Just Wont Quit Crying

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S - October 13

Since about 7 am this morning my 2 mo has been basically screaming and I cant figure out why. Ive fed him all his bottles, burped him, bathed him, hes pooped....I just dont know why h__l get quiet for a second but then just start screaming all over again. I have tried giving him his passy and h__l suck on it for no more than a min then drop it and start up again. Whats wrong with him or what is something I can try and do to comfort him?


MJM - October 13

He might have gas. Try the mylicon drops. But keep and eye on him. My daughter did this for a few days and did not eat too much and she had bronchialitis. Try the gas drops and maybe a little motrin first then go from there.


Michelle - October 13

Sounds like he might have gas. Get some myclon drops and see if that helps. If he is pulling his legs up to his body...its gas. Also try laying him down and doing leg exercises...bring legs to chest and release...repeat. That might be the problem.


Sarah - October 13

No i dont think its gas because I got a RX thing for that but when he cry he more stretches out flat as a board.


BBK ® © - October 13

I a__sume you've taken his temp? First try some white-noise like a running faucet. You can also try swaddling him and hold him on his side or stomach while you rock him gently.


???????? - October 13

My son used to do that when he had an ear infection.. Dr. acually said that it hurt his ear to suck on his paci? Maybe not but just a suggestion.


Shelly - October 13

Is he crying when you hold him?That ear infection may be the problem or even though he is so young he might be teething? Or just call his doc,thats what i would do!!!Let us know


miranda - October 13

sounds like it might be a growth spurt. If it is, it will pa__s in a couple days.


MJM - October 13

My personal opinion call the doctor and get him in. Better safe then sorry


To MJM - October 13

Why in the world would you take your baby to the doctor if they are crying? What a freaking waste of time, especially the doctors. I am pretty sure that if the kid does not have a temp, and is eating, and peeing, and pooping fine, he's just crying. A freaking doctor can't fix that just because he's a doctor. Babies cry because that's all they know how to do. And yes, they can even cry for no reason except to hear themselves cry.


soleil - October 13

um okay..... anyways look if you've tried everything else and still keeps crying then i would take the baby to the docs, or call your doctor, a nurse?


Lisa*9 - October 13

What anout teething ,could be his teeth try to give some ingant tylenol to ease the pain. Hope this helps


?????? - October 13

To: TO MJM Yes, i agree with you sometimes babies cry just to cry.. But if they are crying uncontroably for hours on end and that is out of the ordinary for your child, Then i would suspect something is wrong and it never hurts to check it out.. That is what DR.'s are for.. Like MJM said better safe than sorry.


dear miranda - October 13

does baby really cry nonstop when they have growth spurts. Because my baby is 3 mth and he seems hungry all the time, but also crying non stop for this last 2 days


Jbear - October 14

Try taking him for a walk, or for a drive, or try carrying him around with his head resting on your arm at the elbow, and your hand supporting his tummy, so he's basically lying on his stomach in your arms. That works for my two month old. Also, I don't think the advice about calling the doctor was bad at all...my oldest cried for 8 hours once, I called the nurse line, and they had me take her to the hospital to get checked out.


Jamie - October 14

Don't spose he got immunizations recently? But, I'd say, inconsolable crying is a problem; try changing his environment - take him outside, in the car, whatever; and if that doesn't work, call a doctor.


Fabienne - October 14

sounds like he has gas...my son does that from time to time.



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