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Heather - August 24

Hi i was just wondering if you could tell me your story of having a baby at 42 weeks. I am currently 41+1 days and have an induction date for 42+1 day. Trying to go on my own first. But I was wondering if there was any complications waiting so long to have our baby. I am a little nervous at my 40th week apt the dr estimated that the baby is no smaller than 8 lbs! My second biggest feer is having a c-section, the dr doesn't seem to be concerned of my feer though. thanks for writing, I know this isn't the right catagory to post but you all have had your babies where on other categories we are all waiting.


spelling police - August 24



monica - August 24

my friend just had her baby at 42 + 1and her baby is healthy. She was only 7lbs 10oz so the baby was not too big. Doctors are usually off on the weight...


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 24

WALK!! That is all I know to tell you. My sis in law had her baby at 42weeks +1day and he was almost 10lbs. She did have to have a csection, but they arent that bad. I had one and I can tell you from experience that recovery from a csection is way easier than the pitocin for induction! IT KICKED MY BUTT! Walking is really the only thing that I have seen first hand to actually bring on labor. Good luck and let us know when you have your baby!


. - August 26



KH - August 26

Heather, I had my baby at 42 weeks and it was not a good experience. She was 8 14 and she got stuck in me and they had to vacuum her out and I tore really bad. 2.5 yrs later I'm still having pain from it. I don't know anyone else this happened to though..


Jen - August 26

My mom had me at 44wks. That was back in the day when they did not induce. I was only 7.5lbs. She did have to have a c-section. She was in labor for 19hrs and I wasn't even about to come out so they did a c-section. Everyone is different though so you never really know what will happen.


Barbara - September 1

Hi! I had my baby boy on June 24th he was 9 days late so just shy of 42 weeks! I had contractions for 3 nights in a row. Went to the hospital for a gel treatment to help me dialate and I was 3-4cm. So they broke my water and I was staying this was at 7:00am. I had to epidurals the 1st one didn't work and the 2nd one fell out. After pushing for 3 hours and no luck we opted for the c-section. I had a spinal and a few minutes later I met my baby boy! He was 7lbs 11oz.No matter how your baby comes out you will be happy. When is your due date? What are you having? Good luck :O)


mando - September 2

Hi I had my little girl at 41+6. She was happy in there and eventually decided to come out when she was ready. Try to find someone to answer your questions about a c-section who has experienced it. I am finding those with experience invaluable for answers. Good luck and remember, your baby will come out soon!


Me - September 5

Baby and I was fine, no complications related to that. He was 9lbs.


I went over due too!!! - September 5

I went over for both of my children. I went 11 days for my second and 6 for my daughter. Walk in labor as long as you can. I even went drug free with my son. I used Hypnobabies, (Hypnobabies.com). I pushed for 9 minutes with my second baby!


C - September 6

Also, due dates are not exact. Lol, my first baby they said Oct, it was Dec before I had him. I knew it was off (but not that much). They argued with me about it. Due dates are a guess.


Suzanne Bennett - September 19

Heather i had a similar problem i gave birth at 42 weeks + 4 and i got tore really badly aswell, so bad i had to get st_tched by a plastic surgeon. But dont worry im sure this wont happen to you. my advice is to walk, eat curry and drink a gla__s of red wine, it worked for me, though i still had to have my waters broke for me.Good Luck


me - September 19

I think Heather already had her baby, people! Infact I think she posts here sometimes!


so? - September 19

the info can be beneficial for others as well.


heather - September 20

ya i did have our little one, ended up going into labor the night before being induced. Well the dr. who told me to get ready for a big baby was way wrong! She was only 7lb2oz. I didn't need a c-section, everything went quite smoothly. She did have long nails and peely skin in some areas but otherwise perfect! Thanks for all your stories, mine is a happy ending



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