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mama3 - July 15

I went to court on Thursday for custody of my 2 youngest dd's. Ofcourse my exhubby didn't show. So thankfully they gave me soul custody to me!!!!!! An after talking to him he is going to sign the papers for me to change our one dd's last name. My oldest and youngest have my maiden name. Since he was there for the pg and birth of our middle child I gave her his last name. An I finally enrolled into college. I can't beleave it. I'm going to be 29 this year and finally doing something other than being a mom. Though I feel there is no greater job. Being just a mom don't pay the bills. lol. I'm going for my associates in criminal justice. For Law Enforcement. I'm hoping to work for the Sheriff's dept. I want to be able to help my community. So I won't be on here much anymore. Between the kids and school. I don't have much time. I just wanted to share in my happiness as I have enjoyed learning and talking with you ladys. Have happy and healthy lives and god bless your babys.


Bonnie - July 15

Aww that is really great. Good for you for doing something for yourself and taking care of your girls. :)


nic nac - July 15

Good for you mama3. Good luck with everything.


mama3 - July 15

Thank you Bonnie and nic nac-- I am just so excited and happy. That I wanted to share this with everyone. I am hoping that I can show my girls that as a women you can do anything you want no matter what life may throw at you. An I hope that I can help make there dreams come through. Again thank you.


Narcissus - July 15

mama3, I am wishing you all the best!! It's bittersweet that your ex did not show but it sounds like it's the best thing that he didn't. Congrats:)


mama3 - July 15

Narcissus- yes it is bittersweet. Good for me but sad that he did this to his dd's. He told me about a month befroe our youngest was born that he changed his mind on signing his rights away cause he wanted to mean something to them. Then he dont even show and I called him last night and he said he would sign the papers for me to change our 2yrs last name cause he just don't care anymore. Yes I'm glad he will be out of our lives as he was deff. not good or safe to be around anymore. But I feel so sad for my girls. I do know how its going to feel when they grow up and look for him just to be let down. It took me a few years to get over the fact my own bio-father wanted nothing to do with me. But I see it as atleast I'm here, never going anywhere and will always be there for them no matter what. I thank you for your wishes. I am so looking forward to a happy and long life with my girls. Now my hopes are they will all go to college and give me lots of grandbabies, lol. Take care :)


LisaB - July 15

That is great, I wish you all the luck!!!


ash2 - July 15

good luck mama3 with everything ! it will be hard, but dont give up!!


TinaMarie - July 15

Yay for you! I am so happy things are working out how you wanted them too!!


mama3 - July 15

Thank you all for your congrats, wishes and good lucks. Hope all is going well with everyone else also.


Narcissus - July 15

My bio father also was/is absent from my life but we adjust and find a way to deal with it. It's painful for some time but it sounds like your dd's have a wonderful mother who is going the extra mile to make up for their dad's absence. Your enthusiasm for lifes great possibilties will not go unoticed by your children and I bet they will profit from it just as you will:) Good luck!


mama3 - July 15

Narcissus--you truly are a kind person. I do feel very thankfull for your words. An I do hope what you said is true. I want my girls to know no matter what they may do or what life brings they have mom. Thank you :)



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