop of that as soon as i get out of school for extra money... i am watching kids in a daycare type thing during the day... so needless to say im going to be going crazy here... o btw my daughters 4 months now... i guess i am venting here too... but i mean try and get some rest.. i know you feel like you have to do everything... but hey... if u let the laundry wait one day... it will still be there the next day with a few extra pieces... and if you haven't been suing a snuggli... give that a try because it definately helps me get the housework done while keeping the baby content and near me... have a great day


wailing - April 26

I think the most impt thing Ive learned is that you HAVE to make time for yourself. I went back to work part-time when ds was 6 months old (he's 10m now) and it was a BIG balancing act. Even if I have 3 days off in a row, I feel like I'm always tired and scattered and trying to catch up on something. I would be drained. After the 1st 6 months I realized I had to let some responsibilty go and find time for myself. When I did that, I realized I came back a happier mom...so much more refreshed. It doesn't even have to be a whole day...just a few hours helps. It's amazing how rejuvenated you feel just getting a few hours of pure freedom to shop, walk, talk or eat alone!!!! PPL don't realize that being a SAHM is a FULL TIME 24 hour 7 day a week job. In the real world no one expects you to work that much w/ no breaks!!! GL!!!



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