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Sarahsmommy - April 5

I'm just wondering if you were bottle feed or br___tfed as a baby, and whether you br___tfed or bottle feed your baby.


pbj - April 5

I was formula fed as a baby...I was adopted so there was no possible way for me to have been bf. I tried to bf and did for about 3 weeks and for me it went horrible. I guess I never realized that I have flat nipple (tmi), but it was very hard for my daughter to latch on. It would sometimes take an hour just to get her to latch on, all the while screaming, by the time she would latch one, she would be exhausted and fall asleep. So by the end I had barely any milk, as matter of fact, it never even hurt at all when it did dry up. I cried so hard for like a week, I felt like a failure. In the end we formula feed obviously and my dd is so beautiful and healthy that I'm just glad that she's here and that she is doing just great on formula.


Happy Mom - April 6

I was bottle fed and have all kinds of food allergies. It kills me when my mom tells me how I used to scream when having a bm. Rabbit turds she calls them. I try to tell myself they didn't know better back then. I b___stfed my daughter to 2 1/2 and I am currently b___stfeeding my son 8 1/2 months.


tiffani - April 6

I was bottlefed as a baby. I b___stfed all 3 of my kids. With each new baby, i've managed to go a little longer. Dylan is 5 months, and I only b/f him through the night now. I seriously regret letting my milk supply diminish to this point. I'm having a real hard time accepting the fact that b/f is nearly a thing of the past for us. :o(


Jamie - April 6

I was b___stfed as a child, and have been b___stfeeding my daughter for 8 months. Tiffani, have you tried fenugreek or some other herbal supplement to increase your supply?


MommyG - April 6

I was b___stfeed and b___stfeed my daughter. I started also formula feeding her at 5 1/2 months as I have a hard time dealing with the hormones b___stfeeding causes... but, she is nearly 1 and I still manage a little bit of b___stfeeding.


HANNAHs Mom - April 6

I was a b___stfed baby and I am currently b___stfeeding my 7+month old dd.


Emy - April 6

I was b___stfed until the age of 2! I have been trying desperately to BF but it has not been working without both dd and I ending up in tears. I pump 6-8 times a day now and top off with formula when needed. I do what I can.


jessb - April 6

I was b___stfeed until close to 2yrs old!! I did b___stfeed my baby for the first 6 weeks and now she is on formula.


Shea - April 6

I was bottle fed as a baby, and so was my brother, and we are two of the healthiest people I know. Neither of us have any alergies or any other issues. Despite this, I did bf my ds at first, and would still if my milk supply had not been so pathetically low (yes, I used fenugreek and also tried pumping every hour, only to get about 4 oz per day!). I really do not feel too terrible about formula feeding because I think a lot of the immune issues & alergy issues are conditions that people are predisposed to anyway, and can be helped by bf, but bf is not a panacea.


krnj - April 6

I was bottlefed and so is my ds. I never had any allergy issues & hopefully my ds won't either.


TRP - April 6

I was bottlefed as a baby, and I b___stfed my dd for 7 weeks. I was healthy as a baby and so is she.


Kelly K - April 6

I was bottle fed and so is my daughter. I tried to bf, but never produced milk.


tiffani - April 6

Jamie~ No, I didn't try fenugreek. In hindsight, I should have tried to boost my supply back up before it got so low. I'm just sad about loosing the closeness, but i'm trying to stay positive and accept it. :o)



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